Black Ops 3 Shotguns: Full Guide to BO3 Shotguns

If you need a weapon that will give you access to both high mobility and high impact, you may want to give a shotgun a try. These guns usually deal tons of damage and allow your player to move around fairly quickly. The biggest drawbacks with them, however, are their range and, sometimes, the reload speeds. Overall, though, they can be pretty effective in Call of Duty titles.

There will be a few different shotguns to choose from in Black Ops 3. These have varying statistics, different firing rates, and more. Picking one will essentially come down to personal preference. There are single-slug style, pump-action shotguns as well fully-automatic ones.

Black Ops 3 Shotguns

Black Ops 3 Shotguns

Below is a list of the currently confirmed shotguns that are seen in the game:

  • KRM-262
  • Haymaker 12
  • 205 Brecci
  • Argus

NOTE: This list may or may not contain every shotgun that will appear in the final version of the game. Currently only two have been 100% confirmed. Others may make their way into the game once it actually releases. We will update this list once more information is made available from Treyarch.

NOTE 2: The links provided above will take you to pages dedicated to these weapons. These pages have a detailed overview of the weapon that shows off its stats including damage, firing rate, and more. We will also be adding class setups for each weapon in the near future to help you out.

Player Opinions

If you haven’t had a chance to play the beta or the game itself and would like to know how these shotguns perform in actual gameplay, there are plenty of videos from top CoD YouTubers that can help you get a look. These videos show off live gameplay in both alpha and beta builds. Check the video out below for an example.


Shotgun Tips

Black Ops 3 has definitely breathed new life into the art of using shotguns. The enhanced movement abilities make it possible to move longer distances at a much quicker rate. If you can master the art of sliding and boosting you can quickly approach unsuspecting enemies and blast them to a pulp with a well-placed shotgun shot.

Can’t figure out the shotgun? Use our detailed BO3 game guide to learn how to aim better, get more kills, and tons more.

Stick to Close Quarters Combat

Of course, you don’t really want to aim for long distance kills, though. Shotguns are made to work in close, tight spots better than anything else. At medium to long range you’re going to run into a lot of trouble when playing against gamers equipped with SMGs, assault rifles, and especially sniper rifles.

It’s best to use a shotgun class setup when you’re playing on small maps or when you’re covering objective points that have plenty of cover to stay behind. On short, narrow hallways and stretches shotguns excel when you pop around the corner and blast your opponent in the face.

Shotguns are perfect for close range engagements. They can fall prey to SMGs at times, but if you have decent accuracy and get your shots off quick, you can easily take down opponents before they even know what hit them.

Speed and Aggression

When you’re using a shotgun in Black Ops 3 you’ll definitely want to focus on being quick, stealthy, and aggressive. You have to be fast, accurate, and stay out of sight. Use speed to flank enemies. Use stealth to catch them off guard – the last thing you want is for them to see you first! Be aggressive, that’s how you’ll rack up kills with the shotgun.

Recommended Perks

As we stated above, with a shotgun class setup in BO3 you need speed and stealth. That’s why perks like Afterburner, Fast Hands, and Gung-Ho will be your best friends.

With Afterburner you get a quicker recharge on your thrusters so you can boost more often. With Fast Hands you’ll be able to ADS out of a full sprint a little faster. Finally, with Gung-Ho you’ll have the ability to pop off shots in the middle of sprinting. This is a deadly combination when used correctly.


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