Black Ops 3 LMGs: Full Guide to Light Machine Guns in BO3

In past Call of Duty games light machine guns, more commonly referred to as LMGs, haven’t been a very popular weapon choice. They are often overshadowed by the use of snipers, submachine guns, and assault rifles. Nevertheless, when used appropriately, they can prove to be very lethal weapons. They are, however, mostly considered a “camping noob”‘s go-to gun.

Black Ops 3 gives players a few different LMGs to pick from. Their stats are fairly mediocre, though. They deal a moderate amount of damage, have okay range, and medium accuracy. This is why other gun categories are much more popular. Plus, because of their large size and massive weight, your player will run much slower with an LMG equipped.

Black Ops 3 LMGs

Black Ops 3 LMGs

Here are the light machine guns that will appear in BO3:

  • BRM
  • Dingo
  • Gorgon
  • 48 Dredge

NOTE: There may be additional LMGs added to the game prior to the official release. The ones mentioned above are weapons that have been confirmed to exist, but are currently the only ones seen in alpha and beta builds of the game. We expect at least one or two more will make it in by launch day.

NOTE 2: The links above will take you straight to pages that offer more information about each individual weapon. These pages reveal the overall damage output, firing rate, accuracy, and other specifications for each LMG. Use these pages to decide which gun you should try out first.

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Player Opinions

LMGs play quite differently than other weapons. If you’re not sure how they should be used or what to expect from them, we highly recommend watching a video or two of the guns in action. Below is a video that shows off some gameplay using the BRM.


Light Machine Gun Tips

Playing with an LMG will likely prove to be a bit more difficult than it was in BO2. In BO2 you could camp in a tight corner with an LSAT equipped with a Target Finder sight and pop off opponents somewhat easily. In Black Ops 3, however, players have the ability to move around faster and with more range of motion. This means it’ll be a bit hard to stay in one spot and nail targets consistently.

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The Lowdown on LMGs

LMGs are, however, designed to be used in medium to long range engagements. They deal a bit more damage than ARs or SMGs and have slightly more range (although not always). This means that tagging players running with smaller weaponry from mid to long range will prove beneficial for LMG players. You’ll definitely want to spot your enemy before they spot you and land all your shots, though.

Be Quick, Aim True

Accuracy and quick reflexes are the keys to being successful with an LMG. You need to be able to spot and aim at your enemy before they see you. Why? Because light machine guns tend to have slower ADS (aiming down sights) times. You need to focus on your enemy and begin hitting them before they notice you to get the upper hand.

Accuracy is important for any weapon type, but especially with an LMG. These guns deal decent damage, but they also tend to fire a bit slower than other weapons. Make sure you’re landing each bullet on your target. Otherwise, they may be able to barrage you with lead and take you down before you kill them.

Avoid Short Range at All Costs

Stay far away from shotgun and SMG players. In close quarters these weapons will absolutely destroy an LMG. They fire faster, ADS quicker, and have better hip-fire accuracy. This combination is lethal to an LMG player in short distances. You should never, ever play with an LMG in close quarters combat situations.

Recommended Perks

Picking out perks for a Black Ops 3 LMG class setup can be a bit tricky. There’s no one-size-fits-all combination really. It kind of depends on how you want to play. We do, however, recommend that you stick to a fairly stealthy build when using these weapons. The more often you can catch enemies off-guard with an LMG, the better you’ll do.

This is why we suggest using perks such as Ghost, to stay off enemy radar while moving, Cold-Blooded, to keep those pesky sight-enhancers off your back, and Tactical Mask to prevent getting stunned or disoriented. Your player moves slow enough as it is with an LMG equipped, getting hit with a flash or stun will severely dampen your capabilities.


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