Black Ops 3 Release Date Could be November 3rd

According to reports that have been posted on the web today, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the now confirmed next title in the CoD game series, may be released on November 3rd of this year. Various sources reported that a product page went live earlier today on that showed the new game along with the date 11/3/15.

Black Ops 3 Release Date

The product page in question now redirects to the Day Zero edition of Advanced Warfare, though. So there is no real confirmation of this actually existing. Only rumors abound. Usually, though, Amazon is known for revealing release dates far in advance for games through their pages.

It’s also worth noting that November 4th is a Tuesday, the day that most Call of Duty titles release, and it’s also the first week of the month which is also a common time frame for the launch of a new CoD.

So, it’s simply a rumor at this point, but the date is very plausible. Black Ops 3 will more than likely be released on 11/3/15 or right around that time. We expect that Treyarch will be announcing an official release date alongside the trailer that is supposed to be out on April 26th. More details to come.

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