Black Ops 3 Dark Ops Challenges – Full List Revealed

Trying to figure out what those interesting Dark Ops challenges could be so you can earn some extra experience and start chipping away at total completion of all challenges in Black Ops 3? Well, you’ll be hard-pressed to learn what the challenges are on your own.

The game provides no clues as to what each challenge is. All you can see is that blacked out space where you know something exists – but the game just won’t tell you.

Black Ops 3 Dark Ops


Well, good news! Some players have already discovered the names and requirements of nearly every single one of these mysterious challenges. Below, we’ve provided a full list of the Dark Ops challenges along with the details of what you need to do to complete them.

Black Ops 3 Dark Ops Challenges

Thank Reddit user, DidUKnowiPwn, for this incredible intel.

Obtained – Unlocked the elusive Dark Matter camo for your weapons.

100 Percenter – Complete each and every one of the challenges for BO3 multiplayer.

Trick Shot – Take out an enemy HC-XD using a Combat Axe.

Dr. Lung – This one is a bit tough. To complete it you have to kill an enemy while underwater and both you and your opponent must be nearing death by drowning.

Finish the Job – Kill an enemy player that has been hit with damage from 5 players on your team in the same life.

Calamity – This one is tricky and will likely be most possible using Firebreak’s flamethrower or Outrider‘s compound bow. To unlock it you must kill the entire opposing team (has to be at least 6 players) within a short timespan using your Specialist weapon.

Relentless Killer – Earn one Relentless medal. This requires getting a total of 20 kills without dying. Be sure to read our multiplayer tips and tricks to learn how to rack up more kills and stay alive longer.

Nuclear Killer – The big daddy. Earn a single Nuclear medal. In order to do this you’ll have to rack up 30 kills within a single life.

Nuked Out – An even more difficult variant of the above. With this one you have to get a Nuclear medal in a FFA match without using any killstreaks.

Frenzy Killer – Get 5 kills rapidly to earn a Frenzy Kill medal.

Super Killer – Get 6 kills rapidly to earn a Super Kill medal.

Mega Killer – Get 7 kills rapidly to earn a Mega Kill medal.

Ultra Killer – Get 8 kills rapidly to earn a Ultra Kill medal.

Kill Chain – Earn a Kill Chain medal by getting 9+ kills rapidly.

Unknown Name – Get a total of 25 kills without dying.

Deressurectionist – Reach level 35 in Zombies mode.

Apocalypse Averted – Help the others in the Shadow of Evils zombies map.


Here is a video from popular Call of Duty YouTuber, PrestigeIsKey, showing the majority of the challenges in-game:


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