Black Ops 3 Ruin Specialist Guide

Want to have a little more speed and be able to clear an entire objective of enemies in just a couple of seconds? Well, Ruin may just be your man. This is one of the nine different specialists in Black Ops 3. This class packs a lot of punch but, so far, has been underutilized in the game.

Black Ops 3 Ruin Specialist Class


The man behind the call-sign is Donnie Walsh, a man known for his ferocity and bravery. Walsh opted to have cybernetic components installed in his body to make him an even more deadly force to be reckoned with. He was born into the military, a natural fighter.

Official Bio

Raised in a military family in a tough neighborhood, he is fearless and headstrong, an infantry soldier through and through. He uses his unique abilities to rush into battle and surprise the enemy with sheer force.

Special Weapon

The Ruin specialist gives players access to Gravity Spikes, a unique pair of weapons that give your character the ability to execute a ground-pound style move that emits a powerful shockwave along the ground that is capable of instantly killing any enemy within close proximity.

HINT: This is an excellent weapon to use in objective-based game modes where multiple enemy players are likely to crowd onto an objective point. Smash down on the objective, eliminate the opponents, rack up points, and feel like an absolute bada$$.

Special Ability

On top of having access to the spikes, players that choose to play the Ruin class will also have a unique ability called Overdrive. This ability temporarily become quicker. While active, players will be able to move faster, aim a little bit better, and even use equipment quicker than normal.

Need help figuring out how to use this class effectively? Check out our Black Ops 3 multiplayer guide to learn how to create an excellent build using this character.


Curious as to how this specialist class works and want to see how effective it is in an actual multiplayer game? The video below shows off some Ruin gameplay in a Black Ops 3 match.



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