Black Ops 3: Tips for Getting Headshots for Weapon Camos

One of the biggest things for unlocking the various camos available for weapons in Black Ops 3 is getting headshots. Now, not everyone is a sharpshooter that can nail their opponent in the face in every encounter. As awesome as that would be, it’s not a realistic expectation.

The good news, however, is that there are a few things you can do to up your chances of getting headshots regularly, thus unlocking the camos a bit quicker. Plus, let’s face it, popping enemies in the head will often lead to you winning more firefights and getting more kills.

Black Ops 3 How to Get Headshots


That being said, down below we’ve provided a few tips and tricks that, if used correctly, can net you more headshots in every match.

How to Get More Headshots in Black Ops 3

Before we jump straight into the tips here are two general things to keep in mind – play an objective-based game mode and always be trying to aim for the head. You want to play objective games because, generally, you’ll have a better idea of where enemies are or heading at all times, even when a UAV isn’t up. And, of course, common sense explains why you should always aim for your opponent’s head.

Alright… let’s get into the real tips, shall we?

Utilize Your Gear

While this won’t work on every single enemy, tossing out things like concussion and flashbang grenades can usually significantly improve your chances of getting a headshot. These items, upon detonation, temporarily slow your opponents down and allow you to take your time to line up your shots to ensure bullets hit the head.

Black Ops 3 Flashbang


Again, this will NOT work all of the time – primarily for one reason – Tactical Mask. Players that have this perk equipped are NOT affected by tactical grenades. There is, however, another way you can slow them down (see tip number 2).

Use Firebreak’s Heat Wave

Heat Wave is probably one of the most underused specialist abilities in the game. While it doesn’t often result in kills directly, it can definitely be an awesome tool for getting headshots.

Black Ops 3 Heat Wave


Whenever you’re close to one or a few different enemies, pop Heat Wave. This ability deals a bit of damage and stuns enemies within a rather large radius around your player. The effect slows them down and disorients them enough to make it easy to take your time, line up your sights, and pop off shots into their head.

This is easily one of the BEST things to use because, well, there isn’t a perk that can block a specialist’s ability.

High Caliber

If you’re looking to unlock gold or even diamond camo for your assault rifles you’ll probably want to equip the High Caliber attachment as well. This attachment increases your weapon’s damage when hitting the head which makes getting headshot a bit easier, especially in medium to long-range engagements.

Black Ops 3 High Caliber


Like all of our other tips this one thing isn’t going to guarantee a headshot every time, but it definitely bumps up your chances of doing it. You’ll still have to aim and land your shots, but, if you do, your enemy will go down a tad bit faster.

Recoil Plots

One of the most valuable tips we can offer is simply this – learn the recoil plots of your weapons, especially on fully-automatic ones.

Black Ops 3 Recoil Plots


Recoil plots refer to how the recoil affects the position of your crosshairs. On some guns the recoil will simply push the nozzle of the gun upward. Others, however, may gradually shift up and to the left or to the right.

If you can learn this pattern by heart you’ll find it easier to compensate for it. For example, if your weapon tends to move up when fired, you may want to begin your firing around the high chest or neck area on your opponent. This way, as you continue to fire, your bullets will move up toward the head.

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