Black Ops 3 Zombies: How to Pack-a-Punch Your Weapons

As you progress through levels in Black Ops 3’s zombies mode, the difficultly will start to increase more and more. Zombies will come at you in larger numbers and have more health. Once you reach these higher levels your regular weapons won’t work quite as well.

Black Ops 3 Pack-a-Punch

There’s good news, though. As seen in previous Call of Duty titles, you can do what is known as Pack-a-Punch your guns to enhance their overall damage and capabilities. Finding and using the Pack-a-Punch machine is a bit different in BO3, though.

Black Ops 3 Pack a Punch and Rituals

How to Complete the Rituals in Zombies

In order to get access to it you’ll unlock a door. That are multiple steps to accomplish this. In short, players must complete four different Rituals throughout the Shadows of Evil map. Rituals involve using special items to activate ritual tables.

The special pieces are called Confession Items which are collected and then used in each character’s Confession Room to obtain a Gateworm.

The items required for each ritual are:

  • Floyd’s Championship Belt
  • Jack’s Badge
  • Jessica’s Manger’s Hair Piece
  • Nero’s Fountain Pen

Black Ops 3 Zombies Guide

Once the tables are activated players must then fight off a wave of enemies and deal with a Gatekeeper. After surviving for a while and the Gatekeeper is gone a sacrifice will burst into a bloody mess, signifying that the ritual has been successfully completed.

Here’s a full video tutorial on how to obtain each character’s confession item, enter their confession rooms, and get the Gateworms needed to complete the final ritual and access the Pack-a-Punch:

NOTE: You do NOT have to kill any of the enemies that spawn during the ritual. You can simply run around, keeping away from them, until the ritual is done.

Once the ritual is done a new item will appear above the ritual table. These items are known as Gateworms. Players must collect four of these and place them on podiums in area near the Junction. The spot is located beneath the Junction within a chamber.

As soon as players place the four Gateworms on the podiums there will be a final ritual that must be finished. After completing it a character known as the Shadow Man will spawn, speak to the players briefly, then become a different being and go away.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Rituals

After this sequence of events has concluded the door leading to the Pack-a-Punch machine will open. The machine has a new look, though. Rather than looking like a boxy machine with a lever it’s actually a portal.

Upon activation a tentacle will reach out and grab the player’s weapon. It will then proceed to enhance the weapon. After it’s done, the tentacle will reach out and give the player the newly altered weapon.

In short… it’s a whole lot of crap to do to upgrade your weapons.

Be sure to check out our guide to building the zombie shield, too, for even more zombie smashing assistance.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Guide


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