Best Gaming Servers Online

gaming serversWe’re in the age of mass multiplayer online gaming with more impressive and interactive games being created every year. Increasingly we’re seeing bigger worlds and more people playing together whilst being thousands of miles apart. This is all done through servers.

Some of the biggest games of the last decade are running through various servers. These are separate worlds and you’ll only be able to interact with others playing through the same server.

One of the biggest and most popular games is Minecraft and they often see over 1 million players online a day. Minecraft is popular with people from a range of ages and there are tons of servers dedicated to hosting for it.

Servers, or hosts, allow users to play in the same world. A lot of the mainstream games are only truly experienced in their multiplayer functionality so it’s essential to get involved. This means you need to find the right server to allow you to play the game the way you want.

What to look for in a Minecraft server?

gaming serversThere’s a lot of choice in servers and what you’ll be looking for will be personal preference. For each game, there are different things to look for however we’ve identified what we think the most important qualities are for Minecraft servers.

  • Type

Reading the server description and other information will give you a good indication of what they’re all about. Look for the gaming type you’re used to, if you’ve played any Minecraft before you should be familiar with the tags and different options.

  • Size

There are varying sizes of server around and by checking out the numbers in the server info you’ll see how many people there are and how many are online. Big servers like hypixel can have over 50,000 people online at any time but for a tighter community feel you might prefer a smaller population. As a rule, look for servers with at least a few hundred people so you can play everything you like.

  • Server Rules

By looking round the host’s website you can find out all of the rules for the server. This will give you a good indication of how the game will play, but check for grief protection. This will let you play most like the 1 player mode without people constantly destroying your buildings.

  • Hosting Speed

Always check out the specifications of the server. You’ll want to pay particular attention to the Lag/ping time. This will indicate how fast a server is. If you’re not able to find this information then check out forums to get a better indication.

  • Other Technical Information

Make sure the Minecraft version is up to date (or the one you want to play) and check the online % time. If it’s below 90% it’s going to impact when you can play noticeably so the higher the better. Also make sure you know which mods are allowed so you can play with your favorite settings.

Choosing a Minecraft Server

All this information will give a good indication of how a server will play, but you will inevitably have to try out a server before seeing what it’s truly like. Check the forums for more information of a specific one (the biggest servers have a lot of information available) and once you’ve decided then start playing.

It might take some searching to find the right server for you but it’s important for ensuring the best gaming experience. Look around and try a few and you could be playing in an environment and with users who make it way more fun!

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Top Gaming Servers for Minecraft

Servers are important for your multiplayer experience regardless of game. Before you look at the top gaming servers for Minecraft you need to understand exactly what they do and what to look at.

What is a server?

gaming servers for minecraftFor those who haven’t heard of it before then it can all be a bit confusing. A server is the host for the gaming world you’ll playing in, whatever game it is. Games are more interactive than ever and you’ll see that different servers offer different unique quirks and rules for gameplay.

Essentially a server is where you go to play a game like Minecraft multiplayer. You and your friends will need to be on the same server to play together as it’s essentially the world you’re inhabiting in the game.

Choosing the Right Minecraft Server

Everyone who’s played Minecraft before knows how great it is. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular games of all time with players from across the globe playing and building together. The multiplayer gameplay is undoubtedly more fun as you get to interact and work with others. This is where choosing a server comes in.

To make the most of your Minecraft experience you’ll need to search around for the best ones. Working with the folks at, we’ve compiled what we believe are the most important factors when choosing your host:

  • Number of Users

Big servers have literally 10s of thousands of people online at a time. In fact, with a game as popular as Minecraft it’s fairly common to see servers with thousands. However, you get smaller servers with as few as a few hundred users. These smaller servers are better for a more community feel as you’ll know more of the players personally.

However, for the maximum gaming experience you’ll want to make sure you’ve got more than 100 people on the server most of the time. This will ensure you can play all the minigames you like and not be bored.

  • Game Types and Guidelines

You’ll be able to see which game type is on offer with a server by checking the tags in the information section. There is a lot of selection out there so you’ll 100% be able to find the game type you’re after.

Rules always vary a bit depending on your server. One of the most important is the grief protection and while most servers offer this it’s worth checking. Certain servers might not allow certain mods which can be frustrating if you’re used to them so be sure to check all the guidelines out on the host’s website.

  • Game Speed and Technical Information

gaming servers for minecraftBy checking the lag and ping times you can check how the server speed and reliability. You’ll want to find a server that allows for fast and seamless gameplay, otherwise your gaming time will be wasted.

You should also check their availability. The biggest hosts in the world offer up to 99.9% availability (essential 24/7 gaming) but you’ll want a minimum of 85% to ensure you can play when you like.

Checking the hardware hosts are using is a must. If they don’t have the most up to date 2017 kit then they’re not staying with the times. Don’t risk a server that might slow or crash and stick with the modern technology.

Top Gaming Servers for Minecraft

The top gaming servers for Minecraft show their understanding of the player’s needs when it comes to online multiplayer. We’ve found two of our favorites that are offering a great host service:

Minecraft Worlds

Minecraft Worlds is the affordable Minecraft server that is focused on the customer’s needs. Operating since 2012 they’ve adapted and are now offering some of the best features for users. These include Instant setup, 24/7 availability and top notch dedicated software.

Minecraft Worlds has a range of different payment options which provide different memory. Using the dedicated control panel, you can manually backup data or it will be done automatically daily. Minecraft Worlds is one the most popular hosts around and has everything you need for a great gaming experience.


Serverminer offer multiplayer server hosting with explosively fast speeds. They pride themselves on performance with the latest hardware giving incredible results. The offer exclusive access to SMPicnic which is the most powerful gaming control panel in the world, giving you full control.

Servers are set up a few minutes after payment, and with over 30,000 servers operating they’re on the most popular choices for Minecraft hosting in the world. Serverminer are the affordable host providing some of the fastest servers around.

The Minecraft Hosting

The Minecraft Hosting are one of our favorite hosts because of their features. They offer unlimited SSD storage, 99.99% availability and keep your data safe at all times, even from DDOS attacks. They have eliminated Lag and boast very low latency due to their advanced data center. They have dedicated RAM for unparalleled performance.

They are competitively priced to be one of the most affordable hosts around. They offer awesome 24/7 support every day of the year so you won’t have any problems.

These hosts have everything you need for a great multiplayer gaming experience but you’ll want to explore and try out a few before settling. There are a lot of quality options out there and forums are always available to give you more information.

Take Your Gaming Passion to Party

gaming passionGaming in the 21st Century is big. There are more individuals, couples and families playing games across multiple formats and the video game industry is booming. More immersive and interactive games come out every week giving us something new to dive into.

For some gaming is a lifestyle. They eat sleep and breathe it and crave the next time they can load up and continue. Streaming services like twitch have allowed people to build a following and even make money by being great at gaming.

Even if you don’t count gaming as your life it’s still a dominant hobby for a lot of us. Stressful jobs and modern-day life means you need to escape sometimes and become your favorite hero (or villain).

The bottom line is that gaming isn’t just for nerds anymore and you want to take that gaming into other elements of your life, AKA partying! Now there are a couple of ways you can get your favorite game into a party theme, let’s take a look at them.

Gaming Parties

gaming passionNow traditionally gaming parties were held in a basement and could last for days. Now it can be done in a lot more style. There are dedicated companies who will set up a gaming party for you and make it incredibly fun. Choose your games, invite your friends and they’ll take care of the rest.

They’ll organize everything from themed food to more appropriate lighting and it’ll be a blast. Perfect for younger kids’ parties but also suitable for adults a gaming party is a lot of fun.

Fancy Dress Party

Ok so maybe you want an actual party with drinking rather than a gaming party. That’s cool but you can still incorporate your favorite characters to make it memorable. Set a fancy-dress theme and let everyone go wild with their ideas. Just like cosplay at conventions you’ll find a lot of people will be really into it and make a great effort. It’s a fun way for you all to celebrate something you enjoy separately, together.

Themed Party

Ok so you’ve got the fancy dress, now let’s start customizing the other features. One of my favorites is the cakes!

If you like baking it’s time to show your culinary skills, if not you can go to a local bakery and they’ll hook you up. It’s all about these little details to make the party unique.

Gaming Drinks

The drinks are what can make a good party great. When we’re throwing a gaming party we like to create some special drinks inspired by our favorite characters.

There’s loads of recipes online that use different colored alcohol to create some awesome looking drinks that will take your party to the next level (though we can’t vouch for the taste of many!). Remember these are only for those who are legally allowed to drink, and always be responsible.

Gaming and Parties

Just remember that gaming is mainstream now and people love it. Throwing a party based around your favorite game/ games will probably prove incredibly popular, and if you take the time to put in the touches it’ll be really memorable for everyone.

Getting your favorite games and game characters into your party is a great way to have an awesome time. It’s all about personalizing the experience for you and getting all the little details right. For some great personalized gifts and other party essentials check out Bullet Bottle Openers.

Custom Gaming Team Jerseys

Team clothing and uniform is important for a number of reasons. It’s is more than just clothing, it’s what separates you from the crowd and creates your identity. What you wear can affect performance and you need the right style, fit and materials to suit your requirements.

It’s also about unity. Everyone who puts it on knows they’re a part of something bigger, and while they wear the team uniform they’re on the team. It reinforces the feeling that you’re all in it together.

Team clothing is how the world sees you when you play, it’s the look and style you’re broadcasting to the world and It needs to be right. So It’s time to create your unique style and stand out from the crowd.

Custom Team Jerseys

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignright” width=”353″]evil genius tem gaming jersey[/media-credit]

A custom jersey is the next step in kitting out your team. Today practically every single team is wearing a kit that’s unique to them so they can be easily recognized. In the 21st century this goes way beyond the usual sports kits. Whether it’s E gaming or

Gaming and Jerseys

E Gaming is one of the biggest things on the planet right now. Teams are coming together to battle across a range of platforms and on lots of different games. Online gaming has gone way beyond the stereotypical image and has become a massive industry.

Last year the Evil Geniuses won over $15,000,000 by gaming. This is pretty unbelievable and they’ve made themselves the superstars of the industry. In fact, with more people playing, watching streams, and getting involved with games than ever before it’s not surprising how popular the top teams are.

All the top teams have jerseys both to play in, but to help them grow their brand and image. Team members are easily recognizable and It’s also easy for you to show your support by wearing the uniquely designed custom jersey.

Custom Gaming Jersey Options

So, you want to create your own custom jersey? It’s important you take the time to do it right. There’s many things to select, let’s take a look at the main choices:

  • Material

Custom jerseys are designed for peak performance. Different sports require different materials depending on the requirements, rough physical activity will need a thicker more durable fabric. For gaming, you need something comfortable to play through stressful situations so a cotton or polyester blend might work the best.

  • Colors

Choose from a range of different colors. Pick a color palette that compliments the rest of the jersey. If you’re going for striking then make sure the color is available.

  • Design and Artwork

This is the most important part of your custom jersey. Take the time to really picture what you want, keep your design fresh but also try and keep in rooted in you. The design choices should reflect how you see yourselves and how you want to be seen, it’s what your opponents will see when you go to meet them so make an impression.

  • Logos and Prints

If you’ve already got a logo or you’d like a specific print then there should be a number of options available. Embroidery or vinyl prints are the most common for logos or numbers but there are screen print options too.

  • Sizes

Make sure you find out the sizes available so you can get the most comfortable kit for your team.

All the options here allow for truly customizable kit for every team. The personal touches are what counts here to don’t rush over any decision. Wherever possible talk to an expert who can advise on materials, colors, and design choices.

It’s always worth going to a reputable kit provider who have a custom option. That way you’ll get all the selection you want and you can make something really unique and recognizable. The aim is to take the image/design in your mind and put it on the material, don’t settle for less.

Custom Gaming Jerseys are important internally and externally. Internally you’ll bring the team together and that motivation can lead to better results. Externally you can give something for supporters to get behind. If you’re reaching for the stars and looking to be winners then having a custom team jersey could make a big difference.

Check out all the best custom gaming football jerseys.

YouTubers Help Boost Call of Duty’s Microtransaction Gambling System

I know I’m probably going to come under a lot of heat for this, but it’s something I feel needs to be said. Famous Youtubers are helping to destroy Call of Duty (and countless other games) for all gamers. How? By continuously contributing to and encouraging the use of microtransactions.

The past couple of CoD titles – Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 – are perfect examples of this. Sledgehammer Games introduced the concept of Supply Drops, an in-game rewards system that allows players to swap either in-game currency or, worse, actual cash for a chance at getting new weapons, weapon skins, character skins, and other items. Treyarch followed suit and included this microtransaction system in their latest game as well.

Black Ops 3 Microtransactions

Let’s call this system exactly what it is – a cash cow that is probably creating gambling addictions among teens and adults alike.

Seriously… supply drops should be renamed “gamble boxes”. You put up some cash and, thanks to the beautiful beast we all know by the name of RNG, you get a SLIGHT chance at getting a nifty piece of in-game gear.

While there are certainly some less than intelligent people in the world that no doubt throw cash at their screens for this without any need of persuasion, I personally believe YouTubers such as Chaosxsilencer, TmarTn, and Ali-A are helping boost spending on these microtransactions by building up additional hype.

These guys purchase CoD points, the in-game currency that requires real money to get, by the thousands, even tens of thousands and create “supply drop opening” videos by the dozens. Not only that, but they’re constantly trying to make the experience seem as exciting as possible.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a video where Chaos bought 5,000 CoD Points to use on drops.

In this video you can watch TmarTn open drops with 13,100 points (that’s over $100 worth).

Here you can watch Ali-A blowing through 31,000 points (over $200 worth).

These guys are encouraging players, young and old, to go out and spend their hard-earned cash (or perhaps their parents’ income) on these supply drops that often have a very, very low chance of giving you what you want. There have been countless reports of people spending $100, $200, even $300 or more and still not getting the elusive special weapons they’re wanting.

Yes, it’s true… you DO NOT have to spend real money to get drops. But with Treyarch nixing anything that dishes out Cryptokeys at a decent rate – it’s clear what they want you to do. It can feel like it takes AGES just to get up enough keys to open a single rare supply drop. So, obviously, the faster route is to purchase CoD points for instant gratification.

Couple that aspect with the countless YouTube celebs that are constantly promoting this money-hog of a system and you can see how this would be a big problem.

Activision has already come out and said that the sales for supply drop microtransactions have helped their revenues EXCEED their expectations. Guess what that means? You can definitely expect to see this exact system, or at least something very similar, in ANY game this publisher touches.

For those that aren’t aware of everything Activision has power over, it’s a lot. Their lineup consists of:

  • Every Call of Duty Game
  • Destiny
  • Skylanders
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
  • Chivalry Medieval Warfare
  • and many more

That’s not even the biggest problem, though.

The biggest issue is that all of the other game developers that are going to see how insane Activision’s profit margins are with these microtransactions and, because they’re all businesses that need & want money, they’re going to incorporate a similar system into their games.

So, yes, in a way YouTubers like Ali-A and TmarTn are helping to contribute to the inclusion of microtransactions across all video games, not just Call of Duty.

What are your thoughts on this? Should YouTubers stop encouraging sales and start supporting gamers by not promoting this nonsense?

Black Ops 3 Could Lose to Competing Star Wars Battlefront

Two major first-person shooter titles that are releasing in November – Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Star Wars: Battlefront – are destined to battle it out in a war to capture the interest of FPS gamers worldwide. Search and trend data show that these two games will be fairly neck-to-neck in the race to win the love of gamers.

Trending Data

Black Ops 3 Trending Data

Black Ops 3 Regional Interest
Black Ops 3 Regional Interest

In countries where most gaming revenue is generated – the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia – Black Ops 3 seems to have garnered the attention of the majority of gamers. Data provided by Google Trends shows that while Battlefront has gained ground, it’s mostly in countries such as Hungary. BO3, on the other hand, seems to be holding majority interest in the US, Australia, and the UK.

Star Wars Battlefront Trending Data

Star Wars Battlefront Regional Interest
Star Wars Battlefront Regional Interest

Google Trends isn’t exactly the most definitive or accurate tool to gauge true interest, though. The numbers provided there are all relative. So, even if actual search interest is declining, the graphs will still read higher numbers.

Search Interest

Another tool provided by Google paints a more accurate picture – Keyword Planner. This is primarily used as an advertising tool to determine the search potential of any given word or phrase. Typing in the phrase “Star Wars Battlefront”, for example, gives data relative to the total number of searches that phrase gets month to month.

Star Wars Battlefront Search Volume
Star Wars Battlefront Search Volume
Black Ops 3 Search Volume
Black Ops 3 Search Volume

It seems that search volumes for Battlefront exceed those of Black Ops 3. This suggests that more people are interested in and looking up information for the new Star Wars FPS than those that are searching for Black Ops 3.

But wait..

This isn’t 100% accurate either.

Why? Well, the new title from DICE isn’t the only Battlefront game. The series actually dates back to 2004. Back in 2004 we saw the release of the original Battlefront. Then, in 2005, a sequel was released – Star Wars Battlefront II. Plus, there are a few mobile games with the name attached as well.

Why does any of this matter? Well, Google is smart, but it’s not that smart.

The Keyword Planner tool actually incorporates searches for the previous titles into the total search volume for the entire “Star Wars Battlefront” phrase because it is incapable of differentiating between a person looking for the 2004-2006 games versus someone looking up the 2015 edition.

So, for this particular game, the data isn’t 100% accurate. But, we can somewhat correct this data ourselves by looking at the historical data for the search term.

Black Ops 3 vs Star Wars Battlefront

Prior to the spring of 2015 (when information was first being released about the upcoming Battlefront game) search volumes for the phrase “Star Wars Battlefront” hovered around 135,000 searches monthly.

Black Ops 3 vs Star Wars Battlefront

In the past 6 months searches for this same phrase have been as high as 1.8 million. On average, the term got around 1.2 million per month between April and September (data for October isn’t available yet). Take away the 135,000 searches that are most likely related to older titles and that still leaves an average of 1 million searches per month for the 2015 title.

How does that stack up against Black Ops 3?

Well, Black Ops 3 is a bit more straightforward since, well, Treyarch’s latest project is the only game with that title. That being said, this game has been getting an average of roughly 1.4 million searches per month within the same time frame (April to September) – only slightly edging out the competition.

Now obviously search interest does not always equate to actual buyer interest. So, overall sales could still go in favor of either game. But, based on trends and search data, it does seem like DICE could be stealing a good portion of the FPS gaming community away from Call of Duty this year.

One of the key factors that may determine the “winner” of this FPS battle is the fact that Black Ops 3 is releasing on more platforms (including last-gen consoles) whereas Battlefront is only coming out on the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Black Ops 3 vs Advanced Warfare – Which is Better?

Ever since the news broke that Treyarch was developing the next title in the Call of Duty series, people have been talking about where it could go. While many gamers supported the fresh new ideas that were implemented in Advanced Warfare, others scoffed at it and hoped that Black Ops 3 wouldn’t bring back things like exo suits.

Black Ops 3 vs Advanced Warfare

Well, BO3 doesn’t exactly feature exoskeletons, but it does still provide players with advanced maneuvers. On top of that, it also introduced another new mechanic to the game – specialists. Before and after the beta people have been arguing about which game is better. Let’s talk more about that.

Black Ops 3 vs Advanced Warfare

In many ways, Black Ops 3 is quite similar to AW – there’s really no question about that. It’s set in the future, technology in the game is quite advanced, and players are able to execute unnatural movements such as boost jumps, thrust-backed slides, and even run on walls.

Movement Mechanics

The main difference between BO3 and AW is how these moves are implemented. In Advanced Warfare players were practically able to fly around the map because the boost jumps allowed for ridiculous vertical mobility and you could do it constantly thanks to the exo movements.

Advanced Warfare Jetpack

In BO3, on the other hand, the maneuvers are much more subtle and they have a longer cooldown on them. This means that the jumps, while still bigger than a human can pull off, aren’t as exaggerated. Plus, you can only use it so often. You have to weight for your energy to recharge before being able to perform another, especially if you chained 2 or 3 moves together.

Black Ops 3 Wall Running

The beta really gave us a great idea of how this would work in the game. The result was that players actually stayed planted on the ground more than they were airborne, which gave the game a more traditional feel. Sure, you can execute a boost jump to reach an otherwise inaccessible ledge, but you don’t see characters floating through the air at all times like you would in Advanced Warfare.

Equipment Usage

Another thing that some Call of Duty fans didn’t like about Advanced Warfare was the Exo launcher. This device was essentially a small gun located directly on your character’s wrist that allowed you to fire off grenades. This COULD have been a decent addition to the game, but Sledgehammer Games, the developer behind AW, made it so that you could literally launch ‘nades clear across the map.

Advanced Warfare Exo Launcher

In addition to the launcher itself, the grenades were met with some criticism. From small bots that floated around and exploded on enemies to drones that painted nearby targets on your mini-map, these pieces of equipment were a bit too much for many players.

In Black Ops 3, the lethal and tactical equipment selections are much more old-school. Classics such as frags, semtex, and C4 all make a return. Perhaps the only different piece of equipment is the thermite grenade which creates a burn-zone upon impact that damages players that are within the zone. Tacticals are pretty standard for the most part, too. These include smoke grenades, concussions, flashbangs, EMP grenades, and so on.


Another obvious difference is the inclusion of the new specialist classes. This is something that’s almost as controversial as exo suits. Some players really liked them, others thought they ruined the game. Honestly, it comes down to personal preference.

Black Ops 3 Specialists

We actually liked these new character classes. They add an interesting new dynamic to the game but, at the same time, aren’t game-breaking. Sure, they’re a tad powerful, but they don’t last long and it takes a good bit to get up the special energy required to use your specialist’s ability or weapon. It’s almost like you’re just getting a free scorestreak or additional perk a couple times per match.

This is vastly different from Advanced Warfare because obviously that game didn’t have these new classes for players to use.


This one is still a bit up in the air, but so far we know that Advanced Warfare obviously had a fairly in-depth character customization system via the different items you could get from supply drops and so on. We don’t know if this level of customization will be available for characters in Black Ops 3 just yet.

Advanced Warfare Character Customization

We do know, however, that weapons will be much more customizable than they ever have before thanks to features like the Gunsmith and Paint Shop. These new additions of the game allow players to create custom graphics to slap on the sides of their weapons and add up to six different attachments to their guns.

Guns Blazing

Another cool new feature in Black Ops 3 that wasn’t seen in Advanced Warfare or any other Call of Duty game for that matter, is the ability to aim and fire your weapon while sprinting. Not only can you shoot while sprinting, you can also do it while sliding, wall running, or even swimming underwater (another new ability in the game).

Black Ops 3 ADS

This makes the game feel a bit faster paced and allows players to be ready to pop off an opponent at all times. In previous titles, such as BO2, you weren’t able to ready your weapon in the middle of the sprint. This would often lead to deaths due to not being able to react to an enemy fast enough. That is a moot point now.


Overall, there are several things that set these two games apart. Personally, we believe Black Ops 3 is the better choice. AW pissed a lot of people off. The movement mechanics in that game made it feel way too different. BO3 looks and plays a lot like it’s predecessor, just with a few new abilities.

Want more details about the game? Be sure to read our in-depth Black Ops 3 multiplayer guide. If you want some help learning how to get better at the game, also check out our awesome Black Ops 3 tips.