Black Ops 3 – All Prestiges and Emblems

Working your way up through the ranks in Black Ops 3 to try and reach the top honor of obtaining master prestige? Well, if you’re just getting started – you’ve got a good ways to go. There are 10 standard prestige levels to get through and then the 11th is Master.

Here’s a look at all of the prestige emblems in the game:

Black Ops 3 Prestige Emblems


1st Prestige is a skull with glowing eyes, wings, and a sword going through it.

2nd Prestige looks like some sort of gladiator helmet with a bright blue design around it.

3rd Prestige appears to be a robotic head with sharp teeth, a red eye, a blue horn, and blue fangs coming out of the mouth.

4th Prestige is a nifty glowing helmet design with crossed golden tridents.

5th Prestige looks like a golden, mechanical bull with axes coming out of its face, a blue nose ring, and blue horns.

6th Prestige appears to be a Hydra-like creature (a beast dragon or reptilian beast with five heads).

7th Prestige features what seems to be a gryphon with a glowing eye and metallic wings.

8th Prestige has a design that resembles some sort of octopus-like monster with tentacles, glowing eyes, a red skeleton in the center of hits head, and a red anchor background.

9th Prestige is an even more interesting-looking beast. It’s a deep blue color and appears to have arms or tentacles with snake heads on the ends. The face has vicious looking teeth and the center head, as well as the snake heads, all have glowing purple eyes.

10th Prestige has three red dragons on it with orange glowing eyes and mouths.

Master Prestige is quite the spectacle, too. It’s a golden skull with a purple jewel centered in its head, glowing orange eyes, horns, a set of fangs, and other accents surrounding it.


If you’re looking to reach master prestige as quickly as possible, be sure to check out our guide to leveling up fast in Black Ops 3 for some pointers. Or, if you just want to improve your gameplay overall to rack up more kills, thus earning more experience, read our general BO3 tips to learn how to play better.

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