Black Ops 3 Vesper SMG Overview

The Vesper is one of the SMGs available for player use in Black Ops 3. This gun is unlocked at level 25. It has a very high firing rate (the highest among sub-machine guns), low range, and a somewhat small magazine size considering how quick it burns through ammo. The gun also has a very noticeable amount of recoil, making it a bad choice for players with average or below average accuracy.

Black Ops 3 Vesper SMG

The Vesper is far from being one of the better weapons in the game. It’s only useful in close quarters combat and even then it takes a skilled hand to manage the recoil. The gun rips through its clip insanely fast and requires a reload after nearly every kill.

Vesper Stats

Looking to get the low-down on exactly how much ammo this weapon has, its damage output numbers, and more? Below you’ll find a list of all of the statistics for this SMG.

Black Ops 3 Weapon Stats

Damage Output: 15-25 HP

Magazine Size: 30 rounds (42 rounds with Extended Mags equipped)

Range: Low

Fire Rate: Very High

Accuracy: Low

Available Attachments

Need to know what optics and optional parts are available for this gun? Below we’ve listed all of the attachments you can equip to the Vesper SMG.

Black Ops 3 Available Attachments

  • Extended Mag
  • Reflex Sight
  • Recon Sight
  • Varix 3
  • Enhanced Sight
  • Long Barrel
  • Suppressor
  • Foregrip
  • Quickdraw
  • Fast Mag
  • High Caliber
  • FMJ
  • Rapid Fire
  • Stock
  • Laser Sight

Check down below to see what attachments we recommend using with this gun.

Recommended Weapon Setup

The Vesper definitely shouldn’t be your first choice of weapon, but, if you decide to use it, we have a few recommendations that may help you improve your performance with it.

Black Ops 3 Recommended Gun Setup

Due to the weapon having terrible stability and below-average accuracy, it’s highly recommended to use the Foregrip attachment. This will help reduce the overall recoil which will give you a better chance to improve your aim and land more shots on your target. It doesn’t completely eliminate recoil by any means, but it helps.

To combat how fast you’ll burn through ammo you may also want to equip either Extended Mags to increase your total clip size or Fast Mag to execute reloads at a quicker pace. One of these is pretty much required with the Vesper. Otherwise you’ll be blowing through bullets too quick and not getting many kills between reloads.

If you find that you can manage the recoil of this SMG without the assistance of Foregrip you may want to use Long Barrel instead. This attachment slightly increases the effective range of the Vesper, making it a little easier to take down opponents at mid range.

Vesper Gameplay

A bit nervous about trying this weapon out yourself and potentially ruining a great K/D on your account? Well, there’s only one way to see how a gun performs without actually using it – watch a video. Below is a video showing off the Vesper in a real match in Black Ops 3.

Black Ops 3 Weapon Gameplay


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