Black Ops 3 ICR-1 Class Setup: The Soldier’s Vigor

What’s up, everyone? Today, we’ve got yet another awesome Black Ops 3 class setup to share with you. This one centers around the often overlooked assault rifle, the ICR-1. It’s designed to be a fairly forceful run ‘n gun class and we’ve decided to name it “The Soldier’s Vigor”.

ICR-1 Class Setup

A lot of you have probably tried out the ICR and after a few short rounds of disappointment, dropped it from your list and pushed it out of mind forever. That may have been a costly mistake. No, this gun doesn’t dish out potent damage and, no, it’s not great for engaging enemies at a distance… but it’s a pretty versatile and talented beast when used right.

Black Ops 3 ICR-1 Class Setup


Primary Weapon: ICR-1

The ICR-1 makes up for weak damage with laser precision and excellent iron sights. In the hands of a skilled player this gun is actually a force to be reckoned with. If you can consistently land shots on the upper chest or higher you’ll find that this rifle is pretty fantastic. Yes, it will often be beat out in terms of time-to-kill by the KN-44 or the Man-O-War, but only if your opponent has true aim.

Strengths: Very low recoil, no additional sights needed.

Weaknesses: Low damage, semi-low firing rate.

Recommended Attachments

Quickdraw + Long Barrel + Extended Mags (Requires the Use of the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard)

Quickdraw is a must for a run ‘n gun class, especially with this weapon. You need to be able to ADS as quick as possible. This attachment helps with that.

Long Barrel increases your overall range and slightly ups your damage at certain ranges. It’s great to have for lessening the number of bullets needed for each kill.

Because the damage per bullet is low with this gun you’ll need to pump more lead to get a kill than with other assault rifles. Use Extended Mags for extra slugs with each clip.

Secondary Weapon: RK5

This was selected just to protect yourself for when you run out of ammo with the ICR and have enemies nearby that will take you down if you attempt a reload. Don’t use any attachments on it, they aren’t necessary.


Lethal: Thermite x1

Tactical: NONE

Black Ops 3 Equipment

Thermites are awesome. They explode on impact and deal a pretty good amount of damage plus continue to deal damage over time. They work well for tossing in small rooms or around corners. It doesn’t matter much if the grenade itself doesn’t kill the enemy, it’ll do enough to make finishing him/her off a breeze.


Tier 1: Afterburner

This perk is great for recharging your boosters a little faster, allowing you to execute boost jumps and slides more often. Definitely a must-have for this fast-paced, aggressive ICR-1 class setup. Other perks are fine, but we prefer this for the first slot.

Tier 2: Tracker

There’s nothing better than being able to quickly spot an enemy or determine where enemies may be. Tracker shows you the footprints of foes on the map. Makes for easy hunting and even easier kills since flanking will always be a good option with a low-damage gun like this.

Tier 3: Tactical Mask

We want to be able to move around relatively quickly and freely. Getting stunned or blinded will significantly reduce your chances of survival. This perk eliminates the need to worry about that.


Tier 1: UAV

You can never go wrong with eyes in the sky. Give yourself and your team the advantage by throwing this sucker up and getting a read on where enemies are on the map.

Tier 2: Care Package

While this is meant to be a speedy and guns blazing class, don’t expect to go on super long killing sprees with it. That’s why we opted for the Care Package which has a slight chance of giving you something beefy like the R.A.P.S. or even a Wraith without needing a ton of kills.

Tier 3: Lightning Strike

Quick and efficient – this streak doesn’t require a lot of score to get and it works well for getting two or three extra kills.


This is totally up to you, but since you’re aiming to flank opponents or be in the middle of action with this ICR class the Reaper‘s Scythe or the Spectre‘s Ripper are great for getting fast and furious kills. If you prefer abilities you can always opt to use Prophet’s Glitch to save yourself from certain doom, too.

Black Ops 3 Reaper Scythe

Remember, you can always substitute your favorite specialist with the ones we recommend. This isn’t technically a part of your class setup, we just like to give a few helpful suggestions with these.

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