Will Black Ops 3 Have Exo Suits? Our Predictions

So, many gamers have been wondering whether or not we will see Exo suits make a return in Black Ops 3. After all the teasers were released and the announcement that the game will be officially revealed on April 26th players have become even more curious about this subject. So, will Black Ops 3 have Exo suits? Let’s dive into the topic..

UPDATE: Well, there aren’t Exo suits in BO3, but your character does have enhanced abilities and access to new classes. Learn all about it in our Ultimate Black Ops 3 Guide – an awesome read.

Black Ops 3 Exo Suits

Based on the little information provided through the teaser images and clips that Treyarch has released so far it seems that there MIGHT be a chance of Exo suits making a return. The short videos and images that the developers have leaked have shown an outline of a figure that looks similar to the character seen on the front cover of the Black Ops 2 game box, but he appears to have a little something extra on his body…

Will Black Ops 3 Have Exo Suits?


Hell, in this particular picture, the character almost looks like a cyborg. But that does give us a bit of a clue. The Exo suits we saw in Advanced Warfare weren’t quite as full as the device seen on the guy above. In AW you basically just had a jetpack and a few rods going down your legs and arms.

The guy in this image seems to be nearly fully decked out in mechanical components. Does this mean we will be going around in full-on cyborg-style robotic suits? We’re not too sure. But it is obvious that there will be some kind of body modifications available.

Enhanced Abilities

Personally, we think that we will have access to some sort of armor or gear that will give human characters enhanced abilities. But, based on previous titles in the series, we seriously doubt that players will be flying around in the air like you do in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Here are some of the abilities we predict will be seen in Black Ops 3:

  • Temporary Speed Boosts (might even come in the form of a quick dash ability)
  • Shields (like temporary Riot shields, not some magical bubble or block that somehow comes out of your arm)
  • Boost Jump (not the boosting you see in Advanced Warfare, much more subtle, just a slightly enhanced version or a standard jump maneuver)
  • Enhanced Melee (possibly a faster or more effective melee attack, not that it’s hard to beat the broken knifing system seen in Black Ops 2)

This is by no means a complete list, it’s just a few quick ideas.

Our Hopes and Recommendations

Let’s talk about what we actually want to see. First off, we hope that the Exo abilities (or whatever they may be called in Black Ops 3) will have longer cooldowns and be limited to single uses at a time. Not sure if any of you are familiar with the game Halo: Reach, but we feel they got these abilities down pat with the recharge rate being slow, making it next to impossible to use the ability more than once every couple minutes.

Secondly, any boosting maneuver added to the game should also have a longer cooldown rate. You’re able to boost and dash a bit too frequently in Advanced Warfare. It’d be a much more reasonable transition from BO2 to BO3 for these kinds of movements to be less frequent. After all, Black Ops 2 featured none of these moves so unless BO3 is set 50-100 years later it’s not plausible for humans to have quickly developed and perfected these exoskeleton functions.


Finally, let’s not make this a flying shooter, shall we? It’s fun in Advanced Warfare but flying around just doesn’t make sense for Black Ops 3. Having a slightly enhanced jump ability or the option to boost / dash here and there isn’t a bad idea, but being able to be in the sky thrusting about like Iron Man should be excluded.

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