Black Ops 3 Seraph Specialist Guide

Seraph is one of the nine available specialist classes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. She is equipped with a high-powered revolver that is often compared to the Golden Gun seen in Destiny. She also has a unique ability that gives the player to gain additional score for every kill and action in-game for a short time.

Black Ops 3 Seraph Specialist


The woman behind the codename “Seraph” is Zhen Zhen, an Asian warrior who is the adopted daughter of a high-ranking militant. She is associated with the faction known as 54 Immortals, a crime gang based in Singapore from the 19th century. This gang is made up mostly of Indian and Chinese individuals.

Official Bio

Militant enforcer of the 54I crime syndicate’s rule of law. She is known for her focused and unflinching combat discipline, striking fear within the ranks of the cartel.

Special Weapon

Players that opt to play as Seraph will have access to the Annihilator, a powerful revolver that can wipe out opponents with a single shot. The gun provides a total of six bullets to use. Every round is capable of penetrating hard materials, but hard surfaces will often reduce the impact of the bullet, forcing the player to use an additional shot to secure a kill.

Black Ops 3 Annihilator

The gun has a rather sluggish fire rate, but is extremely lethal in the hands of an accurate player. It works well for popping off an enemy at at time. You would think it’d be great for wiping an entire team since it’s a one-shot-kill weapon, but, because of the firing rate, you’re actually better off going one-on-one with opponents. Within a group of enemies you may get one kill, but you’ll likely die after your first shot is gone.

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Special Ability

As mentioned above, Seraph gives players access to an extremely useful ability. The ability is called Combat Focus. While active, the player gets a multiplier added to their score. So, whenever the player gets a kill, an assist, captures an objective, or completes any other score-adding action, the total score earned is higher than normal. This ability stays active for a short period of time, but gives the player a chance to quickly earn high-tier scorestreaks if used wisely.


Not certain what to think of this class? That’s what video footage is for. Check out the video provided below to see how the Seraph specialist performs in a Black Ops 3 game.



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