Black Ops 3 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your K/D

Struggling to get kills and maintain a positive kill-to-death ratio in Black Ops 3? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of people are having a hard time adjusting to the new movement system and getting used to utilizing the specialists in the game.

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Tips

There are a lot of different factors that can affect your gameplay in any given match. Your competitors may be more skilled, you may be using a class setup that isn’t ideal for your play style, or you may just need to tweak your scorestreaks a bit. Below we provide some tips and tricks that will help you rack up more kills, gain more score every match, and improve your overall K/D.

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Black Ops 3 Tips

1. Fine Tune Your Class

One of the biggest things you can do to greatly improve your performance is find the perfect class setup. It’s important to realize, though, that the “best class” will vary from person to person. Some people play better with assault rifles, others are far better with snipers.

If you really want to do better you’re going to need to design a custom class setup based on your personal playing style and strengths.

Black Ops 3 Classes

If you’re great at rushing and need a class that provides speed and ferocity, equip an SMG or shotgun. Use perks that grant you more thruster use (Afterburner) or even a perk that gets your special meter filled up a bit faster (Overclock). Perks that quicken your ADS time are great, too (Fast Hands).

Use this same ideology for whatever weapon type and play style you’re most comfortable with. If you’re a great camper, well, don’t let players calling you a “camping [email protected]#” deter you from it. If that’s a strategy that works for you, build your class around it.

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2. Go for Critical

A major thing that often determines who wins in a one-on-one confrontation in any Call of Duty game is aim. Skilled players know that landing bullets on the head is the quickest way to take down any opponent. Headshots are given a special damage modifier, effectively increasing damage dealt.

In other words… you need to aim for the head as much as possible. But you also need to make sure all of your shots are landing on the target. Many players just spray wildly or don’t bother to compensate for recoil patterns. That’s a fatal mistake.

Black Ops 3 Aiming

If your weapon tends to move upward when firing, aim for the neck or high chest and start your firing there so that your bullets gradually make their way up to the head. If your gun’s recoil moves right to left, start firing a tad to the right of your opponents face so the bullet trail leads over to the critical spot.

Learning to aim properly is key to winning one-on-one battles. If you can land more bullets on your target (especially on the head) you’ll almost always outgun your opponent.

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3. Experiment

No… not with that friend of yours that you’ll awkwardly stop talking to… with scorestreaks. Believe it or not, the streaks you select can have a negative or positive impact on your gameplay, too.

While most players typically run a combination of a UAV, Care Package, and a low-tier streak to gain an extra kill or two… that’s not always the best way to play. A lot of players will find that non-lethal streaks can actually be more beneficial in helping you rack up gun kills.

Black Ops 3 Scorestreaks

The UAV is an obvious choice. Being able to get sweeps that reveal enemy locations on your radar is always helpful. The Counter-UAV is useful, too, though. After all, the less your enemy knows about where you are, the better.

Other players may find the Combat Robot to be a handy scorestreak. This basically calls in an armored, semi-intelligent bot in to either fight by your side (to cover your arse) or go out and seek enemies. Using it as a defender is great for protection as it draws some enemy fire and gives you a bit of extra firepower.

There’s not really a “perfect” set of streaks, so be sure to play around with each one and figure out which ones work best for you. The ones you pick may even be different for different game modes you play.

4. Customize Your Weapon

Another great tip is to mess around with different attachments on your weapons. It may seem obvious, but some players really don’t put a lot of consideration into what they equip to their guns. The fact is, however, a simple attachment can often make or break a gun.

Black Ops 3 Weapon Attachments

Some weapons, for example, have significant recoil which has a negative impact on your accuracy. Sometimes simply throwing on the Grip attachment can convert an otherwise terrible gun into a killing machine.

Attachments are another thing you’ll have to test from gun to gun and find which ones work best for your own skills and preferences. We do provide some suggestions as to which attachments to use for each gun in our weapon guides, though. Be sure to read those for help.

5. Master Movement

There’s a brand new movement system available for players to use in Black Ops 3. It’s somewhat similiar to the Exo movements in Advanced Warfare, but much more subtle. Learning to master these new maneuvers is crucial to becoming a skilled player.

One of the biggest things that the Treyarch developers stress is chaining your movements to together to get across the maps faster. This is kinda true, but at the same time not. The new movements are honestly best used for executing quick dodges and taking shortcuts. Chaining can be helpful, but you need to be careful.

Black Ops 3 Wall Running

Wall running, for example, can be both beneficial and dangerous. It’s great for taking a quick shortcut across a part of the map you normally wouldn’t be able to cross on foot. But, on the other hand, it also makes you more vulnerable to enemy fire. Plus, even though you can fire while running against a wall, your accuracy will often be slightly degraded. So, you really only want to do it when you’re in the clear and just want to make a quick shot across the map.

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The thrust-based jumps and slides can be helpful, though. The slides can allow you to close the gap between yourself and an opponent quickly. This is awesome when using shotguns and SMGs. Timing is crucial, however. You don’t want to slide directly into an opponent that’s already sighted you. You want to catch them off guard.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. Practice executing these moves with grace in multiplayer matches or, if you don’t want to risk your K/D, hone your skills in custom matches with friends or even against bots.

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  1. What’s your psn? Add me if you don’t wanna post it here. OG_Funny_Johhny

  2. Brad, I’ve read a lot of your articles and have a lot of respect for you. That being said, headshots on most guns only have a 1.1 multiplier in this game and do not change TTK. Of course you can always equip “high caliber” to change that but would use up an attachment.

    1. Just noticing this comment. Cheers, dude. And yeah, headshots don’t provide a significant cut in TTK, but, generally speaking, it’s better to aim at the high-chest/head regardless to stay on target and take out your opponent before they get you. High Caliber is great, but, as you mentioned, it does eat an attachment slot. I’ve actually been finding lately that Rapid Fire is the better option on most guns because it doesn’t seem to affect accuracy or recoil as much as in past games and it allows you to take down enemies slightly faster regardless of where your shots are landing.

      1. I’ve actually found myself having to aim a bit lower than I used to with certain guns due to one thing– flinch. The flinch in the game is fairly large and there’s no perks to counteract it like previous games. I’ve had many battles where I’ve shot first and the enemy has flinched into a headshot or I’ve been shot and my gun has bounced over the opponents head. Aiming a bit lower has counteracted that somewhat.

  3. My frustration is that I find that I lose probably 80 percent of the encounters with an opponent because they are seeming to get the first shot off first or know I’m there before I can even fire.
    That can’t be because they’re just better. Are they using AimAssist or an AimBot or something that I’m not using? I play on the ASUS ROG PC with Core i7. It’s a beast, so it’s not my computer. That is the frustrating part.

  4. This is for new players only. I am a prestige 4 and i am having trouble with getting a good kd. All the stuff you wrote in your article i already know. Please make a guide for more advanced players

    1. If you’re a prestige 4, how the hell do you have a bad K/D? You got there for a reason, right?

      1. You get XP just for playing so the worst player in COD history can reach master prestige. It has nothing to do with skill

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  7. Add v1_Limits On Psn. I’ll personally help anyone with classes, playstyles, gun fighting tips, routs, streaks, etc. Just msg saying what you need. Gl All

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