Black Ops 3 SMGs – Full Guide to Submachine Guns in BO3

Submachine guns, also commonly referred to as SMGs, are essentially more compact, slightly less powerful versions of assault rifles. They tend to have fast firing rates, give the player superb mobility, and are best suited for close quarters combat. SMGs are often among the most popular weapon choices in any Call of Duty title. Some of the most well-known and liked SMGs from past games include the Vector and the MP5.

In Black Ops 3 players will have access to a plethora of new submachine guns. These weapons give the player faster movement speeds, have extremely quick ADS, decent hip-fire accuracy, and are an excellent fit for true run-n-gun style players.

Black Ops 3 SMGs

Black Ops 3 SMGs

Below is a list of submachine guns that are supposedly seen in CoD: BO3.

NOTE: This list may or may not be exhaustive. The guns listed above have been “confirmed” by various sources but are not guaranteed to make an appearance in the final build of Black Ops 3. Most of these weapons have either been seen in released videos or in beta gameplays. Even the guns that have been officially confirmed may change before the official launch.

NOTE #2: Once Black Ops 3 is available or once Treyarch announces a completely official list of weapons, we will be updating this page to include links to individual weapons. These pages will have tons more information including things like damage output, magazine sizes, fire rates, and accuracy stats.

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Player Opinions

One of the most popular CoD YouTubers, TmarTn, has been playing various builds of Black Ops 3 more than most others. He has given information regarding some of the confirmed SMGs in the game in the video below.


SMG Tips

Sub-machine guns are made specifically for short range combat. They fire out bullets super quick, allow to you to move around a bit faster than most other weapons, and they are fairly accurate when sprayed from the hip. This makes them ideal for tight corners, narrow hallways, and other tight spaces.

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Rush In, Rush Out

SMGs are best suited for players that really like to rush in and get kills. They can also be used effectively to protect objective points from the opposition. The key to getting a good streak going with these weapons is to be fast, accurate, and stay behind cover when you need to reload. These guns are awesome for getting tons of points to get higher-tier scorestreaks when used properly.

Avoid Shotguns

While these guns are definitely awesome for close-quarters encounters shotguns can still easily overpower them. Some shotguns have a very tight spread and deal serious damage. This makes them very effective against SMG players in very short distances. You’ll want to avoid shotgun players at all costs unless you can catch them from behind or flank them from the sides.

Medium Range Woes

At medium range SMGs will almost always fall victim to assault rifles unless the enemy player has terrible accuracy. Some SMGs can still be somewhat effective at medium range when burst fired, however, making them a little useful against poor AR players.

Leave that Sniper Alone

At long range SMGs are beaten severely by both assault rifles and sniper rifles. The effective range on a submachine gun is low, so it’s always best to completely avoid engaging enemies at long distances.

Recommended Perks

When you’re rolling an SMG class in Black Ops 3 you’ll almost always want to make sure that your perks give you advantages in speed, stealth, and ammo.

This means equipping perks like Afterburner to recharge your thruster pack more often, Scavenger to make sure you’ve always got bullets in reserve, or even Tactical Mask to avoid getting caught by stuns that will result in a miserable death.

If you plan to flank the opposition regularly you’ll want to focus your build around more stealth-based perks such as Ghost, Cold Blooded, and Dead Silence. These perks make it so the enemy can’t see you on their radar, view you with thermal weapon sights, or hear you running around as well.


As we said already, Black Ops 3 SMGs are designed for short range combat. At any other range other weapons can absolutely decimate you in the hands of skilled players. Avoid shotgun players and snipers as often as possible. When engaging with an enemy that has an AR at medium range, be sure to burst fire to land more bullets on the target. Optimize your class setup for either speed and aggression or stealth.


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