In November 2017, Call of Duty returns to WWII for its latest big first-person shooter

CoD WW2 Emblems

Emblems Add An Entirely Awesome Dimension to CoD Gameplay Software companies spend millions of dollars creating a new game, and when it is part of a massive franchise such as CoD, then there is little room for error. The CoD franchise generates millions of dollars and is a never-ending juggernaut, which simply cannot be allowed to fail. Unfortunately for game developers, it is not like making a cake;…

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CoD WW2 Prestige: Racking Up XP

Prestige is the Game That Keeps On Giving [media-credit id=1 align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit] To the uninitiated, or to someone who has never been exposed to the delights of COD, the prestige system might take some understanding. After all, why would anyone want to prestige, only to have to start again and repeat the entire process? There is something hugely satisfying, however, about achieving your goal and then repeating the…

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CoD WW2 Scorestreaks: Up Your Game for More Carnage!

KillStreaks - New Name BUT Better Than Ever There are quite a few people who would argue that recent Call of Duty games have moved too far away from the original format and, as a consequence, gameplay has suffered. While this is not a perception held by everyone, there is certainly some basis for this theory, which is why so many people are pumped up about CoD WW2.…

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BREAKING: Call of Duty WWII Gets Biggest Discount So Far

My fingers don't often shake as I type but I've just got news about the upcoming new Call of Duty WWII on sale at GreenMan for ONE WEEK at 20% off... either Standard or the Digital Deluxe edition! SHOP BOTH VERSIONS HERE I took the Digital Deluxe as it includes the Season Pass, but I'm a PC user so I won't get to play until they open up…

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Huge CoD WWII Billboard Hits Sunset Blvd

California strikes again! A massive billboard has appeared on LA's famous Sunset Boulevard to announce the CoD WWII release date, which we know to be November 3, 2017. Returning to its World War 2 roots has the entire Call of Duty community absolutely buzzing with excitement after a series of releases dealt in-depth with modern warfare.

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