Black Ops 3 Shotguns: Full Guide to BO3 Shotguns

If you need a weapon that will give you access to both high mobility and high impact, you may want to give a shotgun a try. These guns usually deal tons of damage and allow your player to move around fairly quickly. The biggest drawbacks with them, however, are their range and, sometimes, the reload speeds. Overall, though, they can be pretty effective in Call of Duty titles.…

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Black Ops 3 Sniper Rifles: Full Guide to Snipers in BO3

Sniper rifles have become a staple in Call of Duty games, especially in the Black Ops series. Players have discovered the ability to quickscope which allows snipers to perform well against close-range opponents in the hands of skilled gamers. In Black Ops 3 there are several snipers players can equip and use. Snipers are primarily designed to be used as long distance weapons. Most of them have high…

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Black Ops 3 SMGs – Full Guide to Submachine Guns in BO3

Submachine guns, also commonly referred to as SMGs, are essentially more compact, slightly less powerful versions of assault rifles. They tend to have fast firing rates, give the player superb mobility, and are best suited for close quarters combat. SMGs are often among the most popular weapon choices in any Call of Duty title. Some of the most well-known and liked SMGs from past games include the Vector…

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Black Ops 3 Assault Rifles – Full Guide for ARs in BO3

In most CoD games assault rifles are weapons that are typically used in short to medium-range combat situations. They pack more power than SMGs, but usually have a bit less mobility. They're often some of the most popular weapons in the game. Well known examples include the AK-47, SCAR, and the M8A1. Black Ops 3 brings back some original fan-favorites while also throwing several new ARs in the mix.…

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