It really blows that the M8A7 is one of the last weapons you unlock in Black Ops 3. It doesn’t become available until you hit level 55, but as soon as you unlock it – you should definitely work on leveling it up. In the beta this was easily the most powerful weapon in the game. Even now, months after launch, it’s still a powerhouse.

M8A7 Class Setup

In today’s class setup we’re going to be using the M8A7 as the base of our build. It’s a great gun that both aggressive and defensive players with decent aim will find a valuable asset. The setup we reveal below is balanced in a way that you can play either role efficiently.

Primary Weapon: M8A7

The M8A7 is a burst-fire weapon that pops off 4 rounds with every pull of the trigger. It deals a pretty good amount of damage, is fairly accurate, and the recoil of this weapon can actually play in your favor once you figure out how to use it. The kick pushes the gun upward which means if you start your attack toward your the middle of your opponent’s chest, you will inevitably land bullets on the neck and head. This gun can take down most foes in 2 to 3 bursts – sometimes even just one.

Black Ops 3 M8A7 Class Setup

Strengths: Decent damage, good accuracy, great range, manageable recoil.

Weaknesses: No auto-burst.

Recommended Attachments

ELO + Quickdraw + Extended Magazine

For this class we suggest using the ELO sight as well as the Quickdraw and Extended Mags attachments. The iron sighs on the M8 are a bit obstructive which can make it difficult to spot your shots. You could use the Reflex Sight as well, but it’s slightly more restrictive compared to the completely open design of the ELO.

Quickdraw is always a great attachment to use, especially if you intend to be in the heart of action in matches. It allows you to pull up your weapon to ADS a tad faster. This is important for when you get into engagements where either the enemy spots you first or you see each other at the same time.

Finally, Extended Mags isn’t completely necessary, but we find that being able to fire off a few more bursts than usual helps to extend killstreaks and assist in keeping yourself alive a little longer. It makes it so that you have to reload less often which can be crucial at times.

Secondary Weapon: MR6

We selected the MR6 sidearm as a secondary for this class. It’s not always a necessity, but sometimes having a second gun to swap to when you’re out of primary ammo can mean the difference between another kill and an avoidable death.

The MR6 packs some serious punch, can be swapped to fairly quickly, has a decent fire rate, and doesn’t really require any attachments to be useful.


Lethal: NONE

Tactical: Black Hat x2

Black Ops 3 Equipment

We decided against using a lethal with this setup to save a pick. Instead, we went with two Black Hats. Why? To rack up some easy additional score plus give you the ability to “steal” enemy UAVs, thus freeing up a scorestreak slot for something a bit more lethal.

Black Hats are great for taking over enemy UAVs, Counter UAVs, and practically anything else. For lower-tier streaks, it only takes one to do the job. We suggest sticking to the UAV streaks. They’re incredibly useful and don’t require both of your tacticals to seize control. Just remember that hacking takes a bit of time so you’ll want to make sure you’re in an area completely out of sight of enemies to pull it off without dying.


Now let’s talk about the perks we selected for this M8A7 class setup.

Tier 1: Overclock

This is solely for getting your specialist ability faster. We reveal the specialist we recommend using down below. You’re free to use whichever one you like best, though.

Tier 2: Ante Up

Ante Up is sort of a downgraded version of Hardline. It gives you a starting score of 100 each life to help you get streaks a tiny bit faster. A lot of players don’t think it’s very useful, but sometimes it can make a world of difference and help you start building a longer killstreak with good streak selections.

Tier 3: Tactical Mask

You can never go wrong with Tac Mask. It’s annoying as heck getting stunned and having to essentially be a sitting duck when you get slapped with a concussion grenade. It’s even more frustrating having your entire screen go white when a flashbang rolls into your path. This perk negates the effects of both, making it much easier to defend yourself and counter enemy attacks if they toss these tactical pieces your way.


Considering this M8A7 class can be used for racking up loads of kills, we decided to go with an aggressive streak setup. Feel free to swap these out with lower tier streaks or more supportive ones if you wish to play more conservatively or don’t feel like you can get a ton of kills.

Tier 1: Lightning Strike

These fast and furious strikes are great for taking out multiple enemies in a single swipe. Sure, you can sometimes wind up with just one kill or even zero, but if you plan your strike drops intelligently it’s definitely a useful streak for bagging a few bodies quick.

Tier 2: Talon

This is perhaps one of the most underrated streaks in Black Ops 3. Yes, it can be tricky to control. And, yes, it is somewhat easy for enemies to take out. Chances are, though, your foes aren’t sporting rocket launchers. As long as you can aim well, you can easily get 3 to 5 or more kills with this bad boy. It’s essentially the same thing as the Dragonfire from Black Ops 2.

NOTE: The Talon can also be used as a defensive autonomous robot. We don’t recommend using it like that for this class. It’s not as effective when it’s set to fly on its own.

Tier 3: Cerberus

Some players will question this selection and wonder why you wouldn’t spring for a Wraith or RAPS instead. Here’s our reasoning… the Cerberus (which is basically the AGR from BO2) is a beast. It’s not too easy to take out and both the minigun and rockets are quite potent. It’s easy to get kills with.

NOTE: We only recommend using this streak on small to medium sized maps and in modes such as Domination or Hardpoint where enemies tend to congregate near objectives and spawn on set sides. For other game modes, try using the Wraith instead.


Finally, let’s talk about what specialist we think is the best fit for this Black Ops 3 M8A7 class setup.

Black Ops 3 Seraph Combat Focus

Since we mostly want to use this class as an aggressive, streak-happy configuration we believe the Serpah (Combat Focus) is a good choice. This allows you to rack up more points than normal to contribute to getting your higher level streaks, theoretically giving you the ability to conjure up more kills every match.

A lot of players, however, tend to like sticking with a weapon rather than ability. If that’s you, we suggest using the Serpah’s Annihilator or Reaper‘s Scythe.

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