New Zealand Retailer Leaks Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition

Once again a major online retailer has leaked details regarding a Call of Duty game. A popular online shop in New Zealand known as Mighty Ape, posted a product listing for Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition – perhaps the biggest collectors edition of a CoD game in recent history.

Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition

The Juggernog Edition comes with loads of in-game goodies, pieces of game artwork, and even a mini-fridge. Gamers that purchase the pack will get access to a bonus zombies map, a few fan-favorite weapon camos, a personalization pack, and more.

NOTE: It is possible that this is just a well-crafted fake. We have no confirmation from either Treyarch or Activision that this is a legitimate edition of the game. We will update once more information is available.

Here’s everything this collectors edition is packaged with:

  • Juggernog Mini-Fridge
  • Perk-A-Cola Coaster Set and Tin
  • BO3 DLC Season Pass
  • Specialist Concept Art Cards
  • “The Giant” Bonus Zombies Map
  • Collectible Steelbook
  • Official BO3 Soundtrack
  • Weaponized 115 Customization Pack
  • Cyborg Customization Pack
  • BO3 Bonus Pack

The mini-fridge is a legit, fully functional fridge that can be used to store drinks. It’s modeled after the Perk-A-Cola machine seen in the Black Ops zombies series. It is capable of holding up to (12) 12oz drink cans.

The coaster set comes with Juggernog Soda, Revive! Soda, Speed Cola Soda, and Double Tap Root Beer (all perks found in the zombies game mode) coasters as well as a tin to keep them in.

The included season pass will give players access to 4 of the DLC packs being released for Black Ops 3. There are no details regarding the names or contents of the DLC packs just yet.

If you buy this massive collectors edition you’ll also receive a pack of concept art cards that feature the specialist characters. Each card features a short biography of the character, artwork, and information about their special weapons and abilities.

For hardcore zombies fans this pack also features a bonus zombies map called “The Giant”. This is actually a remake of the popular Der Reise map seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The story picks up where the original map left off.

This edition also comes with an exclusive steel casing for the game which features unique artwork.

Every purchase of the BO3 Juggernog Edition also comes with the complete digital soundtrack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

The customization packs (Weaponized 115 and Cyborg) each feature in-game weapon skins, reticles, and a themed calling card that players can equip on their character.

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