With the idea of attaining the new dark matter camo floating around your head, you may think long and hard about how to put some bling-bling on your blam blam. The path to diamond weapons can be grueling and unforgiving, because getting it requires earning 100 headshots, 50 kills with no attachments, 50 kills with six attachments, 10 long shots, 5 Bloodthirsties and 5 rapid kills on all class weapons.

How to Get Diamond Camo for Assault Rifles

As they are the class of camos with the most weapons and the widest range of challenges, the diamond camo for assault rifles will be the focus of this article.  Accomplishing this in the most efficient way possible will involve a comprehensive character set up, and many individual strategies for using each weapon, attaining headshots and completing the five other challenges.

Black Ops 3 Diamond Camo for Assault Rifles

Setting Up Your Class

Entering the fight with the ideal set up means that you have customized your class, specialist, and scorestreaks appropriately for completing the camo challenges. Of the 2 choices featured for all 9 specialists, the first one is always a weapon.

Kills with the specialist weapon as well as Lethals such as grenades don’t count for your camo challenges, so don’t use them. The same thing goes for scorestreaks. What I recommend is either active camo, heatwave, or vision pulse for the specialist, and uav, counter uav, and H.A.T.R for scorestreaks, because pvp is like driving: 90% vision. If the H.A.T.R is too high for your skill level, don’t use a third streak. Now, you want to set up your class.

During headshot gameplay you want the optic as something simple like elo or reflex sight for accuracy, visibility and low Ads time, and between 2 and 4 attachments which could be quick draw, grip, high caliber, fast mag, extended mag, or long barrel.

Black Ops 3 Assault Rifle Classes

Also equip a tactical which can be a shock charge, flash bang, concussion or emp. the perks do not matter too much, but some good ones are sixth sense, fast hands, tracker, and engineer. Using this setup works well when you play quickly but carefully. While you work on rapid kills and attachment-based camos, you may not even want optics.

However, you will want plenty of perks, which could include afterburner, sixth sense, fast hands, tracker, scavenger, or anything from perk 3. Additionally you may have any tactical excluding black hat and trophy system, and a black cell rocket launcher for your secondary. This set up should be used with aggressive gameplay.

Earning longshots or Bloodthirsties is best with the Varix 3, because you can zoom in and out between two ranges. The attachments and perks are a no brainer; use long barrel as you will double your range, combine quick draw with fast hands for instant ads time, sixth sense, and any perk 3 except dead silence or awareness. You’ll probably also want a black cell and the same tactical you use for headshots. This setup is best for conservative gameplay. Once you have set up your classes, it’s time to get to know your weapon.

Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Each AR

Each assault rifle in the game has a unique personality, and some of them you might struggle with more than others. To master them you have to consider them by the way they fire, either fully automatic, semi-automatic, or burst fire. They will vary in the range they are effective in, and the recoil and rate of fire.

Fully automatic weapons are often good for “spray and pray” gameplay, but for headshots or other challenges you will want to avoid that almost entirely (although you can get away with it with a laser sight on the Kn-44). The strategy for fully auto weapons is to stay within medium to close range, and constantly be moving. The reason you want to do this is because you are taking your opponent by surprise and at a reasonable distance to allow yourself enough opportunity for aiming accurately.

Black Ops 3 Assault Rifle Tips

The Man-O-War and KN-44 play easily into this with an Ideal range being between two and three fifths the length of Nuketown from spawn to spawn, However The ICR has very low damage, and the Hvk-30 is a 4 shot kill just under medium range, so these weapons would be best with long barrel to act more effectively at medium range.

With a slight exception to the ICR, fully automatic weapons tend to shoot slower and sloppier, so you generally will want to aim your first shot for the upper chest and not the head in order to actually end up with a headshot. Burst fire weapons are very different than fully automatic weapons in that they are primed for accuracy over long distances, and most if not all of their recoil is vertical.

At anything over medium range you will want to aim at the waist or lower chest for a headshot, and this is also the range at which most of your encounters using burst-fire weapons should be. There are two burst fire assault rifles in Black Ops 3, so if you happen to struggle with one in particular, the largest difference between them to consider is that the XR-2 requires more consideration for it’s shot because it fires slower and fewer bullets per burst than the M8A7. Do not attempt to hip fire with the Xr-2 like you might with the M8A7, it won’t work the same.

The last kind of weapon is semi-automatic, of which there is only one: the Sheiva. The sheiva is accurate, extremely powerful, but sluggishly slow, I think even slower than the Gorgon, which does roughly the same damage but is fully automatic.

Because it is so slow but so powerful and accurate, it won’t really matter what range you use it at as long as you get the first shot on full health and aren’t at point blank against a submachine gun. For headshots, just aim for the head. Using high caliber on the sheiva will allow you to kill in one shot to the head. Knowing your weapon will help you to understand and know how to handle different kinds of encounters with your opponent.

General Tips for Unlocking Camos

Sometimes people avoid going for camos because the potential K/D loss intimidates them. No matter what the strengths of your weapon are, you will no doubt be forced many times to fight in less than advantageous positions, especially when unlocking your camos. There are three geometrically different positions that may force a disadvantaged encounter. The first and most annoying is the corner camper; even when you know they are there, you cannot outgun them.

These opponents are why Tacticals are important, but if you don’t have any, you can either shoot your weapon to have them aim your way while you go around the other entrance and shoot them from there, or you could slide into the room and then jump back the way you came, giving them a hard time tracing you.

Black Ops 3 Camo Challenges

Finally, you could try just bolting through the room and then waiting on the outside for them to follow you, but I don’t recommend this if the entrance and exit are any much more than a slide’s distance apart. Whatever you do, don’t Ads on your way in expecting to get the first shot, because you won’t succeed most times.

The second encounter is a corridor, such as the outer edges of Skyjacked, or the rails on the map fringe. These tend to be long-range encounters that you might have to take on in the event of a murderous scorestreak shooting up the middle of the map. Fortunately in Black Ops 3, we have the new wall running mechanic, and these areas tend always to have some form of a wall run. Definitely use that to your advantage.

This is also one of if not the best opportunity to use a specialist ability such as active camo, which is my personal method. The third form of encounter which you will certainly find yourself in during your long shot medals is an across the map encounter, or top-bottom encounter. Against teams with a heavier number of snipers or LMG users, you might find that all of your encounters will be against players up in towers or in the backs of spawns.

Picking you off from all three routes at the largest distance they can peak out from. The best thing you can do here involves taking advantage of your teammates by traveling behind people while you advance forward in the map. It’s also helpful to have a class ready with engineer equipped, as these sorts of players tend to holster down in one spot and protect themselves with trip mines or shock charges, and engineer will help you to predict their locations. Most maps will also have one rout with a larger number of obstructions. Traveling this path is your first and last line of defense against these kinds of games, but just be weary that submachine gun users usually prefer paths like these. Crouch a lot and keep your trigger finger at the ready.

Challenges Beyond Headshots

After you’ve completed the bulk of the grinding by getting 100 headshots it’s time to complete the final 4 unique camo challenges. The first two challenges you aught to begin with are the attachment-based challenges, because while you complete those, you will save time making some coincidental progress on your long shots, Bloodthirsties and rapid kills.

Challenge Accepted

There is no special strategy necessary for playing without attachments; this stage of gameplay is just a good opportunity to learn your weapons more intimately since they will not have any of their stats altered. The same goes for playing with six attachments, because you can’t chose any perks. Just play your best on a simple game mode and 100 kills will zoom by.

As for which attachments you use, I recommend that the first three be grip, long barrel and quick draw. The rest is up to you. Once you’ve got that down and done with, you will most definitely have all of your rapid kills complete, or at most one away, so it will be time to get to work on your longshots, which will likely prove to be the longest and perhaps least exciting pat of the whole endeavor to diamond. There used to be a trick in which you may use the Varix zoomed out to get closer ranges on longshots, but that was patched in update 1.06. People also claim that the suppressor helps, but this has been tested and is not true.

The sole strategy for longshots is to camp (I know it’s lousy) in certain areas on certain maps. Excluding DLC, the best locations are on the maps evac, fringe, hunted, infection, and stronghold. On Evac, you will want to stay on the far left of wherever you spawn and aim to the farthest points you can. On Fringe and Infection, you want to stay in the second floor of the two story buildings, and aim at the other building.

On Hunted you want to stay on the side at the lowest point of the waterfall with as much distance as you can manage, and on Stronghold you want to stay on the side with all the rocks in or facing the second floor of the two story building. If by the time you finish your longshots, you do not have all of your Bloodthirsties, and you are struggling, try choosing a game mode unlike TDM where your opponent’s location will be most predictable, and play it safe.

Concluding Thoughts

Today, we have learned some important things that will allow you or anybody to take on the grueling quest to diamond camos for assault rifles. We have learned how to consider the personality of the individual weapons, the best strategies for different types of encounters, the best way to set up your class and customize your character for each type of challenge, and the final few words of advice that will be critical for completing your last few medals.

This article should be informative and useful to people experiencing any particular trouble with their pursuits to diamond, as well as anybody who just wants to know where to start before they take the challenges head on.

I began my camo challenges at about rank 40 before my first prestige, and using these tricks as I discovered them, I managed to reach diamond half past prestige 3. I averaged seven headshots per game, and put in roughly 60 hours of gameplay.

You might call me a CoD god, but I consider myself a mere vessel of experience from which people like you might learn from. Just remember that everyone can have great fun and grow great skill from tackling the diamond camos using the strategies provided here. If you enjoyed or benefited from this article, please feel free to share it with the CoD community!


NOTE: Big shout out to Nick from New York for submitting this incredible guest post. Cheers, Nick!

Check Nick out over on Twitter (@sprinklesinf) or on Instagram (Nick_infinite).

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