Team clothing and uniform is important for a number of reasons. It’s is more than just clothing, it’s what separates you from the crowd and creates your identity. What you wear can affect performance and you need the right style, fit and materials to suit your requirements.

It’s also about unity. Everyone who puts it on knows they’re a part of something bigger, and while they wear the team uniform they’re on the team. It reinforces the feeling that you’re all in it together.

Team clothing is how the world sees you when you play, it’s the look and style you’re broadcasting to the world and It needs to be right. So It’s time to create your unique style and stand out from the crowd.

Custom Team Jerseys

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A custom jersey is the next step in kitting out your team. Today practically every single team is wearing a kit that’s unique to them so they can be easily recognized. In the 21st century this goes way beyond the usual sports kits. Whether it’s E gaming or

Gaming and Jerseys

E Gaming is one of the biggest things on the planet right now. Teams are coming together to battle across a range of platforms and on lots of different games. Online gaming has gone way beyond the stereotypical image and has become a massive industry.

Last year the Evil Geniuses won over $15,000,000 by gaming. This is pretty unbelievable and they’ve made themselves the superstars of the industry. In fact, with more people playing, watching streams, and getting involved with games than ever before it’s not surprising how popular the top teams are.

All the top teams have jerseys both to play in, but to help them grow their brand and image. Team members are easily recognizable and It’s also easy for you to show your support by wearing the uniquely designed custom jersey.

Custom Gaming Jersey Options

So, you want to create your own custom jersey? It’s important you take the time to do it right. There’s many things to select, let’s take a look at the main choices:

  • Material

Custom jerseys are designed for peak performance. Different sports require different materials depending on the requirements, rough physical activity will need a thicker more durable fabric. For gaming, you need something comfortable to play through stressful situations so a cotton or polyester blend might work the best.

  • Colors

Choose from a range of different colors. Pick a color palette that compliments the rest of the jersey. If you’re going for striking then make sure the color is available.

  • Design and Artwork

This is the most important part of your custom jersey. Take the time to really picture what you want, keep your design fresh but also try and keep in rooted in you. The design choices should reflect how you see yourselves and how you want to be seen, it’s what your opponents will see when you go to meet them so make an impression.

  • Logos and Prints

If you’ve already got a logo or you’d like a specific print then there should be a number of options available. Embroidery or vinyl prints are the most common for logos or numbers but there are screen print options too.

  • Sizes

Make sure you find out the sizes available so you can get the most comfortable kit for your team.

All the options here allow for truly customizable kit for every team. The personal touches are what counts here to don’t rush over any decision. Wherever possible talk to an expert who can advise on materials, colors, and design choices.

It’s always worth going to a reputable kit provider who have a custom option. That way you’ll get all the selection you want and you can make something really unique and recognizable. The aim is to take the image/design in your mind and put it on the material, don’t settle for less.

Custom Gaming Jerseys are important internally and externally. Internally you’ll bring the team together and that motivation can lead to better results. Externally you can give something for supporters to get behind. If you’re reaching for the stars and looking to be winners then having a custom team jersey could make a big difference.

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