Recruiting Tips and Tricks for Black Ops 3 Clans

Got a clan that’s based in Black Ops 3…. or any other Call of Duty title for that matter? Most clans these days are looking to expand quite a bit. After all, it’s great to have a large, like-minded community where gamers can always have someone to run public matches or zombies with.

Recruiting people can be rather tricky, though.

Not everyone is keen to join a clan.

Recruiting for Black Ops 3 Clans

Recruiting new members has become more difficult than it has been in the past. Not as many gamers have their chat settings open to accept dialogue with people in open game lobbies or they’re just in their own party chat, talking to friends.

Luckily, there are many different ways you can reach out to Black Ops 3 players to inform them about your clan and encourage them to join.

Black Ops 3 Clans

Ways to Recruit New Clan Members

Below, we’ve provided several tips and tricks for recruiting new members into your clan. Use these tips to connect with new gamers, build relationships, and grow your online community.

Mass Messaging

This is a classic method that has been proven to be somewhat effective. It simply involves sending out either a text or voice-based message to all recent players (typically 10-20).

In the message you should clarify exactly what your clan is all about. Whether your community is specifically tailored to trickshotting snipers or just casual CoD lovers, be sure to let them know. Explain the benefits of being in your clan and offer them the opportunity to contact you for further details.

It’s that simple. And, in some cases, it works quite well.

Official Call of Duty Forums

The official forums for Call of Duty are a great place to reach new people. Obviously the entire forum community is dedicated to the game and people are often searching for others to play multiplayer with, teams to run through rounds of zombies, and more.

Black Ops 3 Forums


Be sure to follow the rules and guidelines set in place when making posts in forums like this, though. Spamming, attacking other people, and other offenses can land you a permanent ban, effectively eliminating an awesome spot online to contact potential clan recruits.

There’s an entire section of the forum dedicated to clans. Be sure to post any recruitment messages there.

You can visit the official Black Ops 3 forum by going here.

The official one isn’t the only option, though. There are tons of different forums that you can visit. Not all of them are specifically for Call of Duty.

Here are just a few examples:

There are literally hundreds of others. Just look around.

Facebook Groups

Here’s one that many people don’t utilize – Facebook groups.

Yes, FB is good for something other than seeing what your parents are up to for the evening.

There are THOUSANDS of groups that are dedicated to nearly every Call of Duty game to date. Some of these groups have 5,000+ members in them. They are EXCELLENT opportunities to connect with other gamers and find people to join your community.

Black Ops 3 Facebook Groups


As with forums, you don’t want to spam anything here, be rude, or do anything else that may be deemed offensive or annoying. Group admins have the ability to completely remove you. Some groups also have a set of rules that should be followed at all times.

There are even some Facebook groups that are specifically for clan recruitment. While these are great, it’s still a wise idea to join several general Call of Duty or Black Ops 3 groups to post in as well for the best results possible.

Need one to start with? Join our own BO3 group on Facebook and promote your clan there!

YouTube Videos

This one typically works best if you’ve got a decent subscriber count, but is still worth doing giving a shot even if you’re not quite a superstar. Recruitment videos are usually just quick montages showing off some clan gameplay and then inviting others to join.

Here’s an example we found for a Canadian-only BO3 clan:


It can be that simple, but you can also do a lot more such as provide an overview of what your community offers such as a sniping team, zombies team, website with forums for clan members to interact, mention any contests / giveaways the clan may hold, etc.

In other words… reveal ANYTHING that may spark interest in your group. If there’s something awesome about your clan that sets you apart from the rest… don’t hold it back!


Recruiting for your clan isn’t too difficult, but you’ve got to work at it. The list above is in NO WAY an exhaustive collection of recruitment methods. Get creative. Go above and beyond with everything you do and you’ll find that growing your community is quite simple.

Got an idea that isn’t listed here? Let us know in the comments what works for you!

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