Treyarch has officially revealed the name and contents of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s second DLC. It’s called Eclipse and, as most people probably expected, it comes with four new multiplayer maps and a brand new zombies mode experience. The official release date for the Eclipse DLC is April 19th.

Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC

New Maps

Eclipse brings four new maps into MP for players to battle it out on. Three are completely new designs. The fourth, however, is a re-imagined version of Banzai, a map that was originally seen in Call of Duty: World at War.

Black Ops 3 Knockout Map

Knockout is a medium-sized map with Chinese touches. It’s actually set around a Shaolin Temple that combines both tight corridors for close quarters combat (primarily within the structure itself) and mid-range lanes (around the outside of the temple) for some pretty fast and furious firefights.

Black Ops 3 Rift Map

Rift is a military establishment that, for reasons unknown, was constructed above an active volcano. There’s a rail system that players can use to maneuver around the map, as well as plenty of areas to execute wall-runs and other strategic movements to take on your enemies.

Black Ops 3 Spire Map

Spire is an airport terminal that is quite high above the Earth’s atmosphere, yet not quite in space. It’s of medium size and features multiple levels in which players can engage in both close quarters and mid-range combat. Due to it’s insanely elevated position, players will have to be careful not to jump off the side or in a crack to avoid falling to a miserable death.

Black Ops 3 Verge Map

Verge is a map that gamers who’ve spent time on WaW will recognize. This is a more modern recreation of Banzai, another mid-sized map that features fortresses, tunnels, bridges, and more. The setting is supposed to resemble a post-apocalyptic time period where opposing factions are forever entwined in war.

Zombies Expansion

A new set of multiplayer maps isn’t the only thing Black Ops 3 gamers have to get excited about, though. In addition to the new MP stages there is also another huge expansion coming for the zombies game mode. Dubbed ‘Zetsubou No Shima’, which translates to “Island of Despair”, this new experience will send the Origins characters to a forsaken island.

Here’s the official Zetsubou No Shima trailer:

Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo are sent to this island to investigate a lab where the volatile and dangerous chemical, Element 115, has been used to create horrific creatures and more. In this expansion players will be facing off against both familiar and brand new foes as they unravel even more Origins secrets.

Release Date Info

The Eclipse DLC pack will become available on Playstation 4 first. This will happen on Tuesday, April 19th (4/19/16). It is expected to be released to Xbox One and PC a month afterward (probably May 17th to May 22nd). The dates for these platforms are not confirmed, but highly likely given that Sony has a one-month timed-exclusive deal for all Black Ops 3 DLC content.


Gamers that have already purchased the season pass for BO3 will be granted access to the Eclipse content without any need of additional purchase. If you plan to buy the DLC as a standalone product, however, it will cost you $14.99. According to various reports this downloadable content pack will not become available on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 platforms. That may change in the future, however, considering it was recently announced that Awakening is heading to PS3 sometime in April.

New Specialist or New Weapons

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation that along with the maps and zombies expansion there will either be a new specialist character or new weapons coming with DLC #2. These rumors have been buzzing around primarily due to the inclusion of an Easter egg in one of the Awakening multiplayer maps that suggest a 10th specialist will inevitably be added to the game.

None of this information has been confirmed by Activision or Treyarch at this time. Even if a new specialist isn’t included with Eclipse, we still suspect one will make its way into the game at some point. Additionally, it’s fair to assume that the developers will continue to add new weapons as potential rewards in Supply Drops considering the popularity of weapons such as the NX Shadowclaw, HG40, Malice, and the MVP baseball bat.

As long as players continue to purchase drops using CoD Points rather than taking the time to earn them with Cryptokeys, you can sure bet that the publisher and developers will keep producing items that will attract more players to spend additional cash in Black Ops 3.

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