Black Ops 3 PS4 Beta Launch Date Confirmed

While there have been all kinds of leaks and announcements regarding Black Ops 3 since even before the E3 showing the news seemed to have died down a bit. Today, though, Treyarch has officially announced the beginning date for the Black Ops 3 beta on the Playstation 4.

Black Ops 3 Beta PS4

According to the developer, which made the announcement via Twitter, the beta will start up on August 19th. There isn’t any word of when the beta will be made available to Xbox One and PC gamers just yet, but we suspect those dates will be sometime in September. Treyarch also stated that more information will be available soon.

No details regarding the length of the beta, what gametypes will playable, what specialists will be available, or any other information has been unveiled just yet. We assume that Treyarch will be releasing further details once the beta start date is a bit closer.

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