Black Ops 3: Wonder Weapons Found in Zombies Mode

In nearly every Call of Duty game with a zombies mode there have been special, powerful weapons that players can either obtain or build. These weapons often operate in unrealistic ways and do much more than a traditional gun. They’re awesome for taking down zombies.

In Black Ops 3 a few of these armaments – which are called Wonder Weapons – have already been discovered in Shadows of Evil. Below, we provide a full list of these nifty weapons, provide a description of each one, and explain how they’re obtained.

Black Ops 3 Wonder Weapons

Want to take out hordes of zombies with ease? You’ll definitely want to get your hands on the best weapons zombies mode has to offer then. Check out the full wonder weapons list below.

Apothicon Servant

This is a very useful weapon that, upon firing, creates a black hole that sucks nearby zombies in and kills them.

Black Ops 3 Apothicon Servant


It has a clip size of just one shot and offers a total of 11 shot altogether for the player to use. This weapon is acquired by picking up parts and building it.

Li’l Arnie

Li’l Arnie is a very interesting item. It’s not really a weapon, but rather a minion that can be thrown out to both distract and kill zombies in the nearby area. It’s acquired via the Mystery Box and looks like a small jar with a squid in it. Upon throwing it, the jar breaks releasing the creature. The creature then expands in size and will draw the attention of nearby enemies and attack them.

Black Ops 3 Li'l Arnie


This item works on nearly all enemy types you encounter in Shadows of Evil including the undead, meatballs, Margwas, and more. Once acquired you get 3 uses for it. It costs 950 points to get (mystery box pickup).

Black Ops 3 Zombies Guide

Apothicon Sword

This is probably the most powerful wonder weapon discovered so far in Call of Duty Black Ops 3. It’s a buildable item that, when acquired, gives the player access to a powerful, electrical-based sword that can slash enemies or crash down on them with electricity to kill zombies, Margwas, and pretty much anything else that moves.

Black Ops 3 Lightning Sword


Getting the sword is fairly tricky, though. It requires picking up special items, completing a puzzle, and performing rituals. You can find a complete tutorial in our guide on how to build the Apothicon sword. The guide explains how to do each step in detail.

Rocket Zombie Shield

While this isn’t technically a wonder weapon, it’s still an awesome piece of gear that players can obtain in Shadows of Evil. It’s essentially a riot shield, but, unlike ones seen in past CoD titles, this one has rockets strapped to it that allow you to boost forward at blistering speeds and smash through zombies.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Rocket Shield


The shield is another weapon that requires the player to pick up various parts located around the map. Lucky for you, we’ve provided a full tutorial on how to get the zombies shield in Black Ops 3 that’ll show you the exact part locations.

Ray Gun

Finally, we come to what is probably the most iconic wonder weapon in any Call of Duty zombies game – the Ray Gun. Yes, this little beast makes a return in BO3. It can be obtained from the Mystery Box. The weapon looks and operates fairly similarly to the way it always has.

Here’s a video showing it in action:


It deals decent damage, wiping out most zombies fairly easily. The reload time is a tiny bit longer than it has been in the past because when you reload it you actually put in the batteries one at a time rather than shoving them both in at once like previous models. Nevertheless, it’s still a powerful and incredibly handy weapon that can be obtained on both Shadows of Evil and The Giant.

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