Black Ops 3 Launchers: Guide to BO3’s Explosive Weaponry

Historically speaking, launchers have nearly always been explosive-based, secondary weapons that deal massive amounts of damage. They tend to include things like grenade launchers, RPGs, and other similar guns. Some are intended to be used on infantry while others are solely designed to take out aerial scorestreaks. Either way, they can change the tide of battle in a match.

In Black Ops 3 there are a couple different launchers that players can use. These weapons can be used to take out enemy soldiers, but also to lock-on and destroy air-based killstreaks. They’re strong, but often have very limited ammo. Take your shots wisely or you’ll just wind up wasting your ammo.

Black Ops 3 Launchers

Black Ops 3 Launchers

Below is a list of confirmed explosive weaponry that will be featured in the game:

  • XM-53
  • BlackCell

NOTE: There are currently only two launchers that have been confirmed to exist in BO3. We fully expect one or possibly two additional launchers to make their way into the final build of the game. We will update this page once new information is available from the developers.

NOTE #2: The list above includes links. These links will take you to pages that have a complete overview of the weapon as well as a detailed review. These pages give base weapon stats, provide videos of the guns in action, and allow you to cast your vote on what you think of the gun.

Player Opinions

Want to know what other people think of the launchers available in the game? Plenty of players take to YouTube to reveal their opinions of weapons and even show off gameplay using them. Check out the video below for an example.


Launcher Tips

Launchers don’t necessarily require a lot of skill to use. Ones that are meant to take out aircraft are usually lock-on styles meaning all you have to do is aim at the target for a couple seconds until the weapon tells you its locked. Then fire away to obliterate the scorestreak.

Launchers that are designed to be anti-personnel weapons aren’t difficult to use either. As long as you can land a shot directly at the feet of your opponent, or even against a wall within close proximity, you will likely kill them.

Need some help? Be sure to check out our full Black Ops 3 strategy guide to get awesome tips, tricks, and strategies for dominating in multiplayer.

Flak Jacket

Perhaps the only enemy of the launcher is the Flak Jacket perk. With this perk equipped players are able to withstand a bit more explosive damage than normal. When firing a launcher at a player that has this perk on their class you may have to use two shots to obtain a kill. Or, to conserve ammo, one launcher shot followed by the fire of a pistol, assault rifle, SMG, or other primary gun.

Recommended Perks

Let’s talk about perks

If you really want a good shot at taking down enemy scorestreaks using a launcher you may want to consider equipping the Blind Eye perk. This perk makes you invisible to enemy air support (UAV excluded) which gives you the ability to target them and fire without having to worry about being attacked by the aerial killstreak in the process. This makes it slightly easier to take out more powerful streaks.

Another good perk to use is Fast Hands. This one allows you to swap from your primary weapon to your secondary (the launcher) at bit faster than normal. This is good for getting off a quick rocket in a time of need when your primary ammo is depleted.


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