Rare Supply Drops are 50% Off on Black Ops 3 for 24 Hours

Want to score some sweet loot without having to grind Black Ops 3 matches for days or even weeks to hopefully get a shot at that elusive piece of specialist gear you’ve been hoping for? Well, today is as good of a day as any to try your luck. For 24 hours rare supply drops are on sale for half off as long as you purchase them using CoD points.

Black Ops 3 Half-Off Supply Drops

Rather than setting you back 200 CoD points each per the usual, today you can snag rare supply drops that are guaranteed to contain at least one rare item for a mere 100 points a piece. That means you can get double the chances than you would normally.

So, if you’re looking to get any rare, legendary, or epic gear and don’t mind spending some of your real-world cash, go stock up on CoD points today. Various sources claim that the deal is only valid for 24 hours and it started around 10am PST (1pm EST) today (January 23rd, 2016) which means you only have until morning-midday tomorrow to take advantage of the savings.

This deal only applies to PS4 and Xbox One users since the Black Market, the in-game store where players can purchase supply drops, is unavailable on last-generation consoles.

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