Black Ops 3: How to Get the Lightning Sword in Zombies

Want to wield a powerful melee weapon that can strike down zombies with little effort even at higher levels in Black Ops 3’s Shadows of Evil? Well, you’re in luck. There’s a nifty special weapon on this map often referred to as the lightning that players can obtain.

Black Ops 3 Lightning Sword

The sword is insanely strong and somewhat easy to get. To get it you’ll have to complete a puzzle that is found in the Rift. In order to do it, the player has be in beast mode. The puzzle is located on a wall that resembles a tunnel arch.

When in beast mode the arch will show nine red symbols all around it. The player must then shock three specific symbols to open the door. Below we explain exactly how to solve this puzzle and pick up the lethal Apothicon sword to obliterate zombies with.

How to Get the Lightning Sword in Shadows of Evil

Believe it or not, getting this sword isn’t insanely difficult. Once you know how to do it, you’ll see just how stupidly simple it really is. Below are the steps.

  1. Go to the Waterfront District
  2. Take the Train to the Footlight District
  3. While on the Train Look Out the Windows at the Buildings
  4. Note the 2 Red Symbols Shown in Building Windows
  5. Get off the Train and Wait for it to Be Ready Again
  6. Take the Train Again, This Time to the Canals
  7. Look Out the Windows on the Opposite Side of the Train at the Buildings
  8. Note the Final Red Symbol Shown in a Church Window

After that bit you’ll want to head back to the Rift area, hit the fountain to become the beast, and head back to the wall.

At the wall you’ll need to shock the three symbols you saw while on the train. The wall should then open up for you.

Next, you’ll need to pick up the item in the wall (the Apothicon Egg).

Now you’ll need to go back into beast mode and find the four boxes around the map that you can shock which open up and reveal an octopus-like statue. These statues are used to power up the egg, if you will.

There are four statues:

  • One is By the Canals
  • One is by the Perk in the Waterfront District
  • One in the Footlight District near the Gobblegum Machine
  • One in the Rift in Front of the Symbol Wall

You will need to place the egg into each of these statues.

Once you place the egg in a statue you need to kill some zombies right near the statue. As you do this you’ll notice that the souls of the zombies will be sucked into the egg. Most players report that it takes about 10 zombies or so to finish it.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Guide

Here’s a video tutorial if you’re confused:

You’ll know when it’s done because the egg won’t be taking in anymore souls and you can pick the egg back up.

Repeat this process for all four statues.

Finally, we come to the last step. And don’t worry, it’s easy!

All you have to do is take the egg back to the Rift and put it at the symbol wall. Once you bring the egg to the wall you’ll be given the option to pick up the sword. The wall will say “Hold BUTTON to Retrieve the Apothicon Sword”.

Apothicon Sword Details

This sword is super strong. It can strike down most zombies in just one hit. It works similarly to a specialist ability in that you activate the sword hitting your bumpers and it has a cooldown. You can recharge it by simply killing more zombies.

There are two different maneuvers you can do with the sword.

  • Standard Slash Melee Attack
  • Lightning Slam

The melee attack is basically you just slicing and dicing zombies with the blade itself.

The Lightning Slam, on the other hand, is a nifty ability in which the player jumps up and slams the sword down onto enemies. This creates an electric shockwave that electrocutes and kills zombies. This move is great for taking on medium to larger size mobs.

Upgrading the Sword

As if the Lightning Sword wasn’t strong enough by itself, there’s actually a way to upgrade it to make it an even more powerful weapon.

In order to do this you have to complete yet another series of tasks. Below we outline what must be done to upgrade your sword.

  1. Head to Your Character’s Confession Room
  2. Collect the Arch-Ovum from the Ghost
  3. Place the Egg on the Four Circles Around the Map
  4. Defeat Margwas
  5. Take Arch-Ovum Back to Confession Room
  6. Collect Upgraded Sword

Here’s a great video tutorial:

There are four different circles that you’ll need to place the Arch-Ovum egg at.

  • One in the Canals in Front of the Crafting Table
  • One in Front of the Spawn Door Where the Magician’s Pen Drops
  • One in Front of the Boxer’s Confession Room
  • One in Front of the Burlesque

Only one circle can be completed per round. Once you place your egg in the first circle a Margwa will spawn. You must defeat this creature to finish the quest.

The second circle will spawn two Margwas. The third circle will spawn 2-3 Margwas. And the fourth circle will also spawn 2-3 Margwas. All of them must be defeated to proceed.

Once you’ve done all four circles you just need to take the Arch-Ovum back to your character’s confession room. Once there you can go up to the ghost and give him your Apothicon Sword. He will then give you an upgraded flame sword.

Upgraded Sword Details

The upgraded sword is a bit different from the lightning one. Rather than having an electric attack, the sword will now have a fire element.

Just like the normal sword it has two different maneuvers:

  • Slash
  • Unleash the Archon Sword

The slash is basically the same.

The other ability, however, is much different. Doing it will spawn a flame sword that follows you around and kills nearby zombies. It is pretty awesome.

It’s also worth noting that the upgraded sword recharges a bit quicker than the lightning one.

Be sure to check out our other zombies guides like how to build the rocket shield and how to pack-a-punch for even more help.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Guide

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  1. I have gotten the sword but after I get it I am unsure how to use it as my weapon. I can’t figure out how to switch out my gun for the sword. It’s really blowing me because I go through all the rituals and bus rides and collect all the eggs and get the sword (it shows up on the bottom right of my screen near my ammo count) but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to trade my gun for the sword or whatever. I get so excited when I get it only to be let down because I can’t access it. How to I use it? How do I make it my primary weapon instead of the gun. Please tell me what I am missing!! How do I make it work for me! Please help…Nikki

    1. you have to press your left and right bumper at the same time… similar to your specialist ability in multiplayer. hope this helps 🙂

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