Black Ops 3 Sniper Rifles: Full Guide to Snipers in BO3

Sniper rifles have become a staple in Call of Duty games, especially in the Black Ops series. Players have discovered the ability to quickscope which allows snipers to perform well against close-range opponents in the hands of skilled gamers. In Black Ops 3 there are several snipers players can equip and use.

Snipers are primarily designed to be used as long distance weapons. Most of them have high damage output and great range, but often suffer in terms of firing rate and magazine sizes. This makes them ideal for setting up on long lanes or areas across the map and popping off enemies from afar. Below we reveal the sniper rifles seen in BO3.

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Black Ops 3 Sniper Rifles

Black Ops 3 Sniper Rifles

Below is a list of the snipers that are available for player use in the game:

  • Locus
  • Drakon
  • P-06
  • SVG-100

Snipers don’t have the speed or mobility to match guns like SMGs or shotguns, but they’re still quite viable in competitive matchmaking.

NOTE: This list consists of only confirmed weapons. That does not mean, however, that these are the only snipers that will appear in the game. In fact, the three listed above may even be changed, renamed, or removed altogether before the final build of Black Ops 3 is released. We will update this list once more information is available.

NOTE 2: The list above contains links to weapon-specific pages. These pages give more information for each sniper including their overall damage stats, estimated range, firing rates, and more.

Player Opinions

Want to know what some of the most popular CoD players think of these sniper rifles? Well, you’re in luck. Several highly recognized players have had time with the alpha and beta builds and made videos talking about how each gun performs. The video below will help you get a better idea of how these snipers work in actual gameplay.

Sniping Tips

As we mentioned before, sniper rifles are mainly meant to be used in long-range combat situations. In the Black Ops series of games, however, they can also be used effectively in close to medium distances thanks to the ability to quickscope. This technique involves quickly aiming and firing to get a nearby enemy. The technique relies heavily on the in-game aim-assist and scoping flaws to work.

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Going Old-School

For traditional sniping, though, you’ll definitely want to set yourself up away from the action. It’s usually best to perch in a spot in a low foot-traffic area so you don’t have to worry about enemies sneaking up on you. Just in case, though, you should always have a trusty sidearm equipped that you can whip out whenever an opponent gets too close.

Stay away from high-traffic areas but make sure you have a good line of sight on areas that enemies often run through. This allows you to pick them off with head or body shots from afar without much worry. Be mindful, though, that assault rifles and some LMGs still have enough range to take you down at the hands of precise player.


Quickscoping is an art form when it comes to Call of Duty. While many players absolutely hate it and think it is cheating, many more believe it is an integral part of the game and requires high skill to pull off. Figuring it out, however, can be a steep learning curve. The best way is to practice on bots in custom matches to get a feel for the timing and necessary aiming.

Recommended Perks

If you’re trying to be a legitimate sniper, you’ll definitely want to equip perks that are meant for stealth. Things like Ghost and Cold Blooded are excellent for doing your best to stay out of enemy sight. You may want to consider using a perk like Dead Silence to move around maps a bit more undetected as well.

If you’re going for a quickscoping build, however, you’ll probably want to focus on speed more. A good perk to use is Fast Hands which allows you to snap up to ADS from a full sprint a little faster. This is a must-have for a true quickscoping class setup.


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