The XR-2 is one of our absolute favorite weapons in Black Ops 3. It has great range, barely moves when firing, and it takes just a few shots to wipe out an enemy at nearly any range. Today’s class setup focuses on this beefy AR. We’re calling this one “The Sniper’s Nemesis” because it’s so insanely good at countering snipers, and practically everything else at mid to long range.

XR-2 Class Setup

Down below we outline the weapons, attachments, equipment, perks, scorestreaks, and even recommended specialists to use for a truly killer class. Keep in mind, however, that this setup is best suited for use on medium to larger maps. On smaller maps you’ll often fall prey to players using SMGs, shotguns, and faster firing assault rifles.

Primary Weapon: XR-2

As stated above, the XR-2 is the weapon of choice for this class. This gun deals moderate damage, has very little recoil, and, when used right, can be an absolute nightmare for opposing forces. The barely noticeable kick makes it an ideal weapon for newbies, too.

Black Ops 3 XR-2 Class Setup

Strengths: Decent damage, great range, little recoil.

Weaknesses: Firing rate, not ideal for close quarters.

Recommended Attachments

Reflex Sight + Quickdraw + Long Barrel + Extended Magazine

For this class you’re going to have to grab the Primary Gunfighter wildcard because we’re stacking up the XR-2 with more than two attachments.

We selected the Reflex Sight because the iron sights are far from perfect on this gun and the red dot sight works beautifully with it. You can, however, use a scope with a bit more magnification if you plan to stay out of harm’s way. Long Barrel is a key player for this setup. It allows you to pop off kills at longer distances with fewer bullets – definitely a plus.

Finally, we went with Extended Mags for the sole purpose of being able to pump out more lead with each clip. This means fewer reloads and less having to pop behind cover so you don’t die when you need to swap mags.

Secondary Weapon: NONE

No need for a sidearm here. Stay out of sight, aim your shots well, and you won’t have to worry about needing to switch to another gun for safety.


There’s only one thing we suggest using with this class…

Black Ops 3 Equipment

Lethal: Trip Mine x1

Tactical: NONE

For the majority of your time playing with this XR-2 class you’ll probably want to be perched up in a window or staying in one general area that has a wide view of the map you’re on. Place one of these suckers on the ceiling of the building you’re in or against a rock, tree, or other object where it’s well hidden to take out foes that attempt to blindside you while you’re hunkering down.


Alright, let’s talk about which perks compliment this weapon setup best, shall we?

Tier 1: Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense is a lifesaver for this configuration. We chose this perk to give you the opportunity to survive longer when enemies figure out your base of operations and start coming at you. The perk will alert you to the presence of nearby opponents and give you an idea of what direction they’re coming from. It may not sound like much, but it’s insanely useful for surviving flank attacks at times.

Tier 2: Hard Wired

We absolutely HATE not being able to see enemy fire or movement on the mini-map, especially when you or your team has a UAV in the air. When an opponent throws up a Counter-UAV it can completely throw you off. That’s why Hard Wired is a blessing to have on. It completely nulls the effects of counters. Plus, you’ll also be immune to EMP grenades and you won’t set off proximity tacticals or lethals while running around the map.

Tier 3: Blast Suppressor

This is just for when you have to move around to get back to your favorite spot or just move to the other side of the map. The less you’re heard, the better. This perk allows you to boost jump and slide around without tipping off nearby enemies. It’s pretty handy for a stealth / camping class like this.


Because this XR-2 class setup is designed for non-aggressive play styles, we primarily selected scorestreaks that operate as supportive or defensive measures rather than offensive streaks. Our preferred choices are listed below.

Tier 1: UAV

Always useful. Gives you an eye on enemy positions and helps you rack up more points when teammates get kills while it’s up.

Tier 2: Counter-UAV

Don’t be an idiot and pop this the second you have it just to get the +10 points for each kill while it’s active. Wait until the opposing team puts up a UAV and THEN pull it out to temporarily disrupt your enemies and give yourself and your team members an upper hand.

Tier 3: Talon

This particular streak can actually be used offensively or defensively. If you’re confident in your skills behind the wheel of this aerial monster, feel free to seize manual control of it and go on a killing spree. Using it as an autonomous defender is great, too, though. If let alone it will fly around you, protecting your backside while you traverse the map or hold down a strategic area.


Specialist classes can be left up to the player, but we do have a couple suggestions. Since we highly advise against running out in the open or trying to play aggressively with this class setup, we recommend choosing either an ability that can get you out of a sticky situation (like Prophet‘s Glitch) or a long range power weapon such as the Outrider‘s Sparrow or Prophet’s Tempest.

Black Ops 3 Prophet Tempest

Again, it’s entirely up to you – go with the one you play best with – the above are just a few recommendations to consider.

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