Black Ops 3 Weevil SMG Overview

The Weevil is one of the six different SMGs seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. This particular weapon has a higher firing rate than most submachine guns in the game, an extra large ammo capacity, and more. The biggest drawback to the gun is its rather high amount of recoil.

Black Ops 3 Weevil SMG

The recoil pattern tends to move heavily upward. To aim the weapon better you’ll want to start your fire around the torso or neck of your opponent. As you continue to spray bullets from the Weevil it will gradually move vertically toward the head where you’ll inflict the most damage.

NOTE: Some players have referred to the Weevil as the “new P90” in BO3.

Weevil Stats

Down below we’ve provided the known statistics of this SMG. Use this data to get an idea of how much damage the gun deals, what it’s firing rate is, how much ammo you get with it, and more.

Black Ops 3 Weapon Stats

Damage Output: ~ 10-20 HP per bullet

Magazine Size: 50 rounds (67 rounds with Extended Mags attachment equipped)

Range: Low-Medium

Fire Rate: High

Accuracy: Low-Medium

Available Attachments

Attachments can often make or break a weapon. Some players will find that different weapons perform much better with optics aside from the iron sights. Others prefer to have attachments that make adjustments to the weapon’s range or stability.

Black Ops 3 Available Attachments

Here are the attachments available for the Weevil SMG:

  • Reflex Sight
  • Quickdraw
  • Suppressor
  • Recon Sight
  • Grip
  • Stock
  • Varix 3
  • Laser Sight
  • FMJ
  • Fast Mags
  • Long Barrel
  • Extended Mags
  • Rapid Fire

Recommended Weapon Setup

Black Ops 3 Recommended Gun Setup

Because the Weevil is rather unstable and burns through ammo relatively quickly we highly recommend equipping attachments such as Extended Mags and Grip to improve the handling and performance of this submachine gun.

The Grip helps to slightly decrease the vertical recoil of the weapon which, in turn, allows the user to have better accuracy when firing it. Extended Mags, on the other hand, is incredibly useful for making sure you have enough ammo to take down multiple opponents with a single magazine.

The Weevil tears through its standard 50 round magazine very quickly due to the gun’s high rate of fire. Equipping Extended Mags gives the player access to 67 rounds which may not sound like a huge boost, but it makes quite a difference in actual gameplay.

The Weevil does, however, have surprisingly accurate hip-fire at close range. This makes it a very lethal weapon to use as a rushing tool. Charging into an objective with multiple targets, for example. Running in and getting within close range will allow the player to spray bullets into nearby opponents and quickly take them out.

If you’re looking for an accurate weapon that is easy to control and deals decent damage, you may want to opt for another SMG or even try out one of the assault rifles instead. The Weevil requires a skilled hand to manage its intense recoil.

Weevil Gameplay

Black Ops 3 Weapon Gameplay

Want to get an idea of how the Weevil performs without testing it yourself and potentially tarnishing your win-to-loss ratio or your K/D? Well, that’s possible thanks to YouTube! The video below shows a player using this SMG in a real public match online.



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