Perks are perhaps one of the most important aspects of zombies mode in Black Ops 3, or any previous installment of the undead side game for Call of Duty. These are consumables obtained from vending machines that, once used, provide buffs to the player.

In BO3 players are able to have up to four perks active at once. Perks remain active until you’re downed. There are a total of eight different drinkable perks that players can pick up. These are listed below along with a summary of what each one does and how many points are required to purchase it.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Perks

Below is the complete list of perks along with the details of each one.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Perks

Quick Revive

Depending on whether you’re playing alone or with a group the way this perk works changes a bit. While playing zombies solo you can use this to revive yourself when you’re downed. This can only be done a maximum of 3 times, though, no matter how high of a round you get to.

Black Ops 3 Quick Revive

If you’re playing with a group of people, or even just one partner, this perk can only be used to revive your teammate faster, not save yourself from a down.

Locations: Starting area right near the placement of the RK5 (Shadows of Evil); Spawns at random Perk-a-Cola machines throughout the map (The Giant)

Cost – 500 points (solo), 1500 points (co-op)


This is easily one of the most popular perks in zombies. Once used, the player’s health is increased three-fold. It’s a great buff that is especially useful if the rest of your group has gone down and you need to get to them to revive them. It effectively triples the amount of damage you can take.

Black Ops 3 Juggernog

For example, if you’re on a round where you would typically go down after being hit twice by zombies, you would only go down after being hit a total of six times with Juggernog active.

Locations: Randomly spawns in the district where Speed Cola and Double Tap Root Beer pop up (Shadows of Evil); Randomly spawns at any Perk-a-Cola machine (The Giant)

Cost – 2500 points

Speed Cola

The name of this particular perk is a bit deceptive. Players that may be giving zombies mode a shot for the first time might believe that it would increase player movement speed – it does not. Don’t worry, though, it’s still fairly useful. While active this perk actually makes reloading your weapons faster which is a lifesaver when you get in a sticky situation and need your gun to protect yourself.

Black Ops 3 Speed Cola

Locations: Randomly spawns at one of 3 different spawn locations for perks. Will be found in the same spot as Jugg and Double Tap (Shadows of Evil); Spawns randomly at any Perk-a-Cola machine (The Giant)

Cost – 3000 points

Double Tap Root Beer

Gamers that have played older Call of Duty titles, such as the original Modern Warfare or World at War, will probably immediately understand what this perk does for the player. While active, this perk effectively increases the firing rate of your weapons. As long as you’ve got decent aim, that means being able to take down zombies at a quicker pace than normal.

Black Ops 3 Double Tap Root Beer

Locations: Randomly spawns in the same spots as Jugg and Speed Cola. If you see a yellow bottle, it’s there. (Shadows of Evil); Randomly spawns at any Perk-a-Cola machine (The Giant)

Cost – 2000 points


Sick of not being able to dash around the map as often as you’d like? Then you may want to consider blowing some of your points cache on this perk. With Stamin-Up active, the player’s overall stamina increases, allowing you to run longer than normal. This is especially useful when you need to get away from a pack of zombies or other creatures that are pursuing you or if you need to get to another part of the map quickly to revive a teammate before they completely die.

Black Ops 3 Stamin Up

Locations: Generally found right near the player spawn area just to the left of the ice cream parlor (Shadows of Evil); Found down the left corridor. It’s a bit tricky to get. You have to use Monkey Bombs by throwing them into both teleporters to get them over to the mainframe. Sometimes you’ll wind up getting Deadshot Daiquiri instead. (The Giant)

Cost – 2000 points

Deadshot Daiquiri

Not that great of a shot? This unique perk can provide a bit of assistance. With DD active player’s will have increased accuracy while hip-firing their weapons, plus the perk helps by auto aligning your crosshairs with the heads of zombies at times, resulting in more headshots.

Black Ops 3 Deadshot Daiquiri

More headshots = faster zombie kills. And faster kills results in more points and clearing the map to proceed to the next round a bit quicker. It’s not the best perk by any means, but it’s still helpful at times and it’s one of the most affordable consumables you can grab.

Locations: Explanation is found in the perk above (The Giant); Not available in Shadows of Evil.

Cost – 1500 points

Mule Kick

Finding yourself running out of ammo far too often, even when you have both a primary and a secondary weapon equipped? Well, Mule Kick is a perk worth giving a shot. With this one active players can actually carry a total of three guns, rather than just two.

Black Ops 3 Mule Kick

This means triple the amount of potential firepower, plus yet another gun to switch to quickly rather than having to run for your life and execute a quick reload. It’s a very, very handy perk to have. The biggest drawback, however, is the price.

Locations: Can be found near the disabled subway close to where Widow’s Wine spawns (Shadows of Evil); Spawns randomly at any Perk-a-Cola machine (The Giant)

Cost – 4000 points

Widow’s Wine

This perk is perhaps the most interesting and effective of the bunch. What it does is replace your standard grenades with special Widow’s Wine grenades. These are awesome explosives that stick to surfaces, capture zombies in wide-spanning webs, and explode, dealing tons of damage to multiple targets at once. In addition to that, whenever you’re hit with a melee another explosion will occur and webs will go out, hurting the zombie or creature that hit you.

Black Ops 3 Widows Wine

The only bad thing is that you have to wait until you spot a spider power-up or complete a round before you’ll get another set of the grenades to use. Well, that, and the fact that this perk is tied for the most expensive available.

Locations: Found in the disabled subway. (Shadows of Evil)

Cost – 4000 points

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