Move aside, Diamond…. there’s a new king in town.

It was recently discovered that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has a “secret” weapon skin that is unlocked once a player obtains diamond camo for every single weapon. It’s aptly named Dark Matter and, to put it simply, it looks ridiculously awesome.

Black Ops 3 Dark Matter Camo

Here’s a still capture of the camo:

Black Ops 3 Dark Matter Camo

It looks pretty slick even like that, but it gets even better.

You see.. it’s not a traditional weapon skin. It’s more than a still image. It’s actually animated. The purple and black colors more around like the liquid in one of those super-old lava lamps. It looks pretty darn nifty on a gun and really makes a statement about the dedication of the player.

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Here’s a look at the actual animation:

BO3 Dark Matter Camo Animated

How to Get Dark Matter Camo

So, how do you get this special camo for your guns? Well, it’s simple… kind of.

All you have to do is get the Diamond Camo on every single weapon. Of course that means grinding out all the kills, headshots, and other challenges needed to get all of the standard camos on all of your assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, LMGs, snipers, and so on.

So, yes, it’s a bit of an undertaking, but that’s why it’s such a special weapon skin. It’s something you’ll definitely want to work toward to show off your skills and dedication to Black Ops 3.

UPDATE (11/22/15) : A recent patch has actually updated the look of the Dark Matter camo a bit to make it look a bit better.

Here’s a video from YouTuber, Ali-A, showing off the newly updated design: