Black Ops 3: How to Unlock Hero Armor for Specialists

A lot of gamers have been getting very confused on how you unlock what is being referred to as "hero armor" in Call of Duty Black Ops 3. This is a special gear set that is revealed to the player once they've completed all of the necessary challenges to unlock all of the standard gear pieces for their specialist. The problem, however, is that the game isn't super…

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Black Ops 3 Spectre Specialist Guide

Spectre is the assassin-like specialist class seen in Black Ops 3. This is a character that is shrouded in mystery. Completely hidden in garments and armor, it's impossible to determine what this character even looks like. All information about the man, woman, or machine behind the mask has been completely erased from records. Background No one knows Spectre's true name, race, gender, or anything else about it for…

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Black Ops 3 Battery Specialist Guide

Battery is another one of the nine specialists players can choose from in CoD: Black Ops 3. She is an explosive weaponry expert and dons a rugged heavy-armor set. Her weapon is capable of blowing away opponents with lobbed grenades and her special ability grants players additional health via an extremely durable armor coating. Background Battery, who is otherwise known as Erin Baker, grew up in a military…

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Black Ops 3 Nomad Specialist Guide

Nomad is one of the most controversial specialists available in Black Ops 3 right now. Players didn't seem to mind his death-by-firefly special weapon, but did think that his unique ability to revive himself when dead could use a nerf. Hence the reason the ability was nerfed a bit (see details below). While this character certainly has a handy ability associated with it, a lot of players don't use this…

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Black Ops 3 Prophet Specialist Guide

Prophet is one of the nine different specialist classes in BO3. He is part man, part machine, and a complete warrior. Choosing this class gives players access to one of the most interesting special weapons in the game as well as an incredibly useful ability for competitive multiplayer. Equipped with his shocking gun and ability to teleport, Prophet is a real threat in the field. Background Prophet, otherwise…

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Black Ops 3 Reaper Specialist Guide

Reaper is yet another one of the specialist classes in Black Ops 3. Unlike the other human-based classes, Reaper is a combat robot that was created in 2063. This character grants players access to a turret-like gun that protrudes from the robot's arm and an ability that allows the robot to clone itself to throw opponents off from its position. Background This interesting character is actually a product…

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Black Ops 3 Seraph Specialist Guide

Seraph is one of the nine available specialist classes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. She is equipped with a high-powered revolver that is often compared to the Golden Gun seen in Destiny. She also has a unique ability that gives the player to gain additional score for every kill and action in-game for a short time. Background The woman behind the codename "Seraph" is Zhen Zhen,…

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Black Ops 3 Ruin Specialist Guide

Want to have a little more speed and be able to clear an entire objective of enemies in just a couple of seconds? Well, Ruin may just be your man. This is one of the nine different specialists in Black Ops 3. This class packs a lot of punch but, so far, has been underutilized in the game. Background The man behind the call-sign is Donnie Walsh, a man…

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Black Ops 3 Outrider Specialist Guide

Outrider, which is more commonly referred to by its special weapon name (Sparrow), is one of the playable specialist classes seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Right now it's easily the most popular. It has a powerful weapon that can one-hit kill enemies from range and a unique, useful ability. Background Outrider's real name is Alessandra Castillo. She is a Hispanic woman that is associated with…

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