Advanced Warfare M1 Irons Pistol Overview

Haven’t been keeping up with news for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or played the game in a bit? Well, as of May 5th players are in for a bit of a surprise. A brand new pistol has been introduced to the game in the form of free DLC. It’s called the M1 Irons.

Advanced Warfare M1 Irons

This gun is a revolver. Easily one of the coolest looking pistols in the game. Currently it is only available for players on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. It will, however, be available on the PS3, PS4, and PC at a later date. An official date has not been announced but once it is we will update this page.

Advanced Warfare M1 Irons

Because this weapon is so new we are not 100% sure about the exact statistics of the gun just yet. Once these details are made available we will post them here including the overall damage output, magazine size, firing rate, and other important specs. Below are current estimations.

Estimated Stats

Damage Output: 33-52

Clip Size: 6 rounds

Firing Rate: 600 RPM

Overall, it’s a pretty powerful sidearm. Not quite as beefy as the RW1, but it fires faster, has more ammo, and the range is a bit better.

Available Variants

The M1 Irons was brought into Advanced Warfare with a base version and at least 10 different variants. These have both cosmetic and functional differences depending on which one you get. Variants are obtained through supply drops or advanced supply drops earned while playing the game or completing challenges.

These are the 3 known variants of the M1 Irons confirmed by developers:

  • Gunslinger
  • Sundown
  • Unforgiving Truth

Gunslinger has a unique blue & gold paint job and an old-timey appearance and comes with a built-in Akimbo attachment meaning you can dual wield the weapon.

Sundown is red, orange, and peach colored and looks a bit more modern than Gunslinger. Its stats include enhanced range and lower handling.

Unforgiving Truth is a black and steel colored revolver (looks quite badass) which, according to devs, allows players to go on longer kill streaks. It has higher range, less kick, tighter spread, but deals a bit less damage, has a longer ADS time, and a lower fire rate.

Other variants of the M1 Irons include:

  • High Noon (lower kick, longer ADS time) – Enlisted
  • Enforcer (tighter hip-spread, lower range) – Enlisted
  • Desert Wanderer (increased ammo, lower damage) – Enlisted
  • The Stranger (higher range, worse hip spread) – Enlisted
  • Showdown (increased range, longer ADS time, Akimbo) – Professional
  • Shootout (less kick, lower firing rate, built-in red dot sight) – Professional
  • Outlaw (higher fire rate, shorter ADS time, lower range, less ammo) – Elite

Overall, most people want either the Unforgiving Truth or Outlaw variants.

Here’s a video of the M1 Irons in action by Ali-A:

Advanced Warfare Camos: Every Weapon Camo Available

One of the most popular customization options in the past few Call of Duty games (especially titles such as Black Ops 2) have been the various camouflages that players can unlock for their weapons. Advanced Warfare has several highly coveted weapon camos available for gamers to use.

Advanced Warfare Weapon Camos

In order to unlock a camo players must complete a number of challenges. Most of these consist of getting kills with the weapon, using the gun without attachments or perks, and various other tasks. The majority of these are fairly easy to get, but take time.

Advanced Warfare Camos

Here is a list of all camos in Advanced Warfare:

  • Multicam
  • Multicam Black
  • Urban
  • Stranden
  • Woodland
  • Kryptek Raid
  • Digital Classic
  • Kryptek Highlander
  • Kryptek Yeti
  • Digital Urban
  • Concrete
  • Urban Jet
  • Kryptek Neptune
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Sentinel
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Royalty

The camos listed above are the standard ones that come with the game. Additional weapon skins are usually added via DLC packs but typically cost money.

DLC Camos

As mentioned above, adding weapon camos into the game via DLC has become a popular thing with Call of Duty. Sledgehammer is carrying on this tradition with Advanced Warfare. Skins can be purchased individually for just weapons or even purchased in packs that also include skinned Exosuits and gear.

Camos currently available via DLC purchases:

  • Creature
  • Lightning
  • Magma
  • Nanotech

If you opt to buy just the weapon packs you’ll get the skin for the gun plus themed reticles, a calling card, and a new emblem.

How to Unlock Camos

As mentioned above, in order to get the standard camos found in CoD: AW you’ll have to complete a variety of challenges. Below we’ve listed the exact requirements for each one.

Multicam – Obtain 50 kills using only hip fire with the weapon.

Multicam Black – Obtain a total of 100 kills using hip fire with the weapon.

Urban – Earn 200 kills from hip fire with the weapon.

Stranden – Get a total of 300 kills of just hip fire using the weapon.

Woodland – Get a total of 500 kills from just hip fire using the weapon.

Kryptek Raid – Earn 50 headshot medals with the gun.

Digital Classic – Get a total of 100 headshots using the weapon.

Kryptek Highlander – Earn 200 headshots using the weapon.

Kryptek Yeti – Get a total of 300 headshots with the weapon of choice.

Digital Urban – Earn a whopping 500 headshots using the weapon.

Concrete – Earn a total of 50 Dog Fight medals (both players airborne when kill occurs) with the weapon.

Urban Jet – Get a total of 50 double kills using the gun.

Kryptek Neptune – Get 50 kills right after or while performing a slide with the weapon.

Carbon Fiber – Get 50 kills with the weapon without having any perks on your loadout.

Gold Camo – Earn a total of 50 kills with the weapon without having any attachments equipped to it.

Diamond Camo – Complete all other camo challenges for the weapon.

Royalty Camo – Complete all challenges for every weapon within the weapon’s category (i.e. if you wanted royalty for the BAL-27 you’d have to finish every challenge for every gun under the Assault Rifles category).

Advanced Warfare – Best Heavy Weapon in the Game (OPINION)

Heavy weapons are an interesting breed in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. They’re bulky, they slow down your movement, and the ones that aren’t energy-based take forever to reload. The pros, however, are that they generally do a decent amount of damage and are effective at medium to long range. But which one is the best? Below we provide our educated opinion on the subject.

Advanced Warfare Best Heavy Weapons

When it comes to this weapon category there are just 5 selections:

The Ameli and Pytaek operate similarly to standard light machine guns seen in previous titles such as Ghosts and Modern Warfare 3. The remaining 3 weapons in this category are completely different beasts, however. Both the EM1 and EPM3 are directed-energy weapons. The EM1 is a constant-firing laser weapon that is often considered OP. The EPM3, on the other hand, is a semi-auto energy weapon that lacks raw power and accuracy.

Then you’ve got the XMG, possibly one of the most interesting weapons in all of Advanced Warfare. It’s not really a machine gun, nor is it a laser weapon. Instead, it’s essentially dual miniguns attached to your Exosuit. Only capable of hip-fire the XMG is terribly inaccurate. That is until you activate the lock-down mode on the weapon.

Our Top Picks

So which of these weapons tops the charts as the absolute best in its category? Here are our top 2 picks:

  1. EM1
  2. Pytaek

Advanced Warfare Best Heavy Weapon EM1

It’s hard not to give the EM1 the number one slot. It is quite the beast. This directed-energy style weapon is insanely accurate, deals a great amount of damage, and still gives your character mobility that is comparable to that seen when wielding one of the assault rifles.

Even the hip fire of the EM1 is ridiculously good. In fact, it’s almost easier to kill enemies without ADS (aiming down sights) with this weapon. Throw on a couple of good attachments like the ACOG Scope and the Heat Sink and you can decimate opponents in a flurry of red lasers with ease.

 Advanced Warfare Best Heavy Weapon Pytaek

The Pytaek is our second choice when it comes to heavy weapons. It feels and fires like a more traditional LMG (kinda like the LSAT from Black Ops 2). And it packs quite a punch. The only thing we don’t like about it? The iron sights. We highly recommend throwing on a Red Dot Sight or other optics because the stock sight is just too obstructive.

NOTE: Keep in mind that these selections are our own personal opinion based on gameplay experience and personal preference. What works best for us might not be what’s best suited for your own play style.

Advanced Warfare Attachments: What Each One Does

Having a hard time figuring out what attachments to use on your weapons to create the perfect loadout? There are many different types of weapon attachments available for players to use in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Picking the right ones that will help you get more kills and master your gun can be tricky. Below we’ve provided information about every attachment in the game to help you narrow down your selection.

Advanced Warfare Attachments


Sights are one of the most commonly used and effective pieces of equipment that you can use on a weapon. They help you to see your enemies better which, for some, makes it easier to pick up kills. In Advanced Warfare there are about 7 different types of optic-based weapon attachments.

Here are the available sights:

  • ACOG Scope
  • Auto Focus Sight
  • Hybrid Sight
  • Ironsights
  • Target Enhancer
  • Thermal
  • Variable Zoom

ACOG Scope

The ACOG Scope provides a slightly zoomed in viewfinder with a red dot and circle in the middle as the reticle. The outer part of the scope (the black frame) is a little bit obstructive to peripheral vision, but not too terribly. This style of sight has been available in previous Call of Duty games.

Available For: Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Heavy Weapons, Pistols

Auto Focus Sight

When standing still the auto focus sight will automatically zoom in while ADS (aiming down the sights) giving an enhanced view of targets. The frame of the scope is thin and allows for great sight directly in front of the player as well as decent peripheral views.

Available For: Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Heavy Weapons, Pistols

Hybrid Sight

The hybrid sight offers a dual optic for weapons. The first is a traditional red dot sight. The second, which can be switched on or off at the touch of a button, brings up a 4x zoom scope for enhanced views.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Heavy Weapons


Ironsights are an extremely basic optic available to replace the standard scopes of sniper rifles. These sights significantly decrease long-distance vision and give the sniper a marksman-rifle look (similar to an MK14).

Available For: Sniper Rifles

Target Enhancer

The Target Enhancer is brand new to Advanced Warfare and provides a whole new level of optics. It works somewhat similarly to the Tracker Sights seen in CoD: Ghosts. When ADS (aiming down sights) it paints targets a bright red color (known as threat detection), making them stand out big time. There is, however, a perk that counters it.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons, Pistols


Thermal scopes provide a slightly magnified view and display targets on-screen using heat signatures. Whenever a source of heat pops into view (a live enemy) it is easily noticed as a red/yellow blotch. The only time this doesn’t work is if a player is using the Cold Blooded perk that blocks thermal vision.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles

Variable Zoom

Variable Zoom is a scope that provides multiple magnification levels. With this attachment equipped the player can flip between 3 levels of zoom to better see targets at varying distances.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Heavy Weapons

Performance Enhancers

Looking to speed up your ADS time, have better control of your weapon, or improve the performance of your gun in some way? That’s exactly what the following Advanced Warfare attachments do:

  • Advanced Rifling
  • Ballistic CPU
  • Foregrip
  • Heat Sink
  • Laser Sight
  • Parabolic Microphone
  • Quickdraw Grip
  • Rapid Fire
  • Stock

Advanced Rifling

Advanced Rifling is a brand new attachment in AW. When equipped it slightly increases the overall effective range of the weapon. This makes getting kills at longer distances a little bit easier.

Available For: SMGs, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons

Ballistic CPU

The Ballistic CPU is a sniper-exclusive attachment. With it equipped the sway of the sniper when firing is reduced slightly, making it easier to aim and hit targets while ADS (aiming down sights).

Available For: Sniper Rifles


Foregrip is a classic weapon attachment seen in many CoD games. Equipping it to a weapon greatly reduces the amount of recoil it has when firing the gun, making it easier to land more bullets on your target.

Available For: Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons

Heat Sink

The heat sink is a brand-new attachment specifically designed for directed-energy weapons like the EM1 and EPM3. It allows energy based weapons to fire for longer periods of time without overheating.

Available For: Heavy Weapons, Assault Rifles

Laser Sight

The laser sight is another returning, fan-favorite attachment. With this equipped on a gun your hip fire will be significantly more accurate. This means you can get more kills without having to ADS.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons, Pistols

Parabolic Microphone

The parabolic microphone is an incredibly useful attachment. If you find yourself getting picked off by enemies using silenced weapons often you’ll want to give it a go. With it equipped you’ll be able to see players using suppressors on your mini-map when they fire their weapons.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons, Pistols

Quickdraw Grip

The Quickdraw grip is another popular attachment choice seen in previous Call of Duty titles. With it equipped you’ll be able to ADS (aim down sights) with your weapon slightly faster than normal. In other words, you’ll be able to pick up and scope in with your gun quicker.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons

Rapid Fire

Feel like your gun isn’t pumping out bullets fast enough to take down enemies? Throw Rapid Fire on to send out a flurry of lead. This attachment increases your weapon’s rate of fire by quite a bit.

Available For: SMGs, Heavy Weapons


Find yourself aiming down sights for long periods of time but can’t quite catch everyone that comes in view? Stock might be an attachment to give a shot. With it equipped you can move your scope around faster while ADS.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons

Ammo Related

Finding yourself a bit low on bullets more often than you’d like? Well, Advanced Warfare has a few attachments that can help solve that problem and more. These include:

  • Dual Magazines
  • Extended Mags

Dual Magazines

Is your favorite gun’s reload time causing more deaths than necessary? With Dual mags equipped you can speed up your reload and get back to blasting your foes full of lead quicker.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs

Extended Mags

If you want something that will allow you to keep shooting for a longer duration without having to stop and find cover to reload your clip, you may want to try out the Extended Mags attachment. For most guns this attachment increases the size of the magazine by about 1.5x.

Available For: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons, Pistols

Special Attachments

What are special attachments? They’re pieces of equipment that can only be equipped to certain weapons. There are just a few found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. These are:

  • Crossbow Scope
  • RW1 Scope

Crossbow Scope

As the name implies, this is a special optical sight made exclusively for the Crossbow. It gives the bow better range and a great long-distance sight for popping enemies across the map. It’s actually one of our favorite scopes for all purposes for this weapon.

RW1 Scope

Pretty obvious, right? This is a special scope that can only be fitted to the RW1 pistol. It’s a long range scope that somewhat resembles an ACOG sight but is a bit different in looks.


This category is for everything else that just didn’t fit into the categories listed above. The attachments in this category are:

  • Akimbo
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Tactical Knife
  • Tracker


Akimbo is just fancy speak for dual-wielding. This attachment is only available on pistols and allows the player to wield, you guessed it, two of the same pistol. It significantly decreases accuracy because it’s hip-fire only, but gives you a lot more bullets to spray all over the place.

Grenade Launcher

Also commonly referred to as the noob tube, a grenade launcher is an underbarrel attachment for some Assault Rifles (although a couple SMG variants come with it equipped, too). It fires off frag grenades that explode just a couple of seconds after being launched.

Tactical Knife

Feel like your melee attack is a little too slow? Well, there’s a fix for that. The Tactical Knife attachment is only available on pistols but allows you to do a faster, deadly knife stab and still hold onto your sidearm at the same time.


This is a nifty new attachment that gives your ammo a special tracker property. Anytime you hit an enemy with bullets they’ll instantly appear on your mini-map. This makes it so you can figure out where they dart off to if they decide to run from your lead fury. Available for assault rifles, SMGs, snipers, and heavy weapons.

CoD AW MP-443 Grach Pistol Overview

Want a sidearm that isn’t a traditional semi-automatic but isn’t quite a full-auto weapon either? Well, the MP-443 Grach found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare fits that exact profile. Rather than being a single-shot semi-auto it’s a two round burst pistol with superior range, a decent magazine size, and it deals low to moderate damage.

Cod AW MP443 Grach Pistol
While this gun is great at hitting its mark on targets at further distances than other pistols in AW its damage is definitely something to take into consideration. Even at close range it takes 2 shots to kill an opponent. In medium to long range encounters it can take as many as 5 bursts to take down an enemy.

MP-443 Grach Weapon Stats

Here at CoDAWPro we’re all about numbers. Learning the exact damage you can deal with a weapon and how many bullets you’ll have to pop your enemy with is important. Below we’ve listed all of the details of the Grach pistol.

Damage Output: 20-52

Clip Size: 10 rounds (15 with extended mags equipped)

Available Attachments:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Auto Focus Sight
  • Target Enhancer
  • ACOG Scope
  • Suppressor
  • Parabolic Microphone
  • Tactical Knife
  • Laser Sight
  • Extended Mags
  • Akimbo

We’re not huge fans of the Grach but, if we had to suggest attachments to use with it, we’d recommend giving the Extended Mags or Red Dot Sight a go. EM will give you a few more chances to nail your target while the Red Dot Sight might help you get a better visual on enemies to hit them, especially at medium or long range.

Available MP-443 Grach Variants:

  • One Wood ( 3 range, -1 to damage, accuracy, and handling)
  • Feeling Lucky (built-in ACOG scope, 2 range, -1 to both damage and handling)
  • Sighted (built-in laser sight attachment, 1 accuracy, -1 handling)
  • Snappy (Akimbo only, 1 fire rate, -1 accuracy)
  • H1 (built-in red dot sight, 1 handling, -1 accuracy)
  • Compass ( 1 range, -1 damage)
  • Dimension ( 1 range, -1 handling)
  • Spectrum ( 1 range, -1 fire rate)
  • Latitude ( 1 range, -1 accuracy)
  • Hasty ( 2 range, -2 handling)

With the exception of Hasty, all of the variants for this pistol are obtained through Supply Drops. Players can unlock the Hasty variant by getting 300 kills with the Grach.

CoD AW RW1 Pistol Overview

Dubbed the “sniper pistol” by many players, the RW1 is definitely one of the most unique and powerful pistols available for use in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. With a huge damage rating, fair accuracy, and an intimidating appearance, the RW1 is an incredibly interesting gun to say the least. It’s a great sidearm for players that have great aim.

CoD AW RW1 Pistol
The RW1 is somewhat a railgun in the fact that it fires a electromagnetic slug that is capable of serious damage. While this pistol can hit targets at longer distances it is most effective in close-medium range combat. At longer distances the gun goes from a one-shot kill to a 2 or 3 shot kill. And with a slow firing rate you don’t want to be firing at enemies too far out.

RW1 Weapon Stats

Just how much of an impact does the slug from a RW1 make? Well, that’s information that can only be learned by examining the finer details of the weapon. Below you’ll find the stats of this gun including damage output and more.

Damage: 45-100

Clip Size: 1 round

Available Attachments:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Auto Focus Sight
  • Target Enhancer
  • ACOG Scope
  • RW1 Scope
  • Tactical Knife
  • Advanced Rifling

For a truly effective sniper-like pistol we highly recommend trying out the ACOG Scope and Advanced Rifling attachments on the RW1 if you choose to use any at all on your secondary.

Available RW1 Variants:

  • Rail Driver ( 3 damage, -3 accuracy)
  • Holiday (built-in ACOG scope, 2 range, -1 accuracy)
  • Guardian (built-in scope, 1 accuracy, -1 handling)
  • Radiance (built-in target enhancer, 1 handling, -1 damage)
  • Xeno ( 2 damage, -1 to both handling and range)
  • Tempest ( 1 damage, -1 accuracy)
  • Typhoon ( 1 accuracy, -1 handling)
  • Spectrum ( 1 range, -1 fire rate)
  • Prototype ( 1 damage, -1 range)
  • Spitfire ( 1 to both handling and range, -2 accuracy)

Every single variant of the RW1, excluding the Spitfire, is obtained through Supply Drops. In order to unlock the Spitfire variant players simply need to get a total of 300 kills using this pistol.

CoD AW Atlas 45 Pistol Overview

The Atlas 45 is a unique and brand-new pistol that is seen only in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This weapon is featured multiple times throughout the campaign of the game, primarily being used by members of the Atlas Corporation. In multiplayer this gun features moderate damage, a decent clip size, and a semi-auto firing mode.

CoD AW Atlas 45 Pistol
The Atlas 45 is possibly one of the smoothest shooting pistols in Advanced Warfare. It has decent range and dead-on accuracy making it deadly in the hands of a player that’s a skilled shot with precision weapons. While the damage isn’t great this pistol does have the highest handling rating in its class.

Atlas 45 Weapon Stats

Words only go so far to explain a gun, let’s talk details. Below we’ve listed the important stats for the Atlas pistol for you to scan over.

Damage Output: 25-52

Clip Size: 10 rounds (15 if using extended mags attachment)

Available Attachments:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Auto Focus Sight
  • Target Enhancer
  • ACOG Scope
  • Suppressor
  • Parabolic Microphone
  • Laser Sight
  • Tactical Knife
  • Akimbo
  • Extended Mags

If you decide to use any attachments on the Atlas handgun we recommend trying the Laser Sight for easy hipfire kills or Extended Mags to keep you going with more bullets in the mag.

Available Atlas 45 Variants:

  • Oath Breaker (built-in target enhancer, 2 handling, -1 to both fire rate and accuracy)
  • Huckleberry ( 3 handling, -2 accuracy, -1 damage)
  • Flogger (built-in red dot sight, 1 fire rate, -1 range)
  • Cudgel (built-in laser sight, 1 handling, -1 fire rate)
  • Woo (akimbo only, 1 fire rate, -1 accuracy, cannot equip sights)
  • Ranger ( 1 range, -1 damage)
  • A1 ( 1 handling, -1 fire rate)
  • A2 ( 1 handling, -1 range)
  • A3 ( 1 handling, -1 damage)
  • Interrupt
  • A3M2 (-1 to both accuracy and damage, 2 handling)
  • AE

Every variant for this pistol with the exception of the A3M2 and AE are obtained through Supply Drops. In order to unlock the A3M2 the player must get 300 kills with the pistol. The AE variant is one that was given to players that purchased either the Atlas Limited Edition or the Pro Edition of Advanced Warfare as a bonus. The AE simply has an Atlas skin, not any stat bonuses.

Advanced Warfare Pistols Overview

In most Call of Duty titles pistols are one of the most underused sidearms available to players. It’s extremely rare that you’ll see anyone coming at you with a handgun in Advanced Warfare but these guns can actually be incredibly useful in certain situations. When you get stuck in a tight spot and are low on ammo in your primary weapon having a pistol to quickly swap to can be the difference between life and a quick death.

Advanced Warfare Pistols Overview
Currently, there are only 4 pistols available for players to use in CoD: Advanced Warfare. These are:

Each pistol in this game is fairly unique. By clicking on the links above you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to the pistol selected. These pages contain detailed breakdowns of each weapon including information regarding the gun’s damage output, magazine size, available attachments, and even a list of all variants.

Tips for Using Pistols

Pistols aren’t designed to be used as a primary weapon in Call of Duty. Compared to other weapons their damage output is rather low, they usually don’t come with a ton of ammo, and don’t often fair well against guns like assault rifles or SMGs. They do, however, serve a great purpose as a secondary weapon.

Having a pistol in your secondary slot can be of great assistance if used correctly. First off, pistols are by far the fastest weapon to swap to from your primary aside from a combat knife. So if you run out of bullets in your main weapon you can quickly swap to your secondary (a pistol) and pop off a couple shots to finish off an opponent.

Pistols also have extremely high mobility. This means that having a pistol out rather than something like a sniper rifle or even a shotgun you’ll be able to run around faster. So, even just having one on your secondary to give you the ability to move around the map quicker can be beneficial.

CoD AW Crossbow Special Weapon Overview

The Crossbow in Advanced Warfare is a truly unique weapon. It’s not technically located in the special weapons category but it can still be considered one. Really the only difference is that the Crossbow is only able to be placed in the secondary weapon slot. Aside from that it is still very much in the same category.

CoD AW Crossbow
The Crossbow fires explosive bolts that blow up and deal high damage if stuck to an opponent or moderate damage against enemies within a short radius if stuck into a surface such as a wall or other object. Getting a kill using this weapon is best done by actually sticking your target with the explosive arrow. The explosion from an arrow stuck in a wall will often take 1/2 to 3/4 of the player’s health, but not fatally wound them.

Crossbow Weapon Stats

Knowing the exact amount of damage your weapon can do per shot, how much ammo you have to work with, and other statistics can help you have an edge over opponents in multiplayer. Below we’ve listed the details of the AW Crossbow.

Damage: 50-100 (stuck or area explosion), 40 (direct impact)

Clip Size: 1 bolt

Available Attachments:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Hybrid Sight
  • Auto Focus Sight
  • Target Enhancer
  • Thermal
  • ACOG Sight
  • Crossbow Scope

Our favorite attachment for this is by far the Crossbow Scope. It makes sighting your enemies and placing your shots much easier.

Available Variants:

  • Righteous
  • Conqueror
  • Frosty
  • B2
  • Shredder

All of the Crossbow variants have only cosmetic differences, not changes in stats. The first 3 variants are obtained through Supply Drops. The B2 variant was only made available to players that purchased the Advanced Arsenal pre-order version of Advanced Warfare or bought the season pass. Finally, the Shredder variant is acquired by getting a total of 300 kills using the Crossbow.

Unique Characteristics

The Crossbow is a truly special weapon. Unlike other guns this weapon has special physics associated with it. The bolts, when fired at long distances, actually drop. If you attempt to hit a target at long range you’ll need to take the arrow drop into consideration. For targets that are off in the distance you’ll need to aim a bit high to make the arrow drop down onto the enemy player. Aiming directly at them will result in a short shot.

When aiming at moving enemies you’ll also have to consider the arrow speed and direction. If an enemy is running to one side or the other, for example, you’ll need to aim your shot to be a bit in front of them to allow the arrow to have time to reach its target. The same applies to opponents that are ascending or descending (boosting up or falling down) and so on.

CoD AW MDL Special Weapon Overview

The MDL is a special weapon seen only in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It’s a grenade launcher that is capable of dealing loads of damage, is semi-automatic, and fires off grenades that detonate a few seconds after being shot. This launcher is similar to the War Machine in Black Ops 2 except the frags do not explode upon hitting a surface.

CoD AW MDL Launcher
The MDL (short for Multiple Detonation Launcher) can deal both AoE (area of effect) explosive damage and direct contact damage. This means that hitting an opponent directly with a grenade fired from the launcher does a bit of damage but the biggest impact comes from the explosion of the frag.

MDL Weapon Stats

We’re sticklers for statistics. Knowing exactly what a weapon can do can give you a huge advantage in online multiplayer. Below you’ll find the most important stats for the MDL launcher.

Damage: 25-110 (frag explosion; output depends on enemy range), 30 (direct impact hit)

Clip Size: 6 grenades

Available Attachments: N/A

Available MDL Variants:

  • Backdraft
  • Shockwave
  • Proper
  • Wildfire

Variants for special weapons only offer cosmetic differences. There are no upgrades to stats or abilities. All variants for the MDL, with the exception of Wildfire, are obtained as loot from Supply Drops. The Wildfire variant is acquired by getting 300 kills using the weapon.

CoD AW Heavy Shield Special Weapon Overview

Want to protect your back from bullets, setup in a room and have a bit of protection, or just bash people with a massive, bullet-absorbing piece of metal? Well, if you equip the Heavy Shield special weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you can do just that. It’s a riot shield that can bash opponents to death and block attackers from dealing damage to your player.

CoD AW Heavy Shield
The Heavy Shield, which has been labeled a riot shield in previous CoD titles, was used more as a trolling device than a weapon in games preceding Advanced Warfare. It’s not quite as effective in AW, though. Why? Because it”s not useful while airborne. Unless you’re playing matches in the Classic playlists you’ll have a hard time defending aerial attacks with the shield.

Heavy Shield Stats

Knowing the finer details of each weapon is important. Special weapons are a bit unique, though. Some don’t fire bullets and they can deal different types of damage. This is especially true for the Heavy Shield.

Damage: 50 (each shield bash attack)

Unlocked: Level 12

Available Attachments:

  • Fast Melee
  • Shock Plant
  • Fast Plant

Fast Melee, as the name implies, allows the player to execute the shield bash maneuver slightly faster than normal.

Shock Plant is an AoE (area of effect) attack that causes shock damage to opponents within very close proximity of the player once he/she plants the Heavy Shield. The damage and radius of the attack are comparable to the Boost Slam Exo movements.

Fast Plant is an attachment that gives the player the ability to plant the Heavy Shield faster than normal.

Available Variants:

  • Salvation (has a special gold & silver camo)
  • Nugget (has a unique red skin)
  • Disruptor (has a special grey & white camo)
  • Catalyst (has a unique red, blue, and yellow camo)

The first 3 Heavy Shield variants are obtained through loop dropped in Supply Drops. The last one, Catalyst, is unlocked once the player gets a total of 300 kills using the weapon.

Advanced Warfare Special Weapons Overview

Special weapons are those that fall outside of the confines of traditional categories such as assault rifles or submachine guns. In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare these unique weapons can be used for getting kills but aren’t quite as effective as other guns. Nevertheless they do have their own unique capabilities. Below we’ve provided an overview of these weapons.

Advanced Warfare Special Weapons Overview

In Advanced Warfare there are just 3 special weapons available to use. These are:

Both the Crossbow and MDL are centered around explosive damage while the Heavy Shield is used as a battering device rather than firing anything. All three of these weapons require a moderate amount of skill to use successfully.

Tips for Using Special Weapons

As mentioned above, the special weapons in Advanced Warfare do take a bit of practice and skill to use. The Crossbow and MDL, for example, require precise timing and decent aim to get kills with. This is especially true for the Crossbow as players have to account for the drop of the arrow when targeting enemies off in the distance.

All 3 special weapons are harder to use in this game than similarly styled weapons were in previous Call of Duty titles. This is due to the new, faster-pace of the game due, in part, to the new movement capabilities players have with their Exoskeleton suits.