Black Ops 3’s Weapon Customization System Explained

A lot of new details are emerging regarding the upcoming Call of Duty title from Treyarch, Black Ops 3. We’ve already heard that players will be able to create custom camos for weapons, that there are new specialist classes, and more, but new info was leaked today once again by YouTubers that is very interesting.

Black Ops 3 Weapon Customization

The info is in reference to Black Ops 3’s weapon customization. This is a multi-faceted system that starts off with a new feature called the Gunsmith and is then followed up by the Paint Shop (where you can make custom skins for your guns), and, finally, the regular pick 10 create-a-class system.


Gunsmith is a brand new feature that allows players to take weapons they’ve unlocked into a customization hub. In this hub you’ll be able to drastically change your weapon’s appearance and capabilities by equipping various attachments. Perhaps the most interesting part of this is that you can supposedly choose from tons of different variations of each attachment.

According to YouTuber, Ali-A, who was able to play the pre-alpha build of BO3, in Gunsmith players will be able to add a sight to their weapon, along with up to 5 additional attachments. So, in reality, about 6 different attachments. But it’s important to note that if you do opt to deck out your weapon that each attachment does take up a slot of the overall 10 picks you get with each class.

Here’s a video that explains it further:

Paint Job

Apparently the section of the game that allows you to make a custom camo for your weapon is called Paint Job and it’s the second step directly after taking the gun through the Gunsmith. We discussed the details of custom skins in a previous article.


Finally, we arrive at the standard create-a-class section. As in Black Ops 2, this is a Pick 10 system meaning you can choose 10 items (primary weapon, secondary weapon, attachments, perks, equipment). Unlike Advanced Warfare, scorestreaks are NOT chosen on a per class basis and do not count toward the total pick count.

More details are likely to be released about Black Ops 3’s weapon customization system at a later date. We will provide full coverage once it’s available.

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