Black Ops 3 “Weeping Angels” Easter Egg on NUK3TOWN

It’s fairly clear that someone (or perhaps the entire lot) at Treyarch is a big Doctor Who fan. A popular Call of Duty YouTuber, Ali-A, recently outed another new secret that was discovered on Black Ops 3’s map, NUK3TOWN.

Here’s Ali-A’s video showing exactly how this nifty game secret works:


The Easter egg involves shooting off the arms of all of the mannequins on the map within 2 minutes. After completing this task a distinct sound will go off letting the player know that the task was completed successfully.

Then, as the video shows, the mannequins come to life. But, instead of immediately charging the player like in the original Easter egg, they won’t chase your character unless you have your back turned to them.

This is presumably a reference to a Doctor Who episode where creatures called Weeping Angels would attack, but only when the individual looked away from them.

Here’s a quick clip of the episode in reference:


Pretty cool little Easter egg. It’s crazy that people actually discover these. Shooting off the heads was an old secret from previous installments of Black Ops, but the arms is a new one.

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