Black Ops 3: How to Build the Rocket Zombie Shield

Call of Duty has often put special pieces of gear in Zombies mode that players can build. These items are typically used to either protect the player or as an additional weapon to kill zombies. In Black Ops 3’s zombies mode – Shadows of Evil – one such item is the Rocket Shield.

BO3 Zombie Shield

If you haven’t discovered it yet, you’re in for a treat. This is a variation of the traditional shield that we’ve seen in zombies in the past couple of titles. This one is especially cool, though. As the name suggests, it’s equipped with rockets.

Black Ops 3 Zombie Rocket Shield

The shield gives you the ability to zip forward very quickly. It can be used to either take out a few zombies or strategically to get away from a sticky situation fast.

The big downside to it, however, is that if you attempt to take on a large group of zombies with the rocket dash you’ll find that you get stopped midway through. So, it’s best to use it on small mobs rather than huge groups. That way you won’t get caught in the middle of a walker stampede and get eaten alive.

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How to Build the Zombies Shield in Black Ops 3

So, how do you actually make this beastly new shield? It’s quite easy, actually.

There are three parts you need to acquire. Two are essentially standard shield components and the last one is, you guessed it, the rockets.

These parts are found right around where these zombies perks spawn:

  • Juggernaut
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Double Tap

The parts won’t always be right next to the perks, but they’ll always spawn right near them. You’ll just have to look around a little bit, but they’re fairly easy to spot.

Here’s a great video that shows the exact locations of each part for the Black Ops 3 zombie shield:

As you can see, they’re pretty easy to find and grab. The game will tell you when you’re close to each one to “Hold BUTTON for Part” and, upon acquiring it, you’ll see a symbol pop up showing that you picked up a part and how many parts are left to get.

Once you have the necessary parts you just need to make your way to any one of the build spots and hold down the button to begin crafting it.

Once equipped, you can perform a melee attack or use the rocket boost. As soon as you put it on the game will tell you exactly which buttons to press for each maneuver.

The shield has enough energy to perform up to 3 rocket boosts. You can get additional uses, however, by simply harvesting the pods around the map. Each pod will give you more energy that will allow you to use the boost more.

And that’s all there is to it! Have fun blasting through zombies with a rocket-powered shield!

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Guide


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