Presumably to celebrate the launch of the Awakening DLC pack on Xbox One and PC, Treyarch has officially announced that they will be initiating a double weapon XP event on Black Ops 3 starting tomorrow, March 4th. This event is set to conclude the following Monday, March 7th.

Black Ops 3 Double Weapon XP Weekend March 4th

These events are especially useful for players that are attempting to get their weapons to higher levels to unlock additional attachments. As you progress the overall level of each gun, you earn the ability to use things like Extended Mag, Rapid Fire, various optics, and more.

While this doesn’t directly help to rank up your character, it’s still useful for reaching new levels because as you unlock weapon attachments you actually gain bonus experience. So, in a way, you’ll still be able to level up a bit faster in general as well. The event is, however, primarily designed to help you make some serious headway on your favorite weapons.

Be sure to set aside some time this weekend to take advantage of the double weapon XP. The event kicks off at 10am PST on Friday and will end at the same time on Monday.

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