Official Black Ops 3 Reveal Trailer Released

As promised, Treyarch has released the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 World Reveal trailer. As we expected, the vast majority of the video is related to the campaign, but the trailer is rendered in-game. It’s a pretty awesome trailer showing off advanced weaponry, some new gear, new abilities, and robots?

See for yourself:

As we announced on Twitter, the trailer confirms that there will indeed be new player movements such as boost jumps, wall-running, and sliding. The video also very briefly shows off some of the abilities that are believed to be associated with a new class system called specializations. The part where the character’s arm seems to transform into a gatling gun is supposedly one of these new specialization abilities.

Unfortunately this reveal trailer didn’t show us much in terms of actual multiplayer gameplay but it does give us an idea of what to expect. Obviously there’s going to be a lot of focus on ground combat but players will have the ability to execute maneuvers that allow for verticality and possibly a faster-paced experience.

Toward the end of the trailer we also got a quick peek at zombies which basically just confirms that the zombies game mode will be available in BO3. And the trailer also confirmed more of the Gamestop leaks stating that if you pre-order the game you will get beta access (only on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC).

David Vonderhaar, the studio design director for Treyarch, took to Twitter after the trailer was released stating that Black Ops 3 is a “best of game” that was 10 years in the making.


Vonderhaar also stated that there was a lot more info to come which we hope means an actual gameplay preview and further details regarding the new class system, weapons, movements, and player abilities.

GameStop Employee Leaks Black Ops 3 Details

A video released by Prestige is Key claims that an employee from GameStop has leaked promotional materials for the upcoming title, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. These materials reveal A LOT of details for the game including an official release date, multiplayer information, zombies info, and loads more.

Here’s the video:

Pre-Order for Beta

The game cover design shown in the video says in large print at the very top “PRE-ORDER AND GET BETA ACCESS” this is awesome because we haven’t seen an actual beta for a Call of Duty game in a very long time. The only issue, though, is that the box also states that the beta is exclusively for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC platforms. This leads us to believe that Black Ops 3 is a next-gen only title, meaning no BO3 for Xbox 360 or PS3 players.

Official Release Date

Providing these materials are real and accurate (they do look very legitimate in our opinion but could very well be good fakes) they also tell us exactly when this game will be coming out. The box very clearly has the date 11-6-15 printed on it. So, if this is right, we can expect the game on November 6th. Sounds a bit fishy, though, because most Call of Duty games come out on a Tuesday. 11/6 would be a Friday.

New Maneuvers

According to the promotional pieces there will be new character movements such as thrust jumps, slides, and mantling abilities. The description also states that these movements can be combined for fluid maneuvering and you can have full control of weapons while executing these new moves.

New Maps

Sort of similar to how Sledgehammer made a plethora of brand new maps designed to make use of the boosting and flying abilities in Advanced Warfare, Treyarch has created a whole set of new multiplayer maps that will better accommodate maneuvers like thrust jumps and sliding. It will be interesting to see how these maps look and feel during gameplay.

Specialist Characters

Another interesting new aspect that is supposedly going to be in Black Ops 3 is a specialist character system. PrestigeIsKey states that he believes this is like the traditional prestige system seen in most Call of Duty titles, but perhaps with a few extra perks. The promotional materials clearly say “allows players to rank up and master each specific character’s battle-hardened capabilities and weapons”. To us, this sounds almost like a class system rather than just a new way to prestige.

New Zombies Narrative

According to the materials there is also an entirely new zombies experience coming with Black Ops 3. This is essentially just a brand-new story line but the material does state that it will be available in full out of the box, not as DLC later on.

Co-Op Campaign

Another interesting bit revealed by these materials is that the game will feature a co-op campaign that can be played with up to 4 players online. Says this experience will be backed by the same servers that provide online gameplay for regular multiplayer and zombies.

DISCLAIMER: These details are NOT confirmed as true. They very well could be fake. Take it with a grain of salt. Everything looks pretty legit and most of the information sounds plausible, but until the official reveal of the game there’s no telling if this is 100% accurate.

New Black Ops 3 “Ember” Teaser Trailer Released

A brand new teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was released today. The trailer, simply titled “Ember”, goes through a series of clips both documenting technology in history and in the future, all the way through 2055. Devices mentioned in the trailer include hearing implants, prosthetics, and more advanced tech such as implants to enhance sight and other body functions.

Here’s the trailer:

So, the biggest takeaway from this video? Characters in Black Ops 3 will most definitely have some sort of enhancements. Maybe not Exo suits like we saw in Advanced Warfare, but rather implants and genetic modifications that actually give humans new abilities from the inside out.

In one scene you see the “president” of the United States addressing technology and mentioning a super soldier program that the military has created. One individual even says that the military is light years ahead of consumer technology in making humans into weapons. So, it’s pretty obvious our characters in BO3 will have enhanced abilities to some degree, but it’s actually sounding a lot cooler than just flying around with a robotic suit on.

Will Black Ops 3 Have Exo Suits? Our Predictions

So, many gamers have been wondering whether or not we will see Exo suits make a return in Black Ops 3. After all the teasers were released and the announcement that the game will be officially revealed on April 26th players have become even more curious about this subject. So, will Black Ops 3 have Exo suits? Let’s dive into the topic..

UPDATE: Well, there aren’t Exo suits in BO3, but your character does have enhanced abilities and access to new classes. Learn all about it in our Ultimate Black Ops 3 Guide – an awesome read.

Black Ops 3 Exo Suits

Based on the little information provided through the teaser images and clips that Treyarch has released so far it seems that there MIGHT be a chance of Exo suits making a return. The short videos and images that the developers have leaked have shown an outline of a figure that looks similar to the character seen on the front cover of the Black Ops 2 game box, but he appears to have a little something extra on his body…

Will Black Ops 3 Have Exo Suits?


Hell, in this particular picture, the character almost looks like a cyborg. But that does give us a bit of a clue. The Exo suits we saw in Advanced Warfare weren’t quite as full as the device seen on the guy above. In AW you basically just had a jetpack and a few rods going down your legs and arms.

The guy in this image seems to be nearly fully decked out in mechanical components. Does this mean we will be going around in full-on cyborg-style robotic suits? We’re not too sure. But it is obvious that there will be some kind of body modifications available.

Enhanced Abilities

Personally, we think that we will have access to some sort of armor or gear that will give human characters enhanced abilities. But, based on previous titles in the series, we seriously doubt that players will be flying around in the air like you do in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Here are some of the abilities we predict will be seen in Black Ops 3:

  • Temporary Speed Boosts (might even come in the form of a quick dash ability)
  • Shields (like temporary Riot shields, not some magical bubble or block that somehow comes out of your arm)
  • Boost Jump (not the boosting you see in Advanced Warfare, much more subtle, just a slightly enhanced version or a standard jump maneuver)
  • Enhanced Melee (possibly a faster or more effective melee attack, not that it’s hard to beat the broken knifing system seen in Black Ops 2)

This is by no means a complete list, it’s just a few quick ideas.

Our Hopes and Recommendations

Let’s talk about what we actually want to see. First off, we hope that the Exo abilities (or whatever they may be called in Black Ops 3) will have longer cooldowns and be limited to single uses at a time. Not sure if any of you are familiar with the game Halo: Reach, but we feel they got these abilities down pat with the recharge rate being slow, making it next to impossible to use the ability more than once every couple minutes.

Secondly, any boosting maneuver added to the game should also have a longer cooldown rate. You’re able to boost and dash a bit too frequently in Advanced Warfare. It’d be a much more reasonable transition from BO2 to BO3 for these kinds of movements to be less frequent. After all, Black Ops 2 featured none of these moves so unless BO3 is set 50-100 years later it’s not plausible for humans to have quickly developed and perfected these exoskeleton functions.

Advanced Warfare Flying

Finally, let’s not make this a flying shooter, shall we? It’s fun in Advanced Warfare but flying around just doesn’t make sense for Black Ops 3. Having a slightly enhanced jump ability or the option to boost / dash here and there isn’t a bad idea, but being able to be in the sky thrusting about like Iron Man should be excluded.

Black Ops 3 Release Date Could be November 3rd

According to reports that have been posted on the web today, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the now confirmed next title in the CoD game series, may be released on November 3rd of this year. Various sources reported that a product page went live earlier today on that showed the new game along with the date 11/3/15.

Black Ops 3 Release Date

The product page in question now redirects to the Day Zero edition of Advanced Warfare, though. So there is no real confirmation of this actually existing. Only rumors abound. Usually, though, Amazon is known for revealing release dates far in advance for games through their pages.

It’s also worth noting that November 4th is a Tuesday, the day that most Call of Duty titles release, and it’s also the first week of the month which is also a common time frame for the launch of a new CoD.

So, it’s simply a rumor at this point, but the date is very plausible. Black Ops 3 will more than likely be released on 11/3/15 or right around that time. We expect that Treyarch will be announcing an official release date alongside the trailer that is supposed to be out on April 26th. More details to come.

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