gaming passionGaming in the 21st Century is big. There are more individuals, couples and families playing games across multiple formats and the video game industry is booming. More immersive and interactive games come out every week giving us something new to dive into.

For some gaming is a lifestyle. They eat sleep and breathe it and crave the next time they can load up and continue. Streaming services like twitch have allowed people to build a following and even make money by being great at gaming.

Even if you don’t count gaming as your life it’s still a dominant hobby for a lot of us. Stressful jobs and modern-day life means you need to escape sometimes and become your favorite hero (or villain).

The bottom line is that gaming isn’t just for nerds anymore and you want to take that gaming into other elements of your life, AKA partying! Now there are a couple of ways you can get your favorite game into a party theme, let’s take a look at them.

Gaming Parties

gaming passionNow traditionally gaming parties were held in a basement and could last for days. Now it can be done in a lot more style. There are dedicated companies who will set up a gaming party for you and make it incredibly fun. Choose your games, invite your friends and they’ll take care of the rest.

They’ll organize everything from themed food to more appropriate lighting and it’ll be a blast. Perfect for younger kids’ parties but also suitable for adults a gaming party is a lot of fun.

Fancy Dress Party

Ok so maybe you want an actual party with drinking rather than a gaming party. That’s cool but you can still incorporate your favorite characters to make it memorable. Set a fancy-dress theme and let everyone go wild with their ideas. Just like cosplay at conventions you’ll find a lot of people will be really into it and make a great effort. It’s a fun way for you all to celebrate something you enjoy separately, together.

Themed Party

Ok so you’ve got the fancy dress, now let’s start customizing the other features. One of my favorites is the cakes!

If you like baking it’s time to show your culinary skills, if not you can go to a local bakery and they’ll hook you up. It’s all about these little details to make the party unique.

Gaming Drinks

The drinks are what can make a good party great. When we’re throwing a gaming party we like to create some special drinks inspired by our favorite characters.

There’s loads of recipes online that use different colored alcohol to create some awesome looking drinks that will take your party to the next level (though we can’t vouch for the taste of many!). Remember these are only for those who are legally allowed to drink, and always be responsible.

Gaming and Parties

Just remember that gaming is mainstream now and people love it. Throwing a party based around your favorite game/ games will probably prove incredibly popular, and if you take the time to put in the touches it’ll be really memorable for everyone.

Getting your favorite games and game characters into your party is a great way to have an awesome time. It’s all about personalizing the experience for you and getting all the little details right. For some great personalized gifts and other party essentials check out Bullet Bottle Openers.

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