Black Ops 3 PS4 Bundle (1TB HDD) Listed on Amazon

It looks like Sony’s exclusivity deal with the Call of Duty franchise is definitely going to extend beyond DLC. Amazon just recently put up a brand new listing that reveals that a CoD: Black Ops 3 Playstation 4 Bundle is now available.

Black Ops 3 PS4 Bundle Amazon

UPDATE: New details have been released from Sony. According to Sony the Black Ops 3 PS4 Bundle will include a custom controller, a copy of the game, the customized console (pictured below), and the brand-new NUK3TOWN map. The console will be available November 6th and have a 1TB hard drive.

Black Ops 3 PS4 Bundle

No picture of the actual console has been added to the listing just yet, so we’re not entirely sure if the console itself will have a BO3 theme, but there’s no doubt a bundle is available. It’s currently only available for pre-order. Upon adding the item to your cart you’ll see that the price is $449.99 (USD).

Check out the bundle listing on Amazon here.

The listing doesn’t go into details about what’s included but it’s safe to assume that it’s just the 1TB PS4 console, at least one controller, and a copy of the Black Ops 3 game.

We’ll update this page with additional information about the bundle once more is revealed.

BO2 Now the Most Requested Game for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

After Microsoft announced that they would be bringing backwards compatibility to the Xbox One, the company launched a poll asking people which games they would want to see become officially compatible with the system. Titles ranging from Halo Reach to Grand Theft Auto IV make appearances on the list, but can you guess which game is the most requested?

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Requested Games

Originally, Red Dead Redemption held the top spot. In the last week or so, though, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has claimed the number one slot. And, by the look of it, it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. The game has more than 77,000 votes, beating out RDR by roughly 2,000.

The top 5 most requested games at the time of this writing are:

  1. Black Ops 2
  2. Red Dead Redemption
  3. Skyrim
  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  5. Halo: Reach

Want to see the rest of the list? You can check out the entire poll and its results by going here.

Black Ops 3 May End Xbox Exclusivity with CoD

An interesting rumor has been floating around the web the past month or so regarding Sledgehammer Games and Activision’s upcoming game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. As most gamers know, Xbox has had a long-standing exclusivity deal with CoD that allows Xbox players to receive DLC first and then PC & Playstation platforms typically a month later.

This is a deal that has not sat well with gamers on platforms outside of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. But, sources suggest that the exclusivity deal with Microsoft may be coming to end with Black Ops 3. Pages on the Xbox and Microsoft websites hint that the newest Call of Duty game will NOT have exclusive content.

Here’s an image that explains the situation:

Call of Duty Xbox Exclusivity

As you can see in the picture above, The Division has a label that clearly states that Xbox will receive exclusive content (DLC), but the Black Ops 3 listing has absolutely no label on it. While this isn’t concrete proof that the deal has expired, it does lead us to believe that it is a possibility. Why else would Microsoft not use the exclusive content as a selling point like they do with the Division?

E3 is less than a week away; we expect to learn a lot more about BO3 during the official E3 reveal. And maybe, just maybe, part of that presentation will include announcing that Activision has finally pulled the plug on the Call of Duty exclusivity deal with Xbox platforms. Only time will tell.

CoD Titles on Sale on Xbox Live’s Deals with Gold

If you’re a proud owner of either an Xbox One or Xbox 360 and you have a gold membership with Xbox Live you can pick up some Call of Duty games for discounted prices as part of XBL’s Deals with Gold program. Just a few titles are up for grabs at cheaper rates, but they’re decent deals if you haven’t already purchased these games.

Deals with Gold

The current Xbox One CoD deals are as follows:

  • Advanced Warfare – 17% Off
  • Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition – 33% Off

And here are the discounts available to Xbox 360 owners:

  • Modern Warfare – 50% Off
  • Modern Warfare 2 – 50% Off
  • Call of Duty: World at War – 50% Off
  • Advanced Warfare – 17% Off

This is the first time that CoD: AW has appeared for cheaper prices. The deal for AW isn’t super awesome, but still better than paying full price.

Remember, in order to take advantage of these prices you must have an active, gold level membership with Xbox Live.

Source: [Major Nelson]


Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Teaser Trailer Released

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest news around Call of Duty, a very short teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming game, Black Ops 3. Don’t get too excited, it doesn’t show much. But it is, nevertheless, the first real video that has surfaced providing a tiny bit of info for the latest game in the CoD franchise.

Here’s the video simply titled #backinblack –

The short teaser features multiple quotes from previous Black Ops titles, an outline of a character, and then the roman numeral 1 splitting and becoming 2 (to symbolize BO2), and finally, splitting again and becoming 3 (to allude to the fact that Black Ops 3 is coming).

After those images have passed text appears stating that an official world reveal for the game will be released on April 26th, 2015.

Black Ops 3 Official Reveal Hits April 26th

Well, ladies and gents, Black Ops 3 has definitely been confirmed as the next Call of Duty title. There were a few small hints (SnapChat images and other leaked pictures) and then Treyarch, the development company behind the Black Ops series, posted on their social profiles that it felt great to be “back in black” and released more images and videos pointing to the fact that Black Ops III was for sure the upcoming CoD game.

Teasers have also provided us with another important update – the official announcement for Black Ops 3, and presumably an actual trailer for the game, will be released by Treyarch on April 26th.

Black Ops 3 Reveal April 26th


We’re not 100% sure exactly what info will be made available on the 26th but, based on past previews of Call of Duty games, we’re pretty sure it’s mainly going to be a 2-3 minute trailer showing mostly campaign material but the video will more than likely provide clues as to how futuristic BO3 will be, what kind of weapons will be available, perhaps whether or not Exo suits will make a return, and other important details.

Needless to say, we’re stoked. We love Treyarch, and we love the Black Ops series. Let’s all hope that BO3 is a great step forward for the franchise.

Advanced Warfare Infographic Reveals Most Used Weapons, Exo Abilities, Etc

Been trying to figure out which weapons players use the most in Advanced Warfare? Or maybe you want to know what the most common Exo ability to throw on a class is? Well, thanks to an infographic recently released by Sledgehammer Games, we now know the answers to these statistics and a lot more.

Check it out:

Advanced Warfare Infographic

Here are the stats that this image reveals…

  1. Players have executed well over 105 trillion boost jumps, a common Exo movement used to move around more quickly even in the air.
  2. Assault Rifles dominate the game followed by SMGs, Heavy weapons, and Sniper Rifles.
  3. There have been over 195 million dog fight kills.
  4. Players have earned nearly 1.4 billion supply drops since the game launched.
  5. 2.4 billion loot items have been collected.
  6. Of those billions of items earned only 361 million have been Elite versions.
  7. Nearly 2.6 billion exo zombies have been eliminated.
  8. Over 223 million waves of zombies have been completed.
  9. Frag grenades are the most popular, followed closely by Semtex. Other grenade types are rarely used (7% or less).
  10. Over 2.25 trillion grenades have been used total.
  11. Players have used Exo abilities more than 2.45 trillion times.
  12. The most popular abilities are Overclock, Shield, and Cloak.

Advanced Warfare 2XP Event Kicks Off for St. Patty’s Day

Got the day off since it’s St. Patrick’s Day? Well, you can spend it boozing it up (providing you’re 21+) AND gaming. Sledgehammer Games has announced that a new double XP event is available for all Advanced Warfare players. The event started at 9am PST and will continue through 9am PST tomorrow, March 18th.

Advanced Warfare Double XP

On top of earning bonus experience players will also be able to score some new gear pieces. SHgames stated that new gear sets are being added to AW. Anyone that logs into the game between now and 3/20 will get the Atlas Engineer Exosuit added to their armory immediately.

Other pieces of the new gear sets can be earned through Supply Drops as you play the game. So, yeah, enjoy your double XP and free gear! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

New Double XP Weekend and Playlists Inbound for Advanced Warfare

Looking to catch up to your friends in terms of prestige levels in Advanced Warfare? Well, this weekend you’ll be given a golden opportunity to do so. Sledgehammer Games just announced that a new double XP weekend event will be starting in just a couple days on January 23rd.

Advanced Warfare Double XP Jan 23

On top of the new 2XP event there will also be a couple of new playlists for players to try out. First off the map Comeback will be featured in a 24/7 playlist. As far as we know this one will only be available for the weekend so if you’re a fan of the map, be sure to get Friday-Sunday to play it to death.

Another new playlist, Hardcore Moshpit, will also be added. We’re not sure if this one is time sensitive as well or if it’ll be left in after the event is over.

The event stretches through January 26th and is in celebration of the upcoming launch of the Havoc DLC. Double XP will be activated on Friday at 9am PST and extend through the following Monday at around 9am PST. Get in and grind out those prestige levels at double speed.

Last-Gen Advanced Warfare Players Getting Shafted in Support

While updates and technical support for the latest Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare, seem to be available somewhat abundantly for gamers on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and even the PC, players on last-generation consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS3 feel like they’re getting shafted.

Xbox 360 and PS3

That’s a hard claim to refute when the developers have been extremely slow to bring critical game updates, patches, and more to last-gen platforms. This is partially because Sledgehammer Games is NOT the company working on the last-gen ports of Advanced Warfare, but it’s still not a great excuse and it’s leaving many players annoyed with the game.

A prime example of this is the update that was released on December 18th, 2014 which fixed several important issues such as the System Hack scorestreak being OP, patching up exploits that allowed players to get outside of certain multiplayer maps, and even increase the time between multikills to allow for easier doubles, triples, and so on.

This update has been out on current-gen platforms for 3 weeks now. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers have yet to receive any date or a simple confirmation that the update will make its way onto last-gen versions of AW.

In fact, the last update that was applied to these consoles did next to nothing for players. The patch notes simply stated:

  • Connectivity Improvements
  • Improvements to Content Management for Purchases Made in the In-Game Store

Advanced Warfare Last Gen Update

Apparently the developers are concerned about gamers not being able to hand over their hard earned cash for digital items, but not at all worried about gameplay issues. The patch notes go on to say that more updates are on the way, including one to add Daily Challenges, but no date or even general timeframe is given for when these will be live.

Many gamers have taken to the official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare forums, as well as other gaming boards and blogs, to express their annoyances but, so far, they’ve gone unheard. Will Activision continue to put last-gen gamers on the back burner? Based on the frequency of updates and lack of communication from developers it would seem so.

Advanced Warfare Tops UK Gaming Charts

Despite most outlets assuming that the game hadn’t performed quite as well as its predecessors, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the latest title in the wildly popular FPS franchise, has started 2015 on a high note. Beating out equally powerful titles such as FIFA 15 and Grand Theft Auto V, CoD: AW sits atop the United Kingdoms gaming charts.

Advanced Warfare UK Charts

Here are the top 10 titles on the list:

  1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. FIFA 15
  4. Far Cry 4
  5. Assassin’s Creed Unity
  6. The Crew
  7. Destiny
  8. WWE 2K15
  9. Driveclub
  10. Minecraft Xbox Edition

It’s interesting to see that big launches such as Destiny are on the latter end of the list. Far Cry 4 has also been a major hit. And it’s extremely surprising to see Minecraft fighting to remain in the top 10 despite its astounding success.

Source: [GameSpot]

Double XP Live in Advanced Warfare Mosh Pit Playlist

Looking to boost your level further and blast your way through another prestige rank or two in Advanced Warfare? Well, Sledgehammer Games is giving you a great shot at it this weekend. Starting today (January 2nd) and running through about 9am PST Monday, January 5th, the developers have activated double XP for the Mosh Pit playlist.

Advanced Warfare Double XP Mosh Pit

This is only the second 2XP event that has been given to players since the game’s release back in November of 2014. But it presents a great opportunity for gamers that recently got Advanced Warfare for Christmas to play a little bit of catch-up and get their character levels to new heights.

Be sure to take advantage of the XP bonus while it’s live. Just remember that the experience bonus is only gained when you play matches within the Mosh Pit playlist.