Treyarch is really upping their game when it comes to dishing out bonuses for gamers. They recently announced that this weekend they’ll be activating both double XP and double weapon XP for the long weekend of February 12th through February 16th.

Black Ops 3 Double XP Double Weapon XP Weekend

This means players will not only be able to level up faster and hit higher prestiges, but they’ll also get the chance to rank up their weapons, unlock more attachments, and even obtain prestige ranks on their favorite guns. This is an extremely rare event. Treyarch doesn’t typically give two bonuses at once.

The event will begin on Friday (2/12) at 10am PST and conclude at the same time on Tuesday (2/16). It presents an excellent chance for event the most casual players to reach higher levels, prestige their accounts, and, of course, max out their weapons.

No, it’s not quite as exciting as a double Cryptokey weekend, but it’s still quite useful for players that haven’t already hit master prestige or completely maxed out all weapons in the game.

Go forth and earn massive piles of experience this weekend! Blow off your sweetheart to rack up that precious XP. It’s totally worth it.

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