If you think it’ll be hilarious to roll around with an emblem of a nude woman or a paint job that depicts a racial slur in Black Ops 3…. you may want to think twice.

Treyarch, the developer of the game, is now handing out permanent bans to players that choose to sport offensive images and words on their emblems or weapon customizations. The bans aren’t for playing the game, but rather for the Paint Shop itself.


In other words, if you’re caught… you will be banned from using the emblem editor and the Paint Shop altogether.

Images viewed as offensive include:

  • Genitalia
  • Nudity
  • Racism
  • Nazi-related Art
  • Anything Related to Terrorism

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but rather a few examples. Anything that is considered offensive can land you a one-way ticket to a permanent ban.

You’ll know right away if you’ve been caught, too. Players that receive the ban will get this message when attempting to use the emblem editor or Paint Shop features in BO3:

Black Ops 3 Emblem Paint Shop Ban

Treyarch has indeed attempted to do this with past titles, but, in all honesty, it’s not been very effective. Probably because they aren’t able to spare the manpower to monitor player creations on a regular basis. That being said, Black Ops 3 was only released recently. The team will definitely be keeping an eye out for offensive content in the beginning stages of the game.

Do you agree with this move? Or do you think it’s nothing more than blatant censorship?

Many gamers have noted that the game does have a mature rating meaning, generally, only gamers ages 17 and older should be on it and these players should be old enough to make their own decisions to either ignore or act upon offensive images other players create.

Source: [GearNuke.com]