Black Ops 3 Sheiva Class Setup: The Marksman’s Aid

Don’t quite need the level of range and precision commonly associated with sniper rifles in Black Ops 3, but still want a powerful rifle that can pop off enemies at decent distances? If you haven’t already, you should definitely try out the Sheiva.

Sheiva Class Setup

Today we’ve got a class that is built around the powerful rifle known as the Sheiva. This gun is technically categorized as an assault rifle, but, in all honesty, it’s more of a marksman’s rifle than anything. In other words, it bridges the gap between an AR and a sniper.

Primary Weapon: Sheiva

The Sheiva is an absolute monster. It dishes out a ton of damage, is highly effective at mid to long range, and it has very little recoil. It’s insanely easy to use, but it’s really best suited for larger maps such as Redwood, Fringe, Breach, Infection, and Hunted.

Black Ops 3 Sheiva Class Setup

Strengths: High damage, accuracy.

Weaknesses: Slow rate of fire, not good for CQC.

Recommended Attachments

Reflex Sight + Rapid Fire + High Caliber

We’re going for precision and deadly with this Sheiva class. While you could certainly get away with the iron sights (they aren’t too terrible) we personally like having the Reflex Sight. That little red dot is great for lining up your shots for lethal accuracy.

Rapid Fire is a must with this gun. Without it, the Sheiva fires painfully slow which means if you miss even a single shot you could be susceptible to a quick death when the opposing player spots you. Rapid Fire allows you to pop off shots nearly as quickly as you can squeeze the trigger.

We also went with High Caliber for this configuration. The reason? This weapon is extremely deadly with long-range headshots with this attachment equipped. You can literally get one-shot kills across huge maps if you have good accuracy. One or two shots to the head at nearly any range with High Caliber will result in a fast and easy kill.

Secondary Weapon: NONE

No backup necessary here. With this class you should aim to stay away from close quarters combat scenarios. Stick to long lanes and areas where you can scan over open spaces and keep your distance from enemies and you shouldn’t need a second weapon. If you feel more comfortable with another gun, just pick one up off a dead enemy.


Since we’re calling this a Marksman’s class we thought it’d be fitting to use equipment that matches that description. Check for details below.

Black Ops 3 Equipment

Lethal: Combat Axe x2

Tactical: NONE

A true Marksman takes pride in having the truest of aim. What better way to show off how ridiculously accurate you are than to take out enemies with tomahawks from afar? Sure, it takes some skill, but once you figure out the arch and how far you need to toss these bad boys, you’ll be as lethal as ever.

And let’s be honest… if you want to get a real reaction out of opponents and get a truly satisfying kill… an axe to the face from across the map comes pretty close to perfection.


Now we come to the non-physical aspects of this class setup for the Sheiva. The perks we selected for this class are designed to help keep you alive and get access to your special more often.

Tier 1: Overclock

Getting your specialist weapon or ability is a huge factor in how many kills you can get, especially with the specialist we chose for this setup (seen below). Overclock gives you the opportunity to get your special a little faster meaning you’ll typically have access to it more than once or twice a match.

Tier 2: Hard Wired

It is incredibly frustrating to throw up a UAV (or when your teammate does) and then, within seconds, it’s completely useless because the enemy popped a counter. The solution? Hard Wired. It makes you immune to Counter-UAVs plus a few other things including EMPs and Power Cores.

Tier 3: Tactical Mask

Because you’ll often be set up in a specific area, you’ll likely be the target of flashbangs and concussions on several occasions every match. This is where Tac Mask is a blessing. It reduces the effects of these tactical grenades to the point that they really don’t cause any issues whatsoever. This means you’ll stay alert, agile, and ready to strike incoming opposition.


With this Sheiva class we’re not really trying to be aggressive, streak-hungry jerks. For that reason, we didn’t choose many offensive killstreaks. See our suggestions below.

Tier 1: UAV

The UAV is always a godsend. It may not last super long, but it does give you the ability to figure out enemy positions for a bit. It’s useful for helping you get more kills and getting assist points when your teammates take down opponents while it’s up.

Tier 2: Counter-UAV

Don’t like your opponents knowing where you might be at any given time? Wait for them to pop their UAV and then use your counter to jam their mini-maps. Even if they don’t have a UAV up this is still handy because every time you fire off shots, you show up on enemy radar. Use the counter to take away this advantage from your opposition.

Tier 3: Talon

The Talon is the only offensive streak we chose for this class. You can use it manually to go around the map and pick off enemy soldiers, but we actually like using it as a hovering guardian angel with this setup. Pop it and let it follow you around and shoot at enemies autonomously. This is especially helpful when enemies attempt to flank you or get too close for comfort.


For the specialist we went with the one character that personifies a true marksman, the Outrider (Sparrow).

Black Ops 3 Outrider Sparrow

We did this for two reasons.

  1. The Sparrow works great for any range, especially long distance.
  2. It’s a great specialist weapon that can rack up numerous kills in the hands of an accurate player.

In other words.. it’s great for players that are precise and can place their shots well.

As with all class setups, though, feel free to use your favorite specialist instead if you don’t like or don’t perform well with the Outrider.

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