Black Ops 3 “Skyjacked” Map Details for Awakening DLC

As many people already know, the first content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, titled Awakening, is due out in just a couple of weeks. One of the biggest things coming with this DLC is a remake of the popular BO2 map, Hijacked. The map, named Skyjacked, is a re-imagined, aerial version of the fan-favorite ship playing field.

Black Ops 3 Skyjacked Map

Very little is known about the map as of right now. Treyarch has only released a video with a very short preview of the map. The footage does show the new aesthetics and gives players an idea of what to expect.

In this video famous Call of Duty YouTuber, Ali-A, discusses some of the small changes that have been made to the map from its predecessor. Obviously not everything is known about the map just yet, but Ali-A does a great job pointing out the few alterations he spotted throughout the preview shots. You can watch the video down below.

 Skyjacked is one of 4 different maps that are included with the Awakening DLC. The content pack contains new multiplayer maps, a new zombies map, and more. The DLC will be available on Playstation 4 first on February 2nd, 2016. It will presumably be made available for PC and Xbox One users a month later. According to the developers this map pack will NOT be coming to the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 platforms.

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