How to Level Up Super Fast in Black Ops 3 to Fly Through Prestiges

Leveling your character up in Black Ops 3, or any Call of Duty game for that matter, can be painfully slow. Getting through the initial 55 levels takes enough time as it is, but then you’ve got to do it 10 more times to get all of the prestige ranks. That’s quite the undertaking.

How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 3

Here’s the thing though.. it’s not incredibly difficult if you know what you’re doing. In fact, playing the game with a few simple tricks in mind will help you blast through each prestige faster than the vast majority of other players.

Down below we reveal some of the best strategies that will help you level up a lot faster and reach the final prestige in BO3.

How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 3

As stated above, leveling in this game actually isn’t that hard – as long as you approach it the right way. Just playing casually and sticking to a single game mode and using only one or two weapons the entire time will put you on track to hit prestiges very, very slowly.

So, how can you rank up faster in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? Use the tips provided below to power your way through your initial 55 levels and each prestige thereafter.

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Mix Up Game Modes

This one is fairly important. A lot of people tend to stick to either just Team Deathmatch (TDM) or just Domination (DOM). While these game modes are great and fun to play, it’s better to mix it up a bit if you’re really serious about reaching the higher levels with your character.

Black Ops 3 Game Modes List

Why? Well, there are small challenges available for every single game mode that, upon completion, reward you with bonus experience. While individually they aren’t massive gains, over time they really start to add up. You complete these challenges by doing certain things in game modes such as capturing objectives in Dom, winning races in Free Run, getting kills in TDM, and so on.

Vary Your Weapon Usage

Another thing to consider is switching the weapons you’re using every once in a while. Similarly to game modes, weapon have their own set of challenges that you can complete for additional XP. You also gain experience for getting your guns’ weapon levels up. Once a gun is maxed out, however, there it isn’t much use anymore in terms of earning XP.

Black Ops 3 Vary Weapon Use

So, once you see that you’ve reached the max weapon level with each gun, change it out and use another so you can unlock attachments and complete challenges for another one. This may be a bit hard for people that like to stick to one or two guns they’re comfortable with, but it’s still a great way to boost your experience and fly through ranks.

Play Better

This is a pretty obvious one but, yes, simply playing well can lead to faster leveling as well. The more kills you get, the more assists you receive, the more objectives you capture or defend, and pretty much everything else you do in the game does contribute to your overall progress.

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer

That being said.. playing well can definitely help speed up the process. And, no, your K/D (kill-to-death) ratio does not matter. As long as you’re getting tons of kills and racking up your score every single match, you will make significant strides into reaching higher levels.

If you’re finding it difficult to take down opponents and defend yourself in public matches, be sure to read our tips and tricks for Black Ops 3 to get a few tidbits that may help you improve your performance.

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If you’re struggling with using different weapons or having a hard time getting your scorestreaks to earn more kills with you need to practice, practice, practice. As with anything, it takes time to really learn the game and hone your skills. Play as much as possible to really get the feel of the game and find a rhythm for yourself.

Black Ops 3 Tips and Tricks

Not everyone is destined to have a stellar K/D. It’s just the truth. Not every gamer out there has the coordination and talent to be a star in every match. If you need a little help or are just getting started, take a peek at our full Black Ops 3 game guide to learn the ins and outs of the game – it’ll help you get off to a better start.

If you have the basics down, but want to move up to the next level of awesomeness you may want to read our How to Get Better at Black Ops 3 article – it provides some great tips and strategies that can help you further develop your skills and become an overall better player in multiplayer matches.


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