Black Ops 3 ICR-1 SMG Overview

The ICR-1 is a recently revealed SMG (or perhaps an Assault Rifle) that will be featured in Black Ops 3. Based on videos and player speculation it is assumed that this weapon will have a higher rate of fire, moderate recoil, and medium damage.

Black Ops 3 ICR-1 SMG or Assault Rifle

Intel suggests that this is a fully-automatic weapon. The weapon was leaked recently in a video provided by Treyarch that showed off the new campaign features such as Tactical Mode, Enhanced Vision, and Tactical Rigs. Based on the firing rate and size of the gun most people seem to believe it will be classified as a submachine gun.

The video leaks suggest that the ICR-1 will have a 24 round magazine, although this may change before the official launch of Black Ops 3 and we’re not sure how much ammo the Extended Mags attachment will bump it up to.

Once more information is available for this weapon we will update this page to feature actual stats, gameplay videos, and more for gamers to digest.

ICR-1 Stats

Official statistics coming soon.

Black Ops 3 Weapon Stats

Damage Output: ???

Magazine Size: ???

Range: ???

Fire Rate: ???

Accuracy: ???

Available Attachments

Again, details for this gun haven’t been fully announced just yet. Once available, we will list all of the attachments that are able to be equipped to it.

Black Ops 3 Available Attachments

Recommended Weapon Setup

Coming soon!

Black Ops 3 Recommended Gun Setup

ICR-1 Gameplay

Check out the video below to see where the ICR-1 was leaked in the recent campaign videos. It’s important to note that these are very short clips, but still cool because you get to see what the gun looks like, how it fires, and more.

Black Ops 3 Weapon Gameplay

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