Officially Licensed Black Ops 3 T-Shirt Available

Stoked for the final release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 after playing the beta? Well, you can power-up your excitement and show everyone just how pumped you are by grabbing an official Black Ops 3 t-shirt.

Black Ops 3 T Shirt

That’s right, on Amazon right now you can buy a licensed BO3 tee to rock at school, work, or wherever else you may go.

The shirt is 100% cotton and 100% awesome. It comes in five different sizes (all men’s, sorry ladies!), and features the CoD: BLOPS 3 logo along with a robotic-looking skeleton head.

Prices vary a bit depending on what size you order, but all are under $20. Most are around $14 to $18 each. According to 93% of customers, the shirt fits as expected, too, so there’s no worrying about the size being off.

The t-shirt has is made of quality materials and the design is clear.





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