• October 7, 2016
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The official beta for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare kicks off soon and we now have even more information about it including start times, featured game modes, playable maps, and even which combat rigs will be available for player use throughout the course of the beta.

Infinite Warfare Beta

For those of you that haven’t realized this yet – yes, there will be a beta available for Infinite Warfare. As of right now it’s not available to the entire public, though. In order to get in you have to pre-order the game to snag a code for your preferred platform.

Haven’t pre-ordered yet?

Due to the exclusivity deal with Sony, PS4 players will actually get two opportunities to participate in the beta. Xbox One gamers, on the other hand, are limited to just one event.


The first weekend (only open to PlayStation 4 gamers) will begin on Friday, October 14th at 1pm EST and will conclude the following Monday, October 17th at the same time.

The second beta event kicks off on Friday, October 21st at 1pm EST and will wrap up at the same time on Monday, October 24th. This beta session is available for gamers on both the PS4 and the Xbox One platforms.

NOTE: In the past, we have seen developers extend the duration of a beta to keep fans happy. Considering how much negativity has been surrounding the upcoming launch of Infinite Warfare it wouldn’t be too surprising if Infinity Ward gave gamers extra time with the beta to potentially sway negative opinions of the the game.

It’s best to keep an eye on the official Call of Duty and Infinity Ward social media pages if you want to get up-to-the-minute updates on what’s going with the beta.


Infinity Ward has confirmed that there will only be 3 maps available during the Infinite Warfare beta. This is a relatively small sampling of the full game, but fairly common practice when it comes to betas.

The 3 maps that will be playable are:

  • Frontier
  • Frost
  • Throwback


Game Modes

While some of you are no doubt looking forward to seeing a lot of new modes to try, we will be limited in selection. There are four different game modes that will be available for this beta.

These include:

  • Defender
  • Domination
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Team Deathmatch

Call of Duty fans will no doubt notice immediately that 3 of the 4 modes are traditional gametypes that we’ve seen in practically every CoD game to date. The only notable exception is a new mode called Defender.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a classic mode where players are assigned to one of two teams. The only objective is to seek out and kill players on the opposing team. In most cases the game is complete once a team reaches a total of 50 to 75 kills.

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is the exact same as TDM, but with a slight twist. Once you kill an opponent you or your teammates must then retrieve dogtags dropped by the downed enemy. This is relatively easy if the engagement happens in close-quarters, but if you pop off a foe from mid to long range you may have to compromise your safety to grab the tags. Kills do little to help your team if the tags aren’t collected as well.


Domination is another fan-favorite for the Call of Duty series. In this mode players are assigned to one of two teams then tasked with capturing objective points around the map. The mode is score-based. Having more flags capped leads to your team score rising at a faster rate.


Defender is a brand new mode that is exclusive to Infinite Warfare. In this mode players are put on teams and a drone is placed toward the middle of the map. The drone sits there charging for a bit. Once it’s fully charged players from either team can run up and grab it. The point of the game is to hold on to the drone for as long as possible. Your team’s score will rack up as you or your allies keep control of the drone.

Combat Rigs

Finally, while there are around six different combat rigs that will be available in the full release of Infinite Warfare, gamers will only get the chance to try out three in the beta.

The 3 rigs that will be available for play are:

  • MERC
  • Synaptic
  • Warfighter

Combat rigs are similar to the specialist classes in Black Ops 3. Each one has a unique configuration with different weapons and/or abilities to utilize in combat.

We’re not entirely sure how limited the selection of Infinite Warfare weapons will be in the beta or if players will get a chance to try out the new weapon crafting system. It’s also worth noting that progress in the beta will likely not transfer over to the retail release.

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